Night Timeline

Timeline created by Dara_fuller
  • Birth of Elie Weisel

    Birth of Elie Weisel
    Elie was born in Sighet, Romania. This event is important because Elie is the main character.
  • Hitler is Elected

    Hitler is Elected
    Adolf Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany. This is important becase Hitler is the main reason why the Holocaust occured.
  • Elie and the Kabbalah

    Elie and the Kabbalah
    Elie Weisel starts studying the Kabbalah. His father told him he was too young, however. This event is important because it shows the connection Elie had with his Jewish faith.
  • Moishe The Beadle

    Moishe The Beadle
    Elie meets Moishe. This is important becuase Moishe teaches Elie all about the mysteries of the Kabbalah.
  • Moishe

    Moishe tried to explain to the people that he witnessed murders and hundreds of Jews coming out of trains. He had seen babies being killed and large trenches full of bodies. However, the people did not believe him and his outrageous stories. This event is important because it shows how Jews were treated during the beginning if the Holocaust.
  • Jewish Leaders

    Jewish Leaders
    Jewish leaders are arrested by the Hungarian police. This event is important because it was when the Nazis started to take control over Jews.
  • Mrs. Schacter

    Mrs. Schacter
    Mrs. Shachacter was in the train with others and sh started screaming and yelling crazy things. She kept rerpeating that she saw fire. This is important becasue it shows what the situation was during the Holocaust and how it affected people.
  • The Ghettos

    The Ghettos
    Elie and his family are relocated to the ghettos. This is important because it forced people to move against thieir will.
  • Birkenau

    Elie and his family arrive at the Birkenau concentration camp. This event is important because it is the beginning of all of the hardships and suffering the Wiesels go through. Also, the family is seperated and Elie and his father will never see the women again.
  • Auschwitz

    Elie and his father are transferred to Auschwitz. This event is important because Auschwitz was a camp that made it hard for Elie and his father to survive.
  • Elie's Tattoo

    Elie's Tattoo
    A-7713 is the number marked on Elie's arm. He is now in Buna along with his father. This is important because Elie is now nameless and has completely lost his identity.
  • Surgery

    Elie has to get surgery on his foot. He is in a lot of pain. This is important becuase he had to run to pass the exam with his injury.
  • Death of Shlomo

    Death of Shlomo
    Shlomo, Elie's father, dies on a train in Buchenwald. Elie is heart broken but at the same time glad he is finally free.
  • Elie Liberated

    Elie Liberated
    Elie Wiesel is liberated from Buchenwald. His father has died and he is now alone. This is important because Elie has to figure out how he is going to continue his life after this horrible tragedy.
  • Elie and Night

    Elie and Night
    Elie is persuaded to share his experiences through a book. This is imporntant because if he had not written this book, people would not know his story.
  • Elie Marries

    Elie Marries
    Elie Wiesel marries his wife Marion. This is importnant becuase he can settle down with someone and enjoy a normal life.
  • US Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement

    US Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement
    Elie Wiesel wins the US Congressional Gold Medal of Achievement. This is importnant because Elie is awarded for his courage and the teachings he has provide through his writing.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Nobel Peace Prize
    Elie Wiesel wins the Nobel Peace Prize. This is important because he is recognized for his inspiring book, Night.
  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey
    Elie returns to Auschwitz concentration camp with Oprah Winfrey. He remembers the smell of burning flesh, the crazy woman who always screamed there was a fire, and the scary diseases he saw tear people apart.
  • Elie Publishes Night

    Elie Publishes Night
    Elie Wiesel shares to the world his tragic, painful experience in the Holocaust.