Overview of Incidences

  • Period: to


  • Ex told me & my mom he'd kill Jay if he came to GA

  • Altercation between my ex & Jay

  • Ex & lawyer tried to finalize divorce w/o my knowledge.

    Stadler told me court date was rescheduled, however, she and my ex went to try to finalize divorce to their liking. Judge said I needed to be present.
  • Divorce final

  • Ex called police to arrest Jay & I

    He had convonced the DA that I lied about the fact that I didnt see them fight and who did the damage to my mom's house. They said they thought Jay made me lie. Charged w false statements.
    My scheduled New Years Eve w boys
  • Ex threatened to shoot Jay if I brought him to house

  • Ex tampered w my vehicle so it wouldn't start so I couldn't leave

    We were arguing. He said he would make sure i couldnt leave. Then my car wouldnt start. then after confronting him about it, he magically fixed it so it did start. Acted like he did nothing wrong. Did me a favor by helping me fix my car.
  • Ex tampered w my truck tire. Tire was about to fall off.

    I saw my ex by my vehicle. he said he was checking out the brakes that Jay did. 3 bolts on 3 tires were loose. One was about to fall off. Made weird noise when driving. He said jay almost killed me. Jay never touched them when doing brakes. Ex's dad said there is no way those came loose on there own.
  • Incident picking up kids, Ex entered vehicle yelling at me hovering over newborn

    Was asked to get out of vehicle. refused. Ex slammed door next to newborn baby. Jay backed out of driveway into street and got out. Ex hands around back saying hit me hit me. His parents came screaming and yelling you're going down now. His mom pulling on my door yelling at me. we just drove away. they called and had terroistic threats charges put on Jay. There was no threat AT ALL. I was there. I would have put child endangerment on them if i knew they were going to be malicious.
  • Jay took a plea to move on from case & related issues

  • Bday party incident

  • Ex filed custody modification

  • Tape recorder

  • I filed for custody modifcation after hearing tape recorder

  • Incident Thanksgiving

    Ex was being difficult w custody for the Holiday. Didnt want to follow what we had been following since 2009. He finally agreed. Then he came over w cops thanksgiving night and demanded the kids back (right in front of them). Cops couldnt do anything. He left extremely enraged.
  • Ex vandalized my home

    Ex came back the middle of that night and threw a rock through a side bedroom window and slashed one of Jay's tires. We heard the glass break and saw his truck in the street and him running toward it. Jay ran out tried to catch him. Didnt catch him. Called the cops.
  • TPO against ex

  • Ex followed me to store in Roswell. Stalking. Called police.

    Recorded incident since TPO was in place.
  • Court for TPO. Modified so his Mom could pickup kids.

  • Violated TPO- Showed up at exchange

    Was specifically instructed to not be near me. Thats when the issues arise. His mom only was the intent. But he felt entitled to show up.
  • Ex arrested for violating TPO

  • Permanent Stay Away order in place

    Stay away order defines boundaries (physical and communication) boundaries for my ex to adhere to.