By zkaco
  • Bills v.s. Patriots

    Bills v.s. Patriots
    who - bills
    what - they won in divisional playoffs
    where - highmark stadium - orchard park
    when - jan 15
    why - because it is in the playoffs
  • Bengals vs raiders

    Bengals vs raiders
    who - bengals
    what - won 16-19
    where - cincinatti
    when - jan 15
    why - because the bengals are on their first playoff run in forever
  • Chiefs v.s. Steelers

    Chiefs v.s. Steelers
    The steelers had a heart breaking loss which lead to big ben retiring the final score was 42-21 chiefs
  • bengals vs titans

    bengals vs titans
    the bengals beat the titans 19-16 in the divisional round of the playoffs
  • Bills vs Chiefs

    Bills vs Chiefs
    the chiefs beat the bills 42-36 in the divisional round of the playoffs
  • rams vs buccaneers

    rams vs buccaneers
    who - rams
    what - they won in playoffs 30-27
    where - tampa bay
    when - jan 23
    why - because stafford is on his first playoff rum
  • 49ers vs green bay

    49ers vs green bay
    who - 49ers
    what - they won 13-10
    where - in green bay
    when - jan 23
    why - because the niners always smack the packers in the playoffs
  • chiefs vs bengals

    chiefs vs bengals
    who - chiefs vs bengals
    what - they are going to the AFC championship
    where - not sure yet
    when - jan 30
    why - because this determines whoever goes to the playoffs
  • niners vs rams

    niners vs rams
    who - rams vs niners
    what - its the NFC championship
    where - Los Angeles
    when - jan 30
    why - because it is the NFC championship and the rams are on a playoff run and its staffords first time ever
  • Chiefs history

    Chiefs history
    who - the chiefs
    what - this will be their 3rd superbowl straight
    where - in america
    when - sometime in february
    why - because they have been a dominate team in the NFL