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Oliver’s Nursery Over The Years

  • Nursery

    I started Nursery when I was two year's old. The nursery i went to was called Stepping Stones nursery in Dubai, i stayed in Stepping Stones nursery until 2015, I had many memories and some really good friends like my Ex-Best Friend Schluki. I remeber when we still had naps in Nursery, I must say Nursery was the best years there were naps and there was no work exept drawing and playing on the playground.
  • KinderGarten

    When I went to KinderGarten I actually Joined new school called Jems American Academy, My best friend Schluki actually also joined my school that’s how close we were. I actually got many friends like Harry,Kim,Adrien. My school actually was a campus over there was Elementary school, Secondary school, High school. I stayed there for many years in was my Favorite school because i had many friends , and if we left it would be really hard on me.
  • Elementary: First Grade

    In First grade I was still in Jems American Academy, this time I was in a different class Schluki, which would mean i would only be with him fo lunch time which was pretty sad for me.The School i was in still was in Dubai. The weird thing was that when you finished the grade you had to give a speech. A few days later my dad said we were moving to india. I was crying for days that we were moving, but of course we had to move.
  • Elementary: Second Grade

    In Second Grade we had to moved to India i had no friends until i joined a school called Canadian International School. The first day i came to school i met my teacher Ms.Rocka I was first to class so there was nobody until somebody showed up, Anuraag we greeted each other, we shared hands and we became friends, he was my first friend in india. The next day i got many friend it was Rayansh and Alex so we all became friends it was the best feeling in my life because I was new but i got friends.
  • Elementary: Third Grade

    In third grade i got many friends like, Alex,Rayansh,Anuraag, Prathith, I also go a new compassion, Soccer. It would be the only thing i would ever do in school. I was so interested that i stared taking soccer classes, and soon I became on of the best footballers in third grade. I also had weird momments where some girl jumped on my back in third grade. But i had happy momments as well were in sports day i got second place on the relay and first in softball those were the best days.
  • Elementary: Fourth Grade

    In fourth grade i was still in Canadian International school in Bengaluru, for most of the time in fourth grade it was the same as other years but then somewhere in the middle of the year Covid-19 was Interduced it was spreading around the globe so quickly that schools shutdown. So a couple days late we started having online classes at first they were fine but you couldn’t interact with anybody and it started get very lonely, so for the rest of the school year we were doing online classes.
  • Elementary: Fifth Grade

    We started fifth grade online classes again, but that was about to change really quickly, covid-19 casses started to fall and and vaccine for covid-19 was created so for the first few weeks we had online, but then the government decided to open up schools, so th next day we had to go to school again my teacher was Mr. Thomas he was a really nice teacher, that day i got a new friend his name was saksham. The whole year overall was really fun so the whole year we had school on campus and was nice.
  • Secondary School: Sixth Grade

    In Sixth Grade we started School on campus which was really nice and i was in Canadian International School because our school has Elementary, Secondary and High school, and all my friends were still in school which was good news but i got more new friends like, Sohum,Rehan,Dhanvanth, and many more. The cool thing was that you could bring your ipad which was really nice. So half of the year passed and nothing exiting has happend exept sports day. It’s been a good half of the year.