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Call of duty

  • Wolf, Longview

    Daniels brother is killed by a wolf.
  • Project Aether

    Germans scientist tries to revive dead people, in case Hitler dies.
  • The Rats of Tobruk

    Riggs, Jacobs, Wilmot and Smith fights during the Libyan campaign.
  • Bomber

    RAF Pilot Doyle crashes his plane in Holland.
  • Red Army

    Battle of Moscow.
  • Midway

    Navy Pilot Wade Jackson and Mateo Hernandez destroy Zero's during the battle of Midway.
  • Camp Toccoa

  • Semper Fi

    Makin Atoll campaign.
  • Stalingrad, Vanguard

    Polina Petrova joins the Red Army with her brother.
  • Vendetta

    The first battle in Stalingrad that USSR lost.
  • Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad.
  • Not One Step Back

    Soviets are more than ever fighting Germans.
  • Dead In Her Sight

    Russian sniper woman kills Nazis.
  • El Alamein

    Wilmot is killed. Riggs goes to British POW after hitting his Major for disrespect Australia.
  • Egypt

    WW2 in Egypt.
  • Operation Supercharge

    Price in Egypt.
  • The End of the Beginning

    Price arrives at El Daba.
  • Baptism By Fire

    Vichy arrives in Algeria.
  • Sewers

    USSR retakes Stalingrad.
  • Demolition

    Ruins of Stalingrad.
  • Repairing the Wire

    Stalingrad at the very end of the battle.
  • Operation Little Saturn

    Soviets arrives in Tatsinskaya.
  • Downtown

    Stalingrad battle is over.
  • Crusader Charge

    WW2 in Libya.
  • 88 Ridge

    British tanks in Libya.
  • Mission Matmata

    The British attacks the Tunisian city Matmata.
  • A Desert Ride

    The British leaves Matmata.
  • Lady Nightingale

    Polina Petrova make USSR win the Stalingrad battle.
  • Tanks

    Erwin Rommel's last stand.
  • The Desert Fox

    Kasserine Pass takes place.
  • Counterattack

    End of Kasserine Pass.
  • Armored Car

    Price arrives with his mens in Tunisia.
  • Toujane

    Allies takes Toujane.
  • Matmata

    One of the last battle in the North African campaign.
  • Raiding the Fortress

    Final battle of the African front.
  • Woods run away

    Frank Woods, young teenager, runs away from his home.
  • Trenches

    Battle of Kursk.
  • Operation Husky

    Operation Husky takes place.
  • Ponyri

    The Soviets takes back Kursk.
  • Piano Lupo

    Day 2 of Husky.
  • Sicily

    The SAS arrives in Sicily.
  • Kursk

    Soviets leaves Ukraine.
  • Farewell to Friends

    Battle of Troina.
  • Woods Starts

    A Young Frank Woods joins the army for the Pacific War.
  • Kharkov

    USSR arrives in Belorussia.
  • Altavilla

    Battle of Altavilla.
  • Numa Numa Trail

    Wade Jackson crashes his plane in Bougainville.
  • Daniels joins the Army

    Daniels joins the Army.
  • Pathfinder

    Operation Tonga.
  • Operation Tonga

    Arthur Kingsley and Richard Webb are fighting during Operation Tonga.
  • Pegasus

    British retakes Pegasus.
  • Normandy

  • Pointe Du Hoc

    Eastern D-Day.
  • D-Day

    1st Infantry arrives in Normandy. Best friends Daniels, Zussman, Aiello and Stiles are lead by Turner and Pearson.
  • The Great Crusade

