Personal Identity Digital Timeline Project

  • I am Born [observant]

    I am Born [observant]
    This was my debut to the world's stage. The best day of my parents' lives. I am fairly certain that nothing has topped it. According to witnesses, I didn't cry much and just watched everyone and everything. This should have been seen as a sign that I would not be playing with toys and only watch visually and mentally engaging shows when I was brought home.
  • My First Sister is Born

    My First Sister is Born
    My dumb best friend and sometimes twin enters the world and adds stress to the hearts of all who come in contact to her. One of the best sisters out there.
  • My First Time in Trouble at School [cautious]

    My First Time in Trouble at School [cautious]
    This was the first time I got in trouble at school. It was a windy, cold winter's day; snow was everywhere outside. I was playing with a boy (who was smart and didn't get into trouble) when my teacher came stomping over and saying that she had blown the whistle many times. I didn't hear that, but I saw my classmates were already lined up. My teacher pulled my card so I didn't get a prize out of the prize box which is pretty light, but I have never felt so wronged in my life.
  • First Day of School EVER [independent]

    First Day of School EVER [independent]
    This was my first day of Pre-K 4 and my journey as an intellectual. This was also the first time I was away from my mom and dad and I had to learn how to not depend on them all throughout the day.
  • My Brother is Born [mature]

    My Brother is Born [mature]
    On this day, I really learned what it meant to be a big sister (Sis 1 didn't count, we were basically the same age). I learned how to become more caring, responsible, and open-minded to mom's struggles. This was when I started to become even more independent and responsible.
  • My Second Sister is Born

    My Second Sister is Born
    This is the day the last of my clan was born. Well, hopefully one of my siblings will continue the blood line.
  • First Day in New School (5th grade)

    First Day in New School (5th grade)
    On this day, I was once again thrown into a new environment where I had to work hard to learn how to live. This was also the day I met my long-time best friend and started growing up from my child-like behaviours.
  • I Became a Fan of BTS

    I Became a Fan of BTS
    This day is very important to who I am as a person because it kickstarted my love of KPOP, K-Dramas, and obviously: BTS.
  • My First BTS Product

    My First BTS Product
    This was the year I got a sweater with BTS on it. It was my first ever band merch and it was BTS's! I also got my first phone this day but that didn't make me cry so...
  • Started Learning Korean (self) [studious]

    Started Learning Korean (self) [studious]
    This was the year I decided I wanted to learn Korean so I could understand my K-Dramas. I have notebooks and videos and resources to study. I have been studying intermittently throughout those years.
  • My First Concert

    My First Concert
    This was one of the best days of my life. My mom took me and an old friend to see BTS, and it was amazing! I cried the second the guys came on stage. They all looked so handsome and I still can't believe we were breathing the same air.
  • 8th Grade Graduation Dance and Banquet [eager]

    8th Grade Graduation Dance and Banquet [eager]
    This was my first formal dance that included a dinner. It was really nice and really drove in how much I wanted to be rich so I can eat that delicious food often. I also really liked looking expensive while everyone else looks expensive. I don't like to dance though.
  • 8th Grade Graduation [ambitious]

    8th Grade Graduation [ambitious]
    This was the day I've been waiting for! I can finally leave that school and move closer to my goal of being somewhat rich and having a well-paying, stable job. My siblings cut school that day and my parents took us for a celebratory meal at Outback. Ribs taste great when you look expensively beautiful.
  • Started Practicing Taekwondo [determined]

    Started Practicing Taekwondo [determined]
    My mom signed me up for Taekwondo where I not only build my physical strength but where I also build my character. It took and still takes a lot of patience and determination to get through the rigorous training. It'll be worth it in the future though.
  • First Day at High School [responsibility]

    First Day at High School [responsibility]
    This was the first day to what was supposed to be the best years of my life according to every high school story ever. I was excited but my mom kept talking about how much I've grown. I also had to get ready as soon as I got up instead of bein able to read for an hour (I wasn't going to wake up at 5). I started putting myself to sleep at 8:30 so I could be well rested for school.
  • Quarantine Starts

    Quarantine Starts
    This was the start of a long year. Although it came as a struggle sometimes, my family grew closer as a result through all of the activities we did together at home.
  • Got COVID [open-minded]

    Got COVID [open-minded]
    This day was the start of a month long pain. The first day of school was the next day when the results came back: sis1 has COVID. A couple of days later, I have COVID. This was a learning experience and was a very frightening and stressful time. However I did manage to become more open-minded to the struggles of others.
  • My 16th Birthday

    My 16th Birthday
    This day was when I turned a special age according to my mom. It is also when my parents stopped treating me like their child and keep telling me what adults do. I get a lot of "You're not a kid anymore"s.
  • First Day Back at School After Quarantine

    First Day Back at School After Quarantine
    This was my first day at school after COVID. I was still not feeling that great but I was not POSITIVE so I came to school. It was an okay day and I spent the whole day getting lost in the halls and trying to get in tune with the machine of our school. I learned that patience is a virtue and when I am patient, I have an excellent gut instinct that will take me places.
  • First COVID Shot [lucky]

    First COVID Shot [lucky]
    On this day I was taken from school to get a shot at the hospital. This is big because it is the first time in a while where my maternal parent took me for a shot. I had two nurses; one for the shot and one to hold my hand (When I had surgery, five nurses and a head masseuse). I also kept up my no fainting streak. This is just one of the many "special treatments" I get for being on the "Fainting Watch List". . It is also just a bit of how much I feel I cruise through life.