Chop Shop

  • Decline

    Lawrence Lamb's involvement with the Lamb Funeral Home steadily declines up into the 1980's due to old age.
  • Graduation

    David graduates high school.
  • Unfortunate Events

    Unfortunate Events
    Laurieanne's sister died in a plan crash.
  • Dave Edwards

    Dave Edwards met David Sconce through an old college teammate.
  • Education

    David enrolled in a one year program for Mortuary Sciences at Cypress College.
  • Idea

    David comes up with his cremation services plan and offers it to other funeral homes for a low price.
  • Numbers Increase

    Numbers Increase
    Since David was running the crematorium the volume of cremations jumped drastically from 1,675 the previous year to 3,487 and it only continued to rise.
  • Hospitalized

    Dave Edwards was badly injured from a stab wound in a night club. David offered to burn the offenders body if they ever caught the perpetrator.
  • Employed

    David is able to hire multiple drivers to go pick up cadavers from other funeral homes.
  • Big plans

    Ron Hast learned that David planned to build a second crematorium.
  • Business Boom

    David's discount pick-up service becomes the talk of close-knit funeral industry folk.
  • Expansion

    David Sconce bought a property in Shaftner. It was an empty warehouse that he wanted to turn into a crematorium but zoning laws prevented that from happening.
  • Marriage

    David married his wife Barbara Sallard. They had two children together.
  • Trouble

    Dave Edwards and a friend check out Ron Hast's home because Ron expressed concern about how David conducted business.
  • Beat Down

    Edwards and his friend "rough up" Hast. They report to David that night that he was "handled." (Braidhill)
  • New Faces

    Lisa Karlan got hired at the Lamb Funeral Home as an assistant director of the Tissue Bank.
  • Funny Business

    Employee Ron Jordan quit the Lamb Funeral Home due to being concerned about their practices- a few months later he was found dead.
  • Tissue Bank

    George Bristol is hired to be the head technician for the tissue bank at the Lamb Funeral Home.
  • Plan B

    Plan B
    David sold his Shafter property and bought a lot in the industrial section of Hesperia. He filed his business under the name "Oscar's Ceramics."
  • Rough Stuff

    Rough Stuff
    Danny Galambos and Christopher Long, both friends of David's visited a man named Tim Waters. Tim expressed concern about how David ran his business and David did not like anyone bad mouthing him or his practices. They were instructed to break bones and beat up Waters pretty badly. David paid them $1,000.
  • Termination

    Karlan quits her job at (CIRT) because she did not agree with how the business was operated.
  • Number Are Steady

    There is enough cadavers to keep the Tissue Bank in high gear.
  • Help Needed

    Help Needed
    Bristol was removing whole eyes and corneas for research and needed to hire some assistance. He hired a man named Eddie Marshal whom he worked with previously.
  • Fed Up

    Lisa Karlan was frustrated with how the consent forms were worded and butt heads with David constantly. She performed her first and only tissue removal.
  • Tattle Tale

    Tattle Tale
    The Cemetery Board director John Gill gets an anonymous call with allegations of theft of dental gold, removal of organs without consent and mass cremations.
  • Lots of Business

    David Scone was responsible for performing twenty-five percent of all the cremations in Los Angeles County.
  • Funny Numbers

    Joe Westall Figured the numbers from the reports by the Lamb Funeral Home did not add up at all.
  • Bad Business

    Bristol took the eyes of two people who had no consent forms signed. The Sconce's sold each pair for $70.
  • Excuses

    Gold McCauley died and her twenty-six year old brother visited the Lamb Funeral Home to sign paperwork and to get one last view of the body. Laurieanne refused and said that she was already prepared for cremation. What she didn't tell him was that her eyes had already been removed and sold.
  • Sneaky

    Employees of the Lamb Funeral Home removed the heart of Clara Hilderbrant without proper consent.
  • Big Plans

    Randall Welty and David Sconce created "Coastal International Research and Transplant Management (CIRT) to manage the Tissue Bank.
  • Audit

    Skip Jones came across the Lamb Funeral Home's account for an audit and saw that David reported more than 8.000 cremations for one year. He thinks the numbers are strange to pays the funeral home a visit.
  • Unforgivable

    Martin Holzkamper had his heart removed and sold to a research lab. His gold teeth were extracted and also sold. The Lamb Funeral Home did not have proper consent for either of these things to occur.
  • Up In Flames

    Lamb Funeral Home employees John Hallinan and Bob Garcia went to the Mountain View Cemetery with thirty-eight bodies in their truck. They loaded them all into the ovens and the building caught fire.
  • Not Agreeing

    David and Bristol constantly argued. Bristol realized that the Tissue Bank went against his moral standards. He wanted to quit but David threatened to kill him if he did, so he started to bring a hand-gun into work.
  • Bad Air

    Bad Air
    The fire department gets called to check out David's property due to an awful burning smell.
  • Charged

    Deputy D.A Walt Lewis filed 43 charges against the Sconce's.
  • Complaints

    The fire department was constantly getting calls with complaints and wanted to figure out what to do about it.
  • Detective Work

    Detective Work
    Joe Westall went to Oscar's Ceramics to see what went on there. He then called Air Quality engineer Richard Wales to speak to him about Oscar's Ceramics.
  • Face to Face

    Richard Wales and Joe Westall contacted Fire Marshal Wilbur Wentworth. They all decided to go to Oscars since the Fire Marshal had the authority to enter any building. Johnny Pollerana (chief Cremation Technician) was working the ovens that day. When they went inside they opened the oven doors and saw multiple bodies so they called the coroners and authorities. Johnny was arrested that day and a huge investigation began.
  • Raid

    The Lamb Funeral Home was raided by police. David and Jerry Sconce were arrested but they were released seventy-two hours later because the authorities did not have a strong enough case yet.
  • Searching

    A second search warrant was issued for the Lamb Funeral Home. Lots of property was seized, One huge piece of evidence was found during this raid- a cremation log that contained a ledger that had detailed information about the removal of body parts.
  • To The Station

    To The Station
    The Scone's were taken to the police station for an arraignment. They did their finger printing and had photo graphs taken. Jerry and Laurieanne were able to post bail. David did not make bail because his was set at $500,000. He went into custody.
  • His Side

    David called detective Diaz to talk about the case. Diaz interviewed and recorded David.
  • Support

    Jerry and Laurieanne attended court every time their son made an appearance. This continues for about two years.
  • The Big Wigs

    The Big Wigs
    A case was made to be taken to Superior Court. The ruling was thirty-three pages long.
  • Desperation

    David Sconce wrote a letter to the District Attorney saying that he hoped to be released because he had spent eighteen months in custody.
  • More Searching

    Jerry and Laurieanne's desert home was raided.
  • Guilty

    David plead guilty to charges of mutilating corpses, conducting mass cremations and hiring hit-men to "rough up" competition. He was sentenced to a two years in prison and lifetime probation.
  • Charges

    David appeared in front of a judge and was charged with the murder of Tim Waters. He asked for time to obtain a lawyer and his proceedings got delayed for about two months.
  • Obtained

    David appointed attorney Roger Diamond as his defense lawyer and a hearing was set for April.
  • Murder

    David plead not guilty to the murder of Tim Waters and won the case due to not enough evidence linking him to his death.
  • Freedom

    David Sconce was released from prison.