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Parmar&Villanueva-Tex Rev1st

  • Period: to

    Texas Revolution

    Beginning and end of the Texas Revolution
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    The Battle of Gonzales was the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution.It was fought in gonzales.The Texan leader was John Henry Moore and the Mexican leader was Francisco de Castaneda.The Mexicans asked to give the cannon but the Texans refused and buried the cannon and made a flag saying "Come And Take It"
  • Consulation of 1835

    Consulation of 1835
    It was a meeting to discuss and debate about two sides.One of the sides was a pro-war thought that texas should declare their independence from Texas and the second side was about pro-peace that is a thought instead of fighting they should make peace with the Mexican Government.
  • Texans attack San Antonio

    Texans attack San Antonio
    It was early in the morning.Texans decided to attack the Mexicans because they had attacked many times and the mexican army has grown weaken from all the attacks. The attack was going to be a suprise attack. The suprise attack was a succes and the Texans had won.
  • Siege at the Alamo

    Siege at the Alamo
    Santa anna was the leader for the m=Mexican army and Willianm B. Travs and James Bowie were the Texan leaders.The battle was a 13 day siegeand in the battle only two were killed.
  • Convention of 1836

    Convention of 1836
    There were fiftey-four delegates at the meeting.Richard Ellias was the president of the convention.The delegates of Convention Of 1836 wrote and adopted the Texas Declaration Of Independence.
  • Texas Declaration Of Independence is adopted

    Texas Declaration Of Independence is adopted
    The Declaration was made at the Convention of 1836 at night.They had to do it quickly because Santa Anna's army was under siege in the Alamo.The Declaration states once Texas is a free country they can choose their own government.
  • The Alamo Falls

    The Alamo Falls
    The Battle of the Alamo took place at the Alamo in bexar,San Antonio.It was a fight between Texan and Mexican Army.The Texan Army leader was William B. Travis and James Bowie.Finally the victory goes to the Mexican Army.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    It was when settlers had fled their homes in Texas,after reacieving reports about the Mexican Army.The Two Army's that was going to fight was the Mexican Army who's leader was Santa Anna and the Texan Army's leader was Sam Houston.
  • Battle of Crleto Creek

    Battle of Crleto Creek
    It occurd in Colero Creek.It was the mostcsignificant engagement of the Texas Revolution.The Texan Army's leader was James Fannin and the Mexican Army's leader was jose de Urrea
  • Goliad Massacre

    Goliad Massacre
    Was the execution of the Republic of Texas soldiers and their leader for examle was James fannin and was all done by Jose de Urrea and is 900 men.The victory went to the Mexican Army and the lose goes to Texas army.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    The Battle of San Jacinto, was a decisive battle.Led my General Sam Houston for the Texan Army and Led by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna is the Mexican Army.In the battle the Texans had won and captured Santa Anna.He was held as prisoner of war.Three weeks later he signed the peace treaty that dictated that they leave the region,paving for the Republic of Texas to become a independent country