P.6 Dong Sung Kim Independence of India

By Sung
  • Rebellion of Sepoys

    Rebellion of Sepoys
    Gossip spread among the sepoys (the Indian soldiers), that the cartridges of their new enfield rifles were greased with beef and pork fat. And later Sepoys rebelled
  • India loses its sovereignty

    India loses its sovereignty
    The British government took direct command of India
  • Indian National Congress was formed

    Indian National Congress was formed
    The nationalist group, the Indian National Congress was founded
  • Muslim League was formed

    Muslim League was formed
    Muslim League was founded
  • Return of the soldiers

    Return of the soldiers
    Indian troops returned home from the war
  • Gandhi led strike

    Gandhi led stirke of mill workers at Ahmedabad and mill owner agreed to arbitration after his three days of fast (it was his first fast in India).
  • The new law passed

    The new law passed
    The British passed the Rowlatt Acts. These laws allowed the government to jail protesters without trial for as long as 2 years
  • Nation-wide hartal

    A group that Gandhi organised to fight against Rowlatt Act
  • Disobedience of unfair law

    Disobedience of unfair law
    The congress party endorsed civil disobedience, the deliberate and public refusal to obey an unjust law, and nonviolence as the means to achievee independece
  • Elected as president

    Gandhi elected as president of All-India Home Rule League
  • Gandhi defy the hated Salt Acts

    Gandhi defy the hated Salt Acts
    Gandhi organized a a demonstration to defy the hated Salt Acts
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Gandhi went on the salt march to protest to the Britain's Salt Acts which prohibited Indians from selling or collecting salt. So Gandhi walked about 240 miles to reach coastal town of Dandi on the Arabian Sea. In there, he made salt out of sea
  • Declaration of Independence

    Gandhi publishes the Declaration of Independence of India
  • Gandhi fast

    Gandhi fast
    Gandhi fast in prison to protest the treatment of untouchables
  • Passed Government of India Act

    Passed Government of India Act
    The British parliament passed the Government of India Act
  • Gandhi fast

    Gandhi fast while he is imprisoned to protest the British rule
  • Gained independece

    Gained independece
    India was granted self rule from Britain
  • Gandhi was killed

    Gandhi was killed
    Gandhi assasinated