CDF Timeline

  • End of Civil War

  • 3 Years Before the Murder

    *Santiagos father dies suddenly (pg 7)
    "...but he seemed happy with his father until the latter died suddenly, three years before, and he continued seeming to be so with his solitary mother until the Monday of his death."
  • Bayardo Arrives (6 Months Before Wedding)

    *Bayardo arrives in town looking for somewhere to marry (pg 25)
    "...had turned up for the first time in August of the year before: six months before the wedding."
  • October

    *The mother gave Bayardo the final blessing (pg 27)
    "My mother gave him the final blessing in a letter in October."
  • 2 Months Before The Wedding

    *Bayardo bought the house off of Xius (pg 37)
    "But not only had he sold the house with everything..."
    *Angela couldn't go to the house alone (pg 37)
    "Pura Vicario wouldn't let her go out alone..."
  • 1 Week Before Wedding (January)

    *Santiago dreamed that he was alone (pg 3-4)
    "he'd dream he was alone in a tinfoil airplane and flying..."
    *He just turned 21 (pg 7)
    "He had just turned twenty-one the last week in January, and he was slim and pale..."
  • 12 Noon (Wedding Day)

    *Newlyweds made their rounds in the yard (pg 42)
    *Wedding cost around 9000 pesos (pg 42)
  • Day of the Wedding (February)

    *The groom was 2 hours late picking up Angela Vicario (pg 41)
    "she had refused to get dressed as a bride until she saw him in the house."
  • 6:00 PM (Day of Wedding)

    *Activities ended and guest left (pg 44)
    "The formal activities ended at six in the afternoon when the guest of honor took their leave."
  • 10:00 PM (Day of Wedding)

    *Angela sends for her suitcases (pg 45)
    "Angela Vicario had sent for a little suitcase of personal things that were in the dresser in her bedroom..."
  • 11:00 PM (Day of Wedding)

    *Pura Vicario went to bed (pg 45)
    "Pura Vicario told my mother that she had gone to bed at eleven o'clock at night..."
  • A Little Before 3:00 AM

    *The twins came home to their sister beaten (pg 47)
    "They found Angela Vicario lying face down on the dining room couch, her faced all bruised, but she stopped crying."
  • 3:20 AM

    *Faustino Santos saw the twins enter the butcher shop (pg 51)
    "Faustino Santos, a butcher friend, saw them enter at three-twenty, when he had just opened up his innards table, and he couldn't understand why they were coming in on a Monday and so early."
  • 3:30 AM

    *Clotilde opens her shop (pg 53)
    "Clotilde Armenta would open at three-thirty in the morning."
  • A Little Before 4:00 AM

    *Colonel was just informed about the twins plan (pg 55)
    "He'd finished shaving when Officer Leandro Pornoy revealed the Vicario brothers' intentions to him."
  • A Little Before 5:00 AM

    *The Colonel took away the twins knifes (pg 56)
    "Nor did he interrogate them concerning their intentions, but took away their knives and sent them off to sleep
  • Before 6:00 AM

    *The news about Santiago had spread all over town (pg 58)
    "The Vicario brothers had told their plans to more then a dozen people....and these had spread the news everywhere before six o'clock."
  • 6:56 AM

    *Cristo goes to Santiagos house to warn him about the killing (pg 104)
    "Cristo Bedoya only took time to grasp Yamil Shaiums's information before he ran out of the store to catch Santiago Nasar
  • 7:00 AM

    *Santiago's mother finds out about the killing 5 minutes before (pg 116)
    "Five minutes before, in the kitchen, Victoria Guzmán had told Plácida Linero what everybody already knew."
  • 7:05 AM

    *Santiago is dead (pg 4)
    "Furthermore: all the many people he ran into after leaving his house at five minutes past six and until he was carved up like a pig...."
  • 8:00 AM

    *The twins are in jail (pg 79)
    "At that moment they were comforted by the honor of having done their duty."
    "They asked for lots of water, laundry soap, and rags..."
  • 12:00 Noon

    *Plácida want her dogs to be killed (74)
    "Plácida Linero, just once, lost her grip."
    "Those shitty dogs!"
    "Kill them!"
  • 2:00 PM

    *Pedro struggling with STD (Messes with sleep) (pg 79)
    "Pedro Vicario couldnt stay there lying on the bed, but the same weariness prevented him from standing."
    "The pain in his groin had reached his throat, his urine shut off, and he suffered the frightful certainty that he wouldn't sleep ever again..."
  • 6:00 PM

    *Autopsy is being performed on Santiago (pg 80)
    *Pablo gets food poisoning (pg 80)
    "[He], for his part, ate a little bit of everything they brought him, and fifteen minutes later unloosed a pestilential diarrhea."
  • Day After Wedding (Monday)

    *Angela Vicario returned home to her parents because her newly husband found out she wasn't a virgin (pg 21)
    "...had been returned to the house of her parents, because her husband had discovered she wasn't a virgin."
  • Tuesday Morning

    *Narrator goes to María Cervantes' house (pg 77)
    "I found María Alejandrina Cervantes awake as always at dawn, and completely naked as always when there weren't any strangers in the house."
  • Following Saturday

    *First time people remember Bayardo (pg 84)
    "Still, no one had thought of him until after the eclipse of the moon the following Saturday, when the widower Xius told the mayor that he'd seen a phosphorescent bird fluttering over his former home...."
  • 12 Days After the Murder

    *Investigating Magistrate comes to town (pg 98)
    "Twelve days after the crime, the investigating magistrate came upon a town that was an open wound."
  • 3 Years After Murder

    *Pedro Vicario reenlisted in the military (pg 83)
    "reenlisted in the armed forces three years later, earned his first sergeant stripes."
    *Pablo maries Prudencia Cotes (pg 63)
    "she went on waiting for three years without a moment of discouragement until Pablo Vicario got out of jail and became her husband for life."
  • 14 Years Later

    *The Narrator and Mercedes Barcha get married (pg 43-44)
    "Many knew that in the confusion of the bash i had proposed marriage to Mercedes Barcha as soon as she finished primary school, just as she herself would remind me fourteen years later when we got married."
  • 20 Years Later

    *The Narrator looks and finds the brief (pg 98)
    "Everything we know about this character has been learned from the brief, which several people helped me look for twenty years later in the Palace of Justice in Riohacha."
  • 23 Years After the Murder

    *Narrator talk to Bayardo but refused to provide info (pg 87)
    "The only time i tried to talk to him, twenty-three years later, he received me with a certain aggressiveness and refused to supply even the most insignificant fact that might clarify a little his participation in the drama."