Say Nothing Timeline

  • Walk on Derry

    Protestors walked from Derry to Belfast to protest systemic discrimination against Catholic in Northern Ireland
  • Battle of the Bogside

    In Derry, an organization of Protestant loyalists, called the Apprentice Boys, would throw pennies into a Catholic neighborhood, but the Catholics fought back
  • IRA Split

    IRA splits into Official IRA (Stickies) and Provisional IRA (Provos)
  • Kitson in Belfast

    Frank Kitson, an expert in counterinsurgency, arrives in Belfast and begins operations on the Stickies and the Provos
  • Price Sisters join Provos

    Both Marian and Dolours Price join the Provisional IRA, with Dolours becoming a major factor in getting women to be active "soldiers" in the IRA
  • Bloody Sunday

    British paratroopers shot into a peaceful protest in Derry, organized by Eamonn McCann, which killed 13 and injured a further 15. This event further increased Irish Republicanism
  • Period: to

    Adams' Imprisonment

    Gerry Adams' was imprisoned for 3 months by the British before he was released, thanks to the Price sisters.
  • Bloody Friday

    Around 20 vehicle bombs from the IRA go off, killing 9 and injuring 130 people.
  • Jean McConville Kidnapped

    Jean McConville was kidnapped from Divis Flatts just months after her husband died from cancer. It would later be confirmed that the IRA did kidnap and murder her for "admitting [to] being a British army informer."
  • Price Sisters Bombing

    Dