Our timelind

  • My sisters birthday

  • Bailey's other big brother was born

  • Bailey's big brother was born

  • Kenzie's birthday

  • josh's birthday

  • Bailey's birthday

  • Zoie's Birthday

  • Cayla's Birth

  • josh's sisters birth

  • Kaleb's Birthday (Zoie's Brother)

  • josh got his first go cart and wrecked it

    hit a 50 gallon drum of used oil and coverd me and my cousin
  • Daegon's Birthday (Zoie's Brother)

    Zoie's Brother
  • josh's other little sisters birthday

  • Cayla's brother's birth

  • Kenzie's first tat

  • Cayla went to the Justin Bieber concert

  • Zoie met Justin Bieber at his concert

  • my nephew colton was born

  • josh got his first car

  • Zoie started dating Kohl

  • Bailey got her permit

  • josh got his permit

  • Bailey got her car :)

  • Bailey got her license :)

  • Zoie got her permit

  • Cayla started dating Ray

  • Cayla got her first car