Night timeline

Timeline created by irevivoa
  • Moishe the Beadle

    Moishe the Beadle
    Elie meets Moishe the Beadle who teaches him Kabbalah and hey introduce Moishe as the man who does everything in town. Elie's father doesn't like him to study Kabbalah.
  • Moishe returns to Sighet

    Moishe returns to Sighet
    Moishe the Beadle is deported by the Hungarian police, then the Gestapo shoots him in the leg and Moishe pretends he is dead. After, he returns to Sighet to tell everyone what he saw and no one believes him.
  • The Jews are moved to the ghettos

    The Jews are moved to the ghettos
    Two ghettos are created and the Jews are transferred to them, they don't know what's happening but they already know that a war is happening.
  • Arrival at the camp

    Arrival at the camp
    When they arrive at the camp, families are separated and Elie and his father separate from the their sisters and mother. After, Elie and his father want to be together and they achieve it.
  • Dr. Menguele

    Dr. Menguele
    Elie meets Dr. Menguele. Elie sees a man who's doing the selection, this was the first time Elie saw Dr. Menguele. He asks Elie if he was healthy and Elie said he was.
  • Auschwitz

    They are sent to the showers in Birkenau, and when they shower and are given clothes, they sleep and the next day they are told to walk to Auschwitz. There they are given certain jobs depending on their health and phyisical condition.
  • They arrive to Buna

    They arrive to Buna
    At Buna, they are told to shower, they are given new clothes and are assigned to a tent. All of them go through a medical checkup and
    Elie and his father are put in the orchestra block. There, Elie meets Juliek and becomes friends with Yossi and Tibi
  • Elie in the dentist

    Elie in the dentist
    Elie is sent to the dentist and they wanted to remove the golden crown from him, but he pretends to be sick. The dentist is arrested and then Elie gets beaten for getting in Idek's way.
  • Buna is bombed

    Buna is bombed
    Buna is bombed and they are all calm because they knew if they tried something that they shouldn't they would get shot. A boy sees a bowl of soup and tries to eat it, he sees his reflect in the soup and suddenly gets shot.
  • The hangings

    The hangings
    They hang three people and one child. He was too thin and little to choke, so he took longer to die. He took 30 minutes to die. When he died, his eyes were scrolled and his tongue was out. Everyone was forced to look at him.
  • Selection

    Elie and his father are put into different blocks. Then comes a selection but Elie's father doesn't pass so he gives Elie his knife and his spoon. After, Elie's father passes second selection.
  • operation

    Ellie Gets his operation in his foot. and it almost had to amputate his foot.
  • Decission

    Ellie and his father has to face a deciscion of weather to stay in the camp or get out of buna
  • He leaves buna

    He leaves buna
    He and his father decide to leave buna in fear of being killed in the camp
  • He starts the death march

    He starts the death march
    He starts the death march and quickly starts running. and he doestn stop
  • Falling asleep

    Elie and his father take turns to sleep, but they can't fall asleep dso long because if they do, they die because the sn wostorm would cover them all up.
  • eating from the backs

    When they were hungry, they couldn't lean down, so they had to eat the snow from each others backs.
  • The rabbi looks for his son

    the rabbi doesnt find his son
  • They arrive to Gleiwitz

    They arrive to Gleiwitz, and they go straight to the barracks, with so much exhaustion that they cannot deal standing up.
  • Warning

    The Jews warn other jews to go staright to the barracks because they were already picking up people to kill them, as the war was coming to its end.
  • Elie was about to die in the barracks

    They are about to sleep and they all start falling into each other at the barracks. Elie thought he would die because he didn't have enough strength to get a man off him, but he makes it.
  • Juliek dies

    Elie recognizes a familiar voice. He realizes it was Juliek. When the guards left the barrack, Juliek starts playing the violin and Elie falls asleep with that sweet sound. At the morning, Elie sees Juliek dead.
  • Selection

    They stay in Gleiwitz for three more days. The Nazis make a selection to see who goes into the wagons and who doesn't. Elie went to the other side because he was not chosen in the same line like his father.
  • Wagons

    A hundred people get up into the wagons when in the beginning they were only able to fit 80 people.
  • A boy kills his father

    A boy kills his father because of a piece of bread. They were so hungry that they didn't even think about anything.
  • They think ellies father is dead

    Ellie think his father is dead and he slaps him a lot but he wakes up
  • Wagon stops

    They make various stops while they are in the wagons to throw the dead bodies.
  • Ellies father is struggling to survive

    he is very sick and he doesnt know if he will make it
  • Ellie´s father dies

    He dies sick in bed
  • They get released

    The americans enter the camp and frees them