Personal Development

  • Father was Born (Richard)

    My father was born October 4th 1964 in Duango Colorado where he was born and raised. Had two siblings both older sisters, my father was the baby of the family. My father graduated from Durango Highschool and enlisted in the Marines right away. Where he went to bootcamp and was trained to fight if they needed him to.
  • Mother was Born (Victoria)

    My mother was born on September 10th 1968, she was born in Durango Colorado. Has two sisters, my mother is the middle child. The middle child in some ways was the one that didnt get as much attention as they should becauase for one they werent the first born, nor the last, so they were just the inbetween.
  • First Word

    My first word that I said was momma, and it was most likely becasue my mother said it constantly to me as she told me. My mother was a stay at home mom until I went to first grade, I have alwasys had such an attachement to my mother that we were inseperable. I know it might have just been the mother daughter bond that everyone talks about, but it was irreplacable. My first word was "mama" I started talking when I was about 18-24 months this goes into Piaget theory of Cognitive Developement.
  • First Word

    This was Piagets Form of Congnitive Developement and shows that you will develope skills throughout time by acquiring the skills necessary to learn how to talk, such as babbling which is a good sign of learning how to talk and recognize noises and mimiking your parents and the psychologist Skinner states. This is an important stage just like any other one becasues you are acquired to develope at these stages of time.
  • Birth

    I was born here in Durango Colorado on Novemeber 11, 1994 at Mercy Regional Medical Center.
  • Started to Walk

    I started to walk at about 2 years of age, this is a huge milestone in everyones life especailly when you are a baby! It is such a big deal and you definately want to catch this moment on film. This shows a lot of personality as well becasue whern you are little all babies have their own distinct walk that they have as well as personality if they are a very verbal and happy baby. This time in life shares so many things especially independence.
  • Attended Preeschool Age 3/4

    In the year 2000 I attened preschool for about roughly 16 hours a week where my mother would drop me off and pick me back up from school.. I attended Park Elementary and was a very shy little girl who never said much in class, although I didnt struggle in making friends becasue in preschool I had already been introduced to some of those kids becasue a lot of them lived in the same area as I did, or they had older siblings as well, and I knew them through my siblings.
  • Preschool (Independence characteristics) age 3/4

    My parents said that in pre-school i started to make a big change in my attitude towards school I looked forward to going to school and learning new things, interaction with friends, and others around me. I learned more and more about interaction and social skills in preschool. This helped me not be so afraiid to talk to other people I might not of knowm at that time, I learned to be more and more friendly which was a good thing,
  • Kindergarten Age 5

    When I attended Kindergartedn this was a huge event for me in my life, this might of set me back a little bit in life on my social emotional developement. This was the year that I had such high seperation anxiety from my mom, and I DID NOT like going to school, I regretted it very much. I hated the fact that school was a requirement, and it was somethinnng that I had to do! I missed my parents so much, and needed to be with them something between the transistion of preschool to kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Age 5

    did not go smoothly, it could of been becasue when I went off to kindergarten I went for the full day opposed to just 16 hours a week.
  • Mother Became a Teacher at my Elementary School

    My mother became a kindergarten teacher at Park Elementary, when I was in first grade. Becasue she became a teacher and was at the school it gave me some sort of comfort of her being there close to me and made me feel more at ease. This was a reliefe, I also really enjoyed my first grade teacher that I had, also my siblings had the same 1st grade teacher as well, so she knew my family really well and that was conforting as well becasue when I was little my mom would volenteer and help with the
  • Mother Became a Teacher at my Elementary School

    My mother would help out with the halloween parties that the class had, so I would alway go with her and so the teacher became really close with my mom and knew my parents well becasue they would volenteer and help out anyway that they could.
  • Father Worked out of Town in New Mexico

    This event had a strong impact on all my family members becasue this was rough on all of us, we went to seeing my dad all the time, and everynight having family dinners to rarely seein ghim and only seeing him on the weekends maybe once or twice every two weeks. This changined my family dynamic becasue my mother was parenting 3 kids at home in school, doing basically everything. This effected my stages of growing up with both parents.
  • SIbling Influences

    When I was in 5th grade my siblings have had a big impact on me becasue I was trying to mature at the same age that they were there is a 5--6 year age difference between my siblings and I, this was a big impact to my social developement becasue of the way that I matured, and talked and I liked to hang out with my siblings their enviroment of friends, as werll as sports becoming an even bigger part of my life, it shaped my siblings and I into forming a closer bond becasue of sports.
  • Diagnosed with Epilepsy

    This was a very big change in my life, and my families this had impacted me so much because in 2005 in 5th grade I was diagnosed with epliepsy. This made me view life differently as well as be grateful for my health this milestone and obsticle in life really made me overcome and rethink all of my battles, I am truely grateful to live each and everyday that I am given. This event aslo made me find myself and realize that you just never know what could happen.
  • Change From Middle School- Highschool age 15

    The change from middle school to highschool was a big change and milestone as well becasue this was when I knew that this was a total different ball game and I was going to be mixed in with many other kids that was nerveracking as well as very intemidating because who knew who was still going to be friennds with who, and what changes were about to occur. I was a nervous reck!
  • Brother Moved away

    This milestone was one of the hardest to come by becasue this was when my brother moved away and I believe that I took this the hardest because my brother and I were the closest out of my siblings and he went off to pueblo where he went off to finish his buisness degree
  • Recruited to play Lacrosse

    I was recruited to play Lacrosse for Fort Lewis College, this was so important because I not only got the opportunity to attent college, but also to play a division 2 sport, this was my dream!! After I got recruited i felt as though my life was complete!
  • Graduated High School

    When I graduated Highschool this was a big milestone in my life because I knew jus what I wanted to my life, as well as how exciting it was that my life was just about to start. This event was huge and also to know that I was going to start my new chapter and continure my education at Fort Lewis College, this was a big deal beacasue I am first generation to even go to College so this was a very exciting time in my whole families life.