    All Beaches Ops succeeds.
  • Scavenger Hunt

    The Canadian arrives in Juno.
  • Glider Crash

    The 82th Airborne arrives at Carentan.
  • Defending Du Hoc

    American soldiers defends their base at Point Du Hoc.
  • Prisoners of War

    Price gets captured by the Germans.
  • Crossroads

    British assault on Anctoville.
  • Brigade Box

    Road to Paris.
  • Silo

    Sniper battle.
  • Battle of Saint-Lô

    The battle of Saint-Lô.
  • Night Drop

    The British arrives at Toucy.
  • Operation Cobra

    The Bloody First arrives in Marigny.
  • The Island

    The end of the battle of Saint-Lô.
  • Stronghold

    The Bloody First takes Marigny back.
  • Mayenne

    Americans retake the Mayenne bridge.
  • Alps Chateau

    Saving Price.
  • Falaise

    The Canadians arrives at Tilly.
  • Black Baron

    Polish tanks arrives in France.
  • Fuel Plant

    The French resistance attacks a German fuel plant.
  • Forest

    The Americans arrives in the French forest Ecouves.
  • Laison River

    The Allies are near Paris.
  • Crossroads, Le Bourg

    Some soldiers arrives in a small village in Paris.
  • Hostage

    The SAS rescue the major Ingram.
  • SOE

    The Bloody First and the SOE takes back Argentan. They are near Paris.
  • Mace

    Battle of Paris.
  • Liberation

    The Americans liberate Paris.
  • Eder Dam

    SAS explodes Edersee.
  • An Easy Detail

    Battle of Mons, Belgium.
  • We've Been Through Worse

    The Allies leaves France to go to Netherlands.
  • Crucifix Hill

    Eilendorf battle.
  • Little Resistance

    Americans arrives at Palau Islands.
  • Relentless

    Second day of the battle of Palau.
  • Lucky Thirteen

    Last Nazis stand in Netherlands.
  • Arnhem Fire

    RAF assault on a small Holland city.
  • Dulag

    Liberation of Dulag.
  • Arnhem Assault

    The British attack the same city that RAF attacked.
  • Nijmegen

    Battle of Nijmegen.
  • Hunner Park

    The 82nd Airborne arrives in the Netherlands.
  • River Crossing

    The Allies cross the Holland bridge.
  • Woensdrecht

    Battle of Woensdrecht.
  • Collateral Dammage

    The Americans enters in Aachen, where they fall back faster than they thought.
  • First City to Fall

    The Americans take Aachen.
  • Tirpitz

    Death of Price in Norway.
  • Sloedam

    Battle of Walcheren.
  • Death Factory

    Turner dies during the Hurtgen battle.
  • Bergstein

    The Americans approach near Hurtgen.
  • Arriving in Hurtgen

    The Americans arrives at Hurtgen.
  • Hill 400

    The Americans capture an Hurtgen hill.
  • White Forest

    The White Forest takes place during the battle of Bastogne.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    The Bloody First recruits Howard during Bastogne.
  • Bois Jacques

    The Americans enters in Belgium.
  • Ambush

    Zussman gets captured by Germans and Daniels tried to desert but got caught by Pearson.
  • Come Out Fighting

    The Americans arrives in Tillet, Belgium.
  • Crossroads, Bastogne

    The Americans take Belgium.
  • Festung

    Battle of Bulge.
  • Noville

    The Americans leaves Belgium.
  • Warsaw

    Soviets liberates Poland.
  • The Last Train

    Roads to Glory for Roland Roger.
  • The Dragon's Teeth

    The Belgian lines attack.
  • Oder

    Soviet tanks arrives in Germany.
  • V2

    Germans programs rockets.
  • Reichswald

    Battle of Keppeln.
  • Iwo Jima

    The Pacific Island event in Warzone.
  • Ambush, Martial Court

    Daniels returns to the Bloody First.
  • The Rhine

    Pearson, Daniels, Aiello and Stiles are entering in Germany.
  • Crossing Point

    Americans fights in German.
  • Rhine Crossing

    Last major battle of March 45.
  • Black Cats

    Americans arrives in Philippines.
  • Epilogue, Berga

    The Bloody First saves Zussman and the war ends.
  • Road to Remagen

    The Americans finds out where the Rhine is.
  • Their Blood

    Soviets approaches Berlin.
  • Blood and Iron

    As the Soviets advance, the Germans falls back.
  • Ring of Steel

    USSR enters in Berlin.
  • Eviction

    The beginning of the downfall for Germans.
  • Phoenix

    The Vanguards are in a mission, led by Butcher, which they have to steal German documents in a train. But they get captured and one of them is killed by an officer.
  • Reichstag

