Timeline of a Legend

Timeline created by tnishasmith
  • The Making of a Miracle

    The Making of a Miracle
    Birth is something that is looked at as a gift. giving life to another human being to grow and become their own person. this is something that is often commemorated and celebrated within a family. it creates a stronger bond between family( families) as well as between a couple.
  • First day in Hell

    First day in Hell
    After 4 years of being trapped under the surveillance of my parents I was finally released out into the wild, starting kindergarten. transitioning from home life (naked) to school life (clothed) it was a big difference from being with someone every minute of the day to seeing them for a short bit. Waking up early and taking the bus was a whole other delema. probably one of the biggest transitions in ones life as it a whole new world.
  • Uncle Passed away

    Uncle Passed away
    when my uncle passed away it was almost as if my two worlds came crashing down. losing someone who acted in part of a father unknowingly is hard and it's even harder when your 8 years old. it really opened my eyes to what is before me and what the reality of life is at a young age. it wasn't the loss of an uncle it was a loss of a father. with this of course came a funeral which brought people together who all had one thing in common and that was a connection with my late uncle.
  • Life Goes Down Hill (graduation 8th grade)

    Life Goes Down Hill (graduation 8th grade)
    Graduation is a time for family to come together and celebrate ones achievements. it is a gathering of all the kids you have grown up with and its a time for bonding. around this time in your life you will of established some sort of independence and your own ideals on life based off of your own personal experiences.
  • Time to Make Mistakes

    Time to Make Mistakes
    The first day of grade 9, something that is looked up to for years and years with horror stories. By this time in your life you will make decision both bad and good due to more freedom. transitioning from a school of 100 to a school 3* the size. this transition in a social event really tests ones values and beliefs and what is truly important to an individual.
  • Peace Out Girl Scout (Moved To Maynooth)

    Peace Out Girl Scout (Moved To Maynooth)
    Moving 8 hours away from a place I call home for 15 years was hard and came with its difficulties. it tested my values in life and what exactly i'm here for, it showed what was truly important to me and in a sense wrecked relations between family, however with time it has only made us closer. Moving for the fact of creating a greater bond between me and my father, as well as the ability for more opportunity.
  • Switched High Schools

    Switched High Schools
    going from SCS to NHHS in the midst of grade 9 was challenging as it was a new start completely, not knowing a soul, as well as struggling to get caught up in all my classes as I moved halfway through the second semester.
  • Safie Passed Away

    Safie Passed Away
    When my cow passed away due to being attacked, took a toll on my emotions. As i can have a tendency to get attached to animals, especially when you have cared for them since birth alone without help, as well as having him trained to do tricks and dance etc… it not only showed my values but my family's values and what exactly they care about. it has made some relationships rocky based on the fact as to how everything went down.
  • G1

    At the age of 16, I along with the vast majority of teens who are 16 went to write the drivers test to obtain my G1 driver's license. This is in a way some sort of rite of passage as it is highly celebrated and looked up too, and is celebrated with the act of driving.
  • G2

    Getting my G2 was exciting, however, it came with its problems. once gaining the legal ability to drive around alone without having to be accompanied by someone else. It is something that is more celebrated as its a new source of freedom in a sense. With now having the ability to drive to get parts for my dad so he doesn't have to take time out of his work to do so.
  • Applying for Post Secondary

    Applying for Post Secondary
    Applying for post-secondary is a crucial moment in time as it is evidently the determining factor of what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, as well as a decision that I will have to consider what is important to me, what I want to do in this life, and how I will support a future family if that is the case. it is a huge transition for most as they’ll be moving on in life and stepping away from home life to begin their own life as an independent being.
  • Prom

    Something girls dream of the day they hear about it, going from watching shows which celebrate this event to it becoming a reality and you being the star. Prom is a time for friends and classmates to really get together and celebrate graduation before they all go their separate ways. it is typically people with the same interests.
  • Graduation!!!

    The ceremony of conferring degrees or diplomas, as at a school.A time where you and fellow classmates and family come together to celebrate everyone's success, followed by a diploma. The determining factor of whether or not you'll be transitioning into postsecondary, going straight into the workforce, or continuing another semester. A time where you say goodbye to your fellow classmates and begin to make a future for yourself.
  • Got that Sucker (wedding)

    Got that Sucker (wedding)
    The moment in time where I will unite with another individual and spend the rest of my life with them. Playing a new role of a wife and now thinking in union rather than independently. Coming to conclusions together and making decisions together. Having common interests hopefully, in order to live cohesively as a functional union. A time in life where I will decide what is important to have in life, and my future goals in order to succeed and be happy with the decisions I have made.
  • Time to conquer the world

    Time to conquer the world
    Transitioning into a new environment that I have spent years studying in order to get where I am today. I will acquire new roles including an influential figure to family members to look up too as well as work peers. Hopefully, with time I will be promoted and work my way up the spectrum in order to get where I want to be.
  • (Welp) Mistakes where made

    (Welp) Mistakes where made
    Something that is still expected of women in order to keep things moving efficiently, a joy for family and friends and a burden. Bring life into what I hope will be a more promising world for the little life. Going from being an independent woman with the job of her dreams of becoming a mother, someone who is relied on for the nourishment of her child. Forming a bond with both the little guy, along with with my partner and hopefully a family.
  • Time To Go To Sleep!!

    Time To Go To Sleep!!
    Ugh, finally the time I have waited for, for years. After a long chaotic life, I'm finally ready to leave this world and begin my resting. After decades and decades of fixing the things wrong with the planet, and raising a family it is my duty to say goodbye. After going sky diving and plummeting to my death at 99years old it is finally time to say goodbye a