Night written and narratated by Elie Wiesel

  • Moishe the Beadle

    Moishe the Beadle
    This is a picture of Elie Wiesel when he was 12 years old and met Moishe the Beadle.
  • Stein

    Stein is a relative of Elie and was deproted in 1942
  • Paris

    A woman that Elie remembered was sitting at the metro in Paris where was being deported to.

    Elie witnessed men fighting over pieces of bread and they even killed for it.
  • The weary cry of Elie's father

    Elie's father was being beat up and his face was bloody. That night, Elie went to sleep on his bunk above his father who was still alive.
  • The death of Elie's father

    Elie woke up and on his father's cot laid another sick man. Elie did not cry,but he did think he was free.

    The Buchenwald camp would be liquidated and ten blocks of inmates would be evacuated everyday.
  • The Resistance takes charge of the camp. The first American fleet.

    The sirens were screaming and the inmates went back to their blocks. The resistance had move in and fought the SS officers. The SS fled and the resistance took over. At six o'clock that afternoon, the first American tank stood at the gates of Buchenwald. As their first act as free men, the inmates celebrated by eating bread.