    WW2 ends.
  • Heart of the Reich

    Soviet soldiers put the USSR flag on the roof of the Reichstag.
  • Vanguard Stories

    All the Vanguard tell their stories except Webb who got killed.
  • The Fourth Reich

    The Vanguard fights even a day after the end of the war.
  • Blowtorch

    The battle of Okinawa.
  • Breaking Point

    Near the end of the Pacific War.
  • Epilogue, Le Havre

    Daniels is giving the medal of honor.
  • Epilogue, Longview

    Daniels return home to his wife and son.
  • Woods Back

    Woods return to his home after the war.
  • Project Nova

    Steiner developed Nova 6 for Soviets to defend their selves.
  • Eisenhower's Choice

    Eisenhower fears of a nuclear war.
  • Operation 40-before

    President Kennedy prepares the Operation 40, to kill Castro.
  • Operation 40

    Mason, Woods and Bowman tries to kill Castro. But Mason is captured and send to Vorkuta.
  • Vorkuta

    Mason escapes with his new friend Reznov from Vorkuta, during the escape, Reznov is killed. Mason returns to the USA.
  • Pentagon

    Mason meets JFK. He orders Mason to destroy the Sputnik 2 with Woods.
  • Executive Order

    Mason, Woods, Weaver and Bowman destroy Sputnik 2 and nearly killed Dragovich, the man who tortured Mason in Vorkuta and killed Reznov.
  • Bell Identity

    Bell is a Soviet that was working for Perseus and join the CIA as a mole.
  • SOG

    Woods, Hudson, Mason, Bowman and other soldiers arrives in Vietnam to hunt Dragovich and Kravchenko.
  • Fracture Jaw

    The first mission that Bell and Adler received about Perseus.
  • Defector

    Mason, Woods and Bowman finds Reznov, who knows where is Dragovich, but Mason will find later that it was his schizophrenia.
  • Numbers

    Mason is schizophrenic and developed that psychosis in Vorkuta, former German scientist Friedrich Steiner. They capture Steiner's associate.
  • Victor Charlie

    Meanwhile Hudson captures the associate of Steiner, Mason, Woods and Reznov advance in the Vietnamese lines.
  • Crash Site

    Mason, Woods, Bowman and Reznov gets captured in Laos by Kravchenko and Dragovich.
  • WMD

    Hudson finds out what Steiner put in the brain of Mason in his laboratory in Mt. Yamantau.
  • Payback

    Kravchenko kills Bowman and Woods but also gets killed. Reznov and Mason wants revenge.
  • Rebirth

    Mason and Reznov kills Steiner but they are both captured by CIA agents.
  • Revelations

    Mason gets interrogated a whole day and the next day, the interrogators are Hudson and he reveals that Reznov never existed, he died in 1963, Mason and Hudson goes to Mexico to kill Dragovich.
  • Redemption

    Mason kills Dragovich and Hudson reveals that he killed JFK 5 years earlier.
  • Robert F. Kennedy is dead

    Frank Woods learn in Laos about RFK's death.
  • Break on Through, Day

    Bell visits Perseus in a small bunker in Vietnam.
  • Break on Through, Night

    Perseus tells to Aldrich, Rudnik and Bell his plans.
  • Woods Escape

    Frank Woods escape from his POW.
  • Menendez house is burn

    The house of the Menendez is on fire.
  • Woods return

    Frank Woods rejoins CIA.
  • Cartel of Menendez

    José Menendez starts dealing drugs.
  • Checking Out

    Frank Woods rescue South Vietnamese in Saigon.
  • Air Traffic Control

    Woods return to the USA.
  • Active Measures

    Alex Mason is send to Berlin.
  • Got Your Back

    Mason leaves Berlin.
  • Three Point Landing

    Woods visits Mt. Yamantau.
  • Rocket's Red Glare

    Woods discovers that Nova 6 is back on the run.
  • Self Destructive

    Battle of Elbruz.
  • Woods spends Christmas with his family

    Woods spend time with his family.
  • David's birth

    Mason has a son, David.
  • OPS M.I.A.

