Timeline created by lpoe44
  • Elie Wiesel was born

    In Transylvania, Romania.
  • Hitler is put in charge

  • Aushwitz starts to use poisonous gas

  • Elie meets Moshie the Beadle

    Elie was almost 13 years old.
  • Deportation on Elie's village

    His family, community and his innocent faith were destroyed upon the deportation of his village in 1944.
  • Wiesel family arrrives at Birkenall, Poland.

  • Elie and his father were deported to auschwitz.

  • Russian Forces liberated auschwitz.

  • Germans evacuate some 20,000 prisoners.

    By evening they would blow up the camp.
  • Remained in Buchenwald until this.