Panama Canal

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  • U.S. tries to buy Panama

    U.S. tries to buy Panama
    Teddy Roosevelt want to make a canal through the isthmus of Panama. Panama was a Columbian provine which America offered 10 million dollars and 250,000 a year in rent to allow the U.S. to build a canal. Many Columbians oppused the deal because the isthmus covers 6 miles. Roosevelt became impacient with the bargaining.
  • Revolt in Panama

    Revolt in Panama
    Americans new that the citezens of Panama disliked Columbian rule. America secertly help Panama gianits independence. The revolt took place on November 3 1903. U.S. gumboats helped Panamaniams gain there independnce. America immedetly recognized panama as a republic.
  • U.S. pays Panama

    U.S. pays Panama
    On November, 6, 1903, America gained the right to a 10 mile radius across the isthmus of Panama, A frenchman acting for Panama signed a treaty to give the U.S. permrmant use of the isthmus.In return the U.S. gives Panama 10 million dollars and 250,000 dollars in rent per year
  • U.S. begins to build the Panama Canal

    U.S. begins to build the Panama Canal
    On March, 4, 1904, America begins to build the Panama Canal. President Roosevelt urged workers by saying " Make the dirt fly". Many different races worked on the Panama Canal Americans, West Indians, African Americans, and Chinese were some of the few ethnicties that worked on the canal.
  • Struugles of Panama Canal Workers

    Struugles of Panama Canal Workers
    Many canal workers struggled to stay healthy and alive. Some of the problems consisted of falling rocks, disease, and racial fights. One of the hardest struggles was malaria and yellow fever. Many Americans who went to work on the canal in 1904 returned home because of bad working conditions
  • Yellow Fever

    Yellow Fever
    Many workers believed that dark damp nights caused yellow fever, but a expert on tropical disease William C. Gorgas thought differntly. Gorgas believed that yellow fever was caused by insects. Gorgas began a war agianst insects in Panama poisoning fields and setting up nets around tents. Gorgas cut the rate of workers getting yellow fever to only 5%.
  • Canal Finished

    Canal Finished
    The Panama Canal finnaly opens on August, 15, 1914. The canal connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Even though unexpected delays occured through out the creation of the canal it was able to open after 10 years of hard work.
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