    Mason is send to Nicaragua.
  • Mason takes a pause

    Mason quits the army for his family.
  • Escort Service

    Mason very last mission.
  • Nowhere Left to Run, Amsterdam

    Mason, Adler and Woods captures Qasim Javadi, who has 88 American hostages.
  • Nowhere Left to Run, Trabzon

    Mason, Adler and Woods learns that Perseus is back.
  • Reagan and Adler

    Adler meets Reagan and they talk about Perseus.
  • CIA Safehouse E9

    Adler, Sims, Park, Lazar and Bell plans to attack Perseus.
  • Brick in the Wall

    Adler and Bell finds out that Perseus is working on a nuclear bomb.
  • East Berlin Brief

    Adler and Bell are going to Berlin to find out what Perseus is preparing.
  • Redlight, Greenlight

    Woods and Bell goes to a nuclear center where Perseus is making his nuclear bomb and discovers that Hudson already knew that but said nothing.
  • Echoes of a Cold War

    Mason and Hudson checks out Perseus files.
  • Operation Chaos

    Woods kills Aldrich.
  • Lubyanka Briefing

    Adler and Bell are preparing an infiltration in the Lubyanka, where they can find Perseus nuclear files.
  • Desperate Measure

    Adler and Bell finds out that Perseus is hiding is bomb in Cuba.
  • Red Circus

    Woods kills Rudnik.
  • Cuba Briefing

    Mason, Adler, Woods, Bell, Park, Lazar and Sims prepare to go to Cuba.
  • End of the Line

    The team goes to Cuba but Perseus kills Lazar and run away with the bomb.
  • Interrogation

    Bell reveals to Adler that he know Perseus and he tell where he plan to nuke. The badass team goes after his ass.
  • The Final Countdown

    Adler and Bell stops the bomb but Perseus runs away.
  • The Final Countdown, River

    Adler kills Bell, due to his friendship with Perseus.
  • Hostile Takeover

    José Menendez is killed.
  • Alaska, 1986

    Mason and his son plays outside.
  • Pyrrhic Victory

    Mason go save Woods in Angola, being held by the son of Jose Menendez. Woods wants revenge after being tortured for months.
  • Old Wounds

    Mason, Woods and Hudson kills Kravchenko and they get captured by Mujahideen. Reznov comes rescue them, but once again, it's Mason imagination, or not?
  • Time and Fate

    Woods wants revenge and really wants to kill Menendez but sadly, he kills his sister instead of him.
  • Menendez and Noriega pact

    Noriega helps Menendez in his drug dealing.
  • Just Cause

    President Bush sends Woods, Mason and Hudson to Panama to capture Noriega.
  • Suffer With Me

    Noriega captures Woods and force him to kill Mason. Menendez captures Hudson, Woods and David. He kills Hudson and liberates Woods and David.
  • Woods babysits David

    Woods become the babysitter of David.
  • Declassified

    Ryan Johnson finds out declassified documents.
  • All Ghilled Up

    Young SAS, John Price, try to kill Zakhaev.
  • Escape

    After the failed assassination attempt, Price escapes.
  • Hometown

    Karim tells to Price how his father got killed by Barkov.
  • Tel Aviv

    Elias and Rorke met in Tel Aviv, they became friend.
  • Lost, Karim

    Farah is captured by Barkov.
  • Captive

    Captain Price rescue Karim and her brother, Hadir.
  • F.N.G.

