Persecution of jews

  • Boycott of jewish businesses

    Boycott of jewish businesses
    Less than 3 months after coming to power in Germany, the Nazi leadership staged an economic boycott targeting Jewish-owned businesses and the offices of Jewish professionals. Jewish people with businesses are get targeted
  • Civil service law

    Civil service law
    The law removed Jews and political opponents of the Nazis. The nazi removed jews because they are jewish.
  • Education law

    Education law
    The law started that Jewish students could be no more than 5% of the student population of any public school or university
    the jews could not be in public schools
  • Press censorship law

    Press censorship law
    Reporters had to register and show they were not Jewish. Jews were getting targeted because they are jewish
  • Mandatory military service

    Mandatory military service
    This law was created by the German Government.
    This law took away the right for Jews to serve in the Military.
  • Racial definitions explained

    Racial definitions explained
    If Germans who had descendants from one or two Jewish grandparents were called a mixed race.And if they had two or more jewish descendants they were considered jews. Jews are getting targeted because they are a jew.
  • Polish jews deported from germany

    Polish jews deported from germany
    Nazi Germany expelled about 17,000 jews from Germany in 1938. Jews are getting killed
  • Kristallnacht attacks

    Kristallnacht attacks
    The German Government declared an attack on Jewish Businesses, homes, and synagogues. 30,000 jews men and boys were arrested and sent to concentration camps jews are getting arrested and sent to concentration camp
  • First kindertransport arrives

    First kindertransport arrives
    The desperation of the jewish parents they would send their children to live in children's homes, like foster care distant relatives in great britain and to also hoping they would refuge from nazi persecution. Jewish parents would send their kids to great britain foster care to refuge from nazi persecution.
  • Joseph Berg

    Joseph Berg
    Joseph was caught by Dutch police at the border.
  • St. Louis sails

    St. Louis sails
    jewish refugees rode to other countries for safety, Cuba, the United States, and Canada all denied access. Jewish people went to other countries to not be killed.