Personal Identity Timeline

Timeline created by rlhemesath
  • The Day I Was Born

    The Day I Was Born
    I was born on December 12th, 2003 into a family of 6. Ever since this day, my family has been the closest part of me.
  • Joining Gymnastics

    Joining Gymnastics
    I joined gymnastics at the Peterson Park District around 2nd or 3rd grade. I met a lot of friends on our team traveling to competitions.
  • Becoming a Boy Scout

    Becoming a Boy Scout
    I invested a lot of my middle school time into our community Boy Scout Troop 969. I met many middle school friends who I still know today.
  • Middle School Basketball

    Middle School Basketball
    During my late years in middle school, I participated in our basketball team. We made it to state playoffs making it a highlight of my late middle school years.
  • Science Project

    Science Project
    In 8th grade, my best friends and I won a school science project competition and were able to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo to show our bird research project. I am close with these friends even today.
  • Pet Dogs

    Pet Dogs
    Shortly after 8th grade is when my family and I got 2 pomeranian huskies. They have been apart of our family since and although may be a hassle, they get along with each other and we love them.
  • Memorable Vacation

    Memorable Vacation
    Over the summer my family and I went to Flordia to visit Disney World and Discovery Cove where we swam with dolphins which I will never forget the experience.
  • Feed My Starving Children

    Feed My Starving Children
    My family and I regularly go to Feed My Starving Children where you package food for less fortunate countries. This gives me a moral boost and makes a positive impact on world hunger issues.
  • Taft Bowling Team

    Taft Bowling Team
    I joined the Taft bowling team through Mr. Pagan after solo bowling for a while. I met a lot of friends who I still communicate with today and we got far in cps school tournaments my sophomore year.
  • My First Computer

    My First Computer
    An event from last year is when I built my first PC. I've been into computer science and technology for a while and I put together my current computer part by part.
  • Ambitious

    I am ambitious with all my work and interests. I never give up and strive for success in every class and team I'm in.
  • Cooperative

    I work very well with others whether in a sport or a teamwork assignment in class. I've made a lot of friends from working together in collaborative efforts.
  • Courageous

    I've taken many brave steps in getting out and joining teams. Many of the friends I talk to today were the same ones I encountered and made conversation with freshman year.
  • Hardworking

    In and outside of school I put in a lot of effort diligently in my classwork and in practicing on teams. Having a good work ethic is one of my attributes.
  • Lover

    From being close to my family and dogs I care about them a lot. I also have many attachments to my other family and friends giving me this trait.
  • Productive

    I'm always on top of my game making sure I'm caught up in classes. I always use my time wisely getting the most out of it and also work to improve.
  • Respect

    I have a lot of appreciation in all of my relationships. I treat others the way I want to be treated with gratitude to keep my relationships with family ad friends positive.
  • Responsible

    I always take ownership of my actions despite the effects. Whenever I oversee and look after my family and friends. I get involved in many teams and communities while being accountable for what I do.
  • Skilled

    I have a lot of abilities from being involved with so many groups and teams. I've learned a lot physically and mentally, for example, I've acquires good time management skills from being on a team while being successful in school.
  • Sporty

    Athletics has been apart of my strengths for a long time. Being active has not only helped me physically as well but also got me involved with different communities making friends.