    SAS Training.
  • Coup

    Arabic president gets assassinated by pro-nationalist Imran Zakhaev.
  • Crew Expendable

    The SAS infiltrate in a Russian ship.
  • First To Fight

    USMC prepares an attack in the Middle East.
  • Exodus

    Capt. Parker assault a Middle East city with his mens.
  • Intervention

    Battle of Caspian Sea.
  • Blackout

    The SAS saves a Russian mole for CIA.
  • Surf

    The American invasion of Saudi Arabia.
  • Bog

    Russian nuke in Iraq.
  • On Approach

    The Second Iraq War is about to start.
  • Hard Impact

    First battle of the SIW.
  • Heat

    SAS captures some Zakhaev soldiers.
  • Safehouse

    Main responsible of the Russian nuke gets killed, but the SAS finds out later that he didn't had nothing to do with this.
  • The Russian

    Even if the SIW started, WW3 may start soon.
  • Spectre

    US Air Force attacks Northern Russia.
  • Bunker Buster

    Russians are developing missiles.
  • Sins

    SAS kills Zakhaev's son.
  • AMF

    The Americans sank a Russian ship.
  • Game Over

    Nearly all SAS are killed by Zakhaev's mens but MacTavish shoot him.
  • House Cleaning

    While Zakhaev is killed. Americans destroy the last missiles.
  • Missile Away

    The world is save of a possible WW3.
  • Dead in Ten!

    The SIW is over.
  • Legends Never Die

    Elias and Rorke, best friends, goes to Venezuela to kill Almagro but they get captured. Rorke was dying and Elias left him. Rorke promised himself to kill Elias.
  • S.S.D.D.

    General Shepherd and his soldiers arrives in Afghanistan.
  • Cliffhanger

    MacTavish and his friend Roach explodes a Kazakh base.
  • No Russian

    Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov kills nearly all russians in Zakhaev Airport.
  • Takedown

    MacTavish captures Makarov's friend with Ghost and Roach.
  • Wolverines

    Russians attacks Washington.
  • Hornet

    Makarov's friends is killed.
  • Only Easy Way

    MacTavish, Ghost and Roach liberates Price in a gulag.
  • White House assault

    The White House is in fire.
  • Second Sun

    The Russian attemps to nuke Washington but Price sabotaged it.
  • Loose Ends

    Shepherd betrayed Ghost, Roach, MacTavish and Price but kills Ghost and Roach. The last two friends want their revenge.
  • Enemy

    MacTavish and Price are hunting Shepherd.
  • Endgame

    MacTavish kills Shepherd but he's heavily wounded and Price gets him to a medic friend.
  • Prologue, India

    Yuri saves MacTavish and Price.
  • Hunter Killer

    The Russian soldiers falls back to New York.
  • Turbulence

    Russian president offers to stop the war but Makarov captures him to continue the war, which is starting to become, WW3.
  • Back on the Grid

    Price, MacTavish and Yuri starts the hunt for Makarov.
  • Mind the Gap

    Makarov nukes London and nearly all the people who lives here, died.
  • Goalpost

    Battle of Hamburg.
  • Return To Sender

    Yuri, MacTavish and Price kills a friend of Makarov in Somalia.
  • Bag and Drag

    During the battle of Paris, the Eiffel tower fells.
  • Eye of the Storm

    Battle of Prague.
  • Blood Brothers

    MacTavish gets killed by Makarov. Price and Yuri wants revenge.
  • Stronghold

    Price and Yuri finds out where the president is being held.
  • Scorched Earth

    Price and Yuri saves the Russian president's daughter in Berlin.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    Price and Yuri saves the Russian president and they are ready to kill that fucking Makarov.
  • In The Wild

    USNG are attack by Makarov.
  • Isolation

    Makarov takes Alaska.
  • Overwatch

    WW3 have a new front, the Alaskan front.
  • Oil, Fire and Ice

    The battle of Alaska continues.
  • Running For Cover

    Makarov takes Canada and the Western coast of USA.
  • Clearing Out

    Battle of Las Vegas.
  • Through the Mountains

    Battle of the Nevada moutains.
  • Dam Approach

    Makarov is starting to be scared.
  • Lights Out

  • Fire From the Sky

    Makarov's men are force to retreat.
  • Clean Up

    Makarov bombs Baltimore.
  • Heavy Metal

    USA force Makarov to hide in Dubai during the great battle of Baltimore.
  • Dangerous Cargo

