Oscar Kong Causes of WW1

  • Period: to

    Franco-Prussian War

    Prussian was effective-> defeated and humiliated France.
    Severe termed forced on France:
    -Lost Alsace-Lorraine
    -Prussian's occupation of parts of France until they paid.
    -Indemnity(fine) of 5,000million marks
    -Proclaimed German Emperor in The Palace of Versailles (insult to France)---Which Clemenceau remembered in ToV Result:
    Germany new power+ learned how to fight
    --->Army has to be able to plan logistics
    --->War would rely on movement and short in duration
    France wanna revenge-> War
  • Three Emperor's League

    Alliance built: Germany+Russia+Austria Hungary
    Kept France isolated Defensive purpose but France didnt know that
    ->Secret ("not wanting war sounds weak")
    -France paranoid
  • Dual Alliance

  • Three Emperor's Alliance

  • Triple Alliance

  • Reinsurance Treaty

  • Wilhelm II becomes German Emperor

  • Franco-Russian Alliance

  • FIrst German Naval Law

  • Second German Naval Law

  • Anglo-Japanese Alliance

  • Russo-Japanese War

  • FIrst Moroccan Crisis

  • Triple Entente

  • Bosnian Crisis

  • Second Moroccan(Agadir) Crisis

  • First Balkan War

  • Second Balkan War

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated

  • German "Blank cheque" to Austria Hungary

  • Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia

  • Start of WW1