Period 8 Mr. Newhart Restructuring the Post World War Timeline

By ehoman1
  • Nationalists escape to Taiwan

    Nationalists escape to Taiwan
    In 1949 Mao Zedong and his troops gained control of China and named it the People’s Republic of China. And the Nationalists were led by Jiang Jieshi, fled to the island of Taiwan, and established the Republic of China.
  • Great Leap Forward

    Great Leap Forward
    Planned by Mao, the Great Leap Forward was a disaster for China. They tried to move everyone onto large communes and increase the crop production, making large collective farms. But this resulted in many deaths which then forced the program to end in 1968.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution
    Students from around China grouped together to form the Red Guard. Their goal was to establish a society with peasants and workers and have them all be equal to one another. Influenced by Mao, the Red Guard killed any who did not agree with Mao’s ideals. This eventually got out of hand and Mao shut it down.
  • Khmer Rouge

    Khmer Rouge
    Under the leadership of Pol Pot, Communist leaders also known as the Khmer Rouge constructed a Communist governament. They were trying to transform Cambodia into a Communist society. Duing this attempt, Pol Pot's followers killed 2 million people.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    The US had evacuated Saigon while the North Vietnamese took over South Vietnam. This was the end of the war with a total of over 58,000 American and 1.5 million Vietnamese deaths. The people left in Saigon were sent to camps and the Saigon was soon renamed.