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  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born July 20th 2003. I was 7 pounds and 11 ounces. I was born a perfectly healthy baby.... just one little problem. I had a closed tear-duck.
  • My 1st surgery

    My 1st surgery
    I was 3 weeks old when I got my first surgery to open my tear duck. My tear-duck was getting swollen and unhealthy. My mom said I wouldn't stop crying and my Grandma got upset and fought with the doctor. I was perfectly healthy and made a full recovery after the surgery.
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    I survived a year! Hurray!
    It was my first birthday and we had a party at my aunts house. I don't remember it....but it was a very memorable moment for my parents, my sister and the rest of my family.
  • Disobedience

    When I was around 5 years old when we went to a store called " 'Macys'. My mom told me not to touch anything. But the things where just so pretty and shiny that I couldn't help myself but to touch them. In result I touched a nutcracker and then dropped it. Which in latency terms I broke it and mom had to pay for it because of my disobedience.
  • My First Teddy Bear

    My First Teddy Bear
    My mom was pregnant and we went to go shopping for baby things. By the window sill of this baby store, there was this cute teddy bear that I really wanted. As we came into the the store and the store clerk approached us. She told my mother "Sorry but there are no bathrooms here." I didn't understand why but my mom was furious. We bought the teddy bear an left the store. I named mt teddy bear Bobo.
  • My little Brothers Birth

    My little Brothers Birth
    I did not know my mom was pregnant at all. She simply went missing for about a day or two, when we asked my dad where she was. He said she gave birth, and all I said was "Okay." Now the reason why II said that was because I did not know what "Give birth meant".
    Later on we met her in the hospital and that Is when I saw my little brother for the first time.
  • Learning about my friends culture

    Learning about my friends culture
    My friend group with a different kind of way of living. Her parents where more liberal and out going, while mine were more conservative and strict. I didn't understand how her parents can be so trusting. Then I realized that I have to keep an open mind, not everyone is raised the same way or have the same views you do. My parents and her parents for example, they both have different views on how to raise their kids, but that doesn't mean they love us any less.
  • Budgie Star

    Budgie Star
    I had a pet budgie bird named Star. She had a yellow head and a blue body. She did not trust me at all. It took sometime and a lot of time out of the cage but eventually she trusted me and always came to me when I let her out of the cage (which was when I came home from school) she stayed by when me when I did my homework and when I ate food. What I learned was that patience is a virtue and I had to be patient and gentle for her to trust me.
  • Creativity

    We made origamis. Our grade was asked to come up with an idea to make our school more beautiful. We thought it be a good ideas to make a bunch of origamis hanging in the hall way. So we came up with different types of origami cranes. Each one had a different and unique style.
  • Being Gullible

    Being Gullible
    During the summer of 2015 I was riding my bike with my cousin, who was riding my scooter. We saw a Yorkshire running around in the neighbors house. A man came by looked at the Yorkshire and asked us if it was our dog. I told him 'no'. So he told us it must be his neighbor's dog and he took the dog. It turns out he was lying but I believed him, the dogs owners where looking for him. Good news they found the dog a few days later. Lesson is don't trust everything people tell you.
  • My Aunt and My cousins visit Chicago

    My Aunt and My cousins visit Chicago
    My cousin Jessica moved in with us during her sophomore year of high school. She was like my third older sister. A month before she graduated my aunt and her siblings came to see her graduate. They lived out of town so we got to show them the city of Chicago and then they decided to move here about a month later. During these months I was able to get closer to my family that I rarely got see and I enjoyed every moment
  • The "Stereotype problem"

    The "Stereotype problem"
    One of the moments where I believe I showed that I was principled was in 7th grade. My classmates and I were learning about the attack of 9/11. There was on girl in my class who wore a hijab. A I heard a few ignorant boys call her a terrorist. I asked her if she was 'okay' and she just shrugged and said that she was used to it and just let it be. But I found that kind of behavior unacceptable and I couldn't 'just leave it alone', so I told our History teacher.
  • Resourceful

    During 7th grade we had a project to create. It was a supposed to be an innovative project on how we can help better our city. The winning team from our grade will go compete in a city-wide competition. Our team was able to create a recycling plan to help make sure that city stays clean and healthy. We created our city on a board and created the city out of paper, straws, milk cartons and old reusable materials
  • Washington

    The first time I have been really outgoing, besides being with my family of course, will have to be my 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C. My parents couldn't chaperone and it will be my first time out of the city without them. I had lots of fun spending time with my friends while we shopped at the mall and took pictures by national sights.
  • My 8th Grade Graduation

    My 8th Grade Graduation
    I graduated June 16th, 2017 from Reilly Elementary school. It was going to be one of the last days in Reilly Elementary, and I wanted to make the most of it. I said goodbye to my closest friends and goodbye to my teachers. It's one of the most memorable moments in my life because one chapter of my life ended and another chapter was beginning.
  • Freshmen year

    Freshmen year
    I entered freshmen year not knowing anyone except for my sister. I remember meeting a lot of new people and a lot of new teachers. I was super excited because I was begining a new chapter that will give me 4 years worth of great memories.
  • IBCP

    I was nervous when I had an interview to get into IBCP. I was over thinking some things but as soon as the interview started I realized I had to be honest and genuine. And using those to attributes is what got me into IBCP, and I'm glad I'm here.
  • My 16th Birthday

    My 16th Birthday
    I had my 16th birthday in Belize. It was raining heavily and we didn't think anyone would show. But we were wrong, as soon as it stopped raining everyone came coming and ready to eat and party. The part lasted to the next day, I went to bed before everyone left, cause I was sleepy. But I had a lot of fun dancing and spending time with family and friends.
  • Period: to


    I believe I was most caring was when my grandmother was sick. Her kidneys were shutting down and she was constantly taken to the hospital. She wasn't able to get around much and do the things she used to. So every weekend I came over and I did some chores. I would wash the dishes, organize the laundry and sweep the floor.
  • Period: to

    My Family Trip 2019

    This is was my 5th trip to Belize. I was super excited to see my grandparents again. We went to see so many family members and we saw so many different parts of Belize. I also went to Guatemala and saw so many family members and ate many foods.Our
    aunt even offered to take us to Mexico. We stayed in Mexico for about three days. I really got to bond with my cousin Jorge, and my cousins I met from Mexico. I love the memories and the bonds I shared and made on my family trip 2019.