    A team of Makarov's biggest hunter are form.
  • Hurricane Ivan

    Makarov is tracked by INTERPOL, Price is send.
  • Dust to Dust

    Price and Yuri arrives near Makarov. Epic fight which ends that Yuri is killed by Makarov and Price kills Makarov but is seriously injured.
  • Ghost Stories

    At the end of WW3, the Walker's gets attacked by Rorke army.
  • Flashpoint

    Verdansk terrorist attack.
  • Fog of War

    CIA operator Alex Keller investigate Al-Qatala.
  • Piccadilly

    Price is back and operates in London after terrorist puts bombs in the undergrounds.
  • Embedded

    Keller meets Farah Karim.
  • Clean House

    Price and Kyle Garrick joins Keller and Karim.
  • Embassy

    A war is declared between USMC and Al-Qatala.
  • Old Comrades

    Karim is hunting Barkov.
  • Going Dark

    Price finds the house of Barkov but he is not there.
  • Into the Furnace

    Karim kills Barkov. Alex dissapears.
  • Strike

    Ghost and Graves kills Ghorbani.
  • Hindsight

    The Shadow Company is ambush by Graves.
  • Kill or Capture

    Al-Qatala is back.
  • Tradecraft

    Garrick investigate in Amsterdam.
  • Borderline

    Parra realize that Al-Qatala has a cartel in Mexico.
  • Hardpoint

    Second Drug War.
  • Recon by Fire

    Garrick and Price are more investigating for Al-Qatala, while Graves, MacTavish, Ghost, Rodolfo and Shallow are investigating about the Cartel.
  • Violence and Training

    Price and Garrick are seriously injured after a car crash.
  • El Sin Nombre

    MacTavish and Ghost infiltrate the Cartel and assault the villa.
  • Dark Water

    Graves, MacTavish and Ghost captures Valeria, the leader of the Cartel.
  • Alone, MW2

    Vargas, Ghost and MacTavish are betrayed by Graves and they lost everything.
  • Prison Break

    Parra, Vargas, MacTavish and Ghost want revenge and hunts Graves. Meanwhile, Price and Garrick are still after Al-Qatala and learns that Shepherd is still alive.
  • Countdown, MW2

    MacTavish got his revenge on Graves, now, him, Garrick and Price will stop Al-Qatala from bombing a Chicago building. They stop the bomb.
  • Brazillian Bar, MW2

    Laswell tells Price, Garrick, MacTavish and Ghost that Makarov is back.
  • Precious Cargo

    Karim and Keller are back to kick ass.
  • Operation 627

    Andrei Nolan saves Makarov.
  • Reactor

    Price looks for Makarov.
  • Passenger

    Makarov make a plane explodes.
  • Payload

    Price second Makarov hunt starts.
  • Crash Site, MW3

    Keller check the ruins of the plane.
  • Oligarch

    Price, MacTavish, Ghost and Garrick are still hunting Makarov.
  • Highrise

    Nolan's men are fighting Garrick, Price, MacTavish and Ghost.
  • Frozen Tundra

    After Nolan's assault, the four Mofo's continues to look for Makarov.
  • Gora Dam

    They finally have news where Makarov is!
  • Danger Close

    Karim and Keller join the team of Price.
  • Trojan Horse, London

    Price, MacTavish, Keller, Karim, Ghost and Garrick finds Makarov. MacTavish gets killed by Makarov and he runs away, once again.
  • Trojan Horse, Washington

    Price kills Shepherd once more.
  • Vault

    Old Woods tells the story about his operations in the late 80s to David Mason.
  • Celerium

    David Mason and Mike Harper investigate on Menendez.
  • Fallen Angel

    David Mason finds out that Menendez wants to attack every big city in the world on the Juneteenth.
  • Karma

    David learns that Menendez weapon that he will use to attack the world, is named Karma. He captures the creator of this weapon, Chloe Lynch.
  • Second Chance

    American soldiers trains in case that Karma turns into a nuclear war.
  • Vault, June

    Woods tells to David how his father got killed by Menendez.
  • Achilles' Veil

    Mike Harper is killed by Menendez. After, David captures Menendez before he attacks all the big cities.
  • Odysseus

    Menendez escapes and return to his base. David goes to Los Angeles to protect one of the biggest city, but later that day, David goes to Menendez base.
  • Judgement Day

    Dabid arrives to Menendez base in Haiti too late. David kills him but he sent all the weapons but miraculously, it doesn't explode.
  • Menendez Video

    Menendez publish his video on YouTube to continue Coris Die.
  • Concert

    Woods is in a concert.
  • Brave New World

    The Walker's are now a military family with a new dog, Riley, and they are hunting Rorke.
  • No Man's Land

    The Walker's and the US Army assault one of the base of Rorke.
  • Struck Down

    The Walker's save their friend Ajax, who was tortured by Rorke. They continues mission to hunt Rorke.
  • Homecoming

    The Walker's becomes Ghosts. All the Walker's ask why to Elias, why he hates the Ghosts. Elias answers them.
  • Federation Day

    The Ghosts continues to do black operations.
  • Birds of Prey

    The Ghosts captures Rorke but he soon escapes.
  • The Hunted

    The Ghosts are more than ever after the ass of Rorke.
  • Clockwork

    The Walker's finds out where Rorke is hiding.
  • Atlas Falls

    The Ghosts are going at their enemy base.
  • Sin City

    They find Rorke but kills Elias and shot Riley and escapes. Riley is seriously injured but Logan saves him.
  • The Ghost Killer

    The last Ghosts are captured by Rorke.
  • Black Ops 4

    The Cold War 2 comes to a near end.
  • Recruiting

    In case that Cold War 3 starts, CIA recruits new operators.
  • Project Blackout

    After reviving Woods, who died 18 years ago, they make their operators trains with robots.
  • Woods visits an very old Mason

    Woods visits Mason who is now 112 years old.
  • Induction

    Jack Mitchell, a young Marine, is send to Korea.
  • Funeral

    Mitchell attends at the funeral of his dead friend. Which he find out that his father is a huge businessman, Jonathan Irons.
  • Atlas

    Mitchell rejoins the Army and become friend with Cormack.
  • Traffic

    Mitchell and Gideon are send to Nigeria.
  • Fission

    Terrorist attack on Vekron.
  • Aftermath

    Mitchell and Gideon becomes the soldiers of Jonathan Irons.
  • Manhunt

    Irons order Mitchell to kill Hades in Greece.
  • Utopia

    Mitchell continues to order the missions of Irons.
  • Sentinel

    Mitchell and Gideon goes to Thailand.
  • Bio Lab

    Mitchell notices that something is weird going on with Irons.
  • Collapse

    Irons destroys the Golden Gate Bridges.
  • Throttle

    Irons kills Cormack.
  • Terminus

    Irons gets killed by Mitchell.
  • Captured

    Irons captures Mitchell and Gideon but they soon escape.
  • Black Ops, Ethiopia

    An Unnamed CIA Operator for John Taylor gets severely injured. Taylor saves his life.
  • New World

    The Black Ops 3 Narrator wakes up in a Swiss train and prepares himself for a simulation.
  • In Darkness

    The Narrator restart operating with Hendricks, his first mission is in Singapore.
  • Provocation

    Hendricks and the Narrator are in a war with a criminal family, the Goh.
  • Hypocenter

    Hendricks and the Narrator realize that their boss is the main responsible of the 70 genocide.
  • Vengeance

    Hendricks and the Narrator looks for Taylor, who suddenly dissapeared.
  • Rise and Fall

    Hendricks finds an associate of Taylor who says that he put a winter forest in the mind of the victims. Hendricks want to have that vision.
  • Demon Within

    Hendricks finds the winter forest, which means Bastogne, in mid 40s.
  • Sand Castle

    Hendrick, the Narrator catches Taylor in Egypt.
  • Lotus Towers

    Hendricks kills Taylor and leaves the Narrator with his dead body.
  • Life

    The Narrator enters in the forest and then fights a demon called Corvus.
  • Rising Threat

    A war starts near Jupiter.
  • Black Sky

    The Humans declare War on Jupiter.
  • Blood Storm

    The War is lead by Nick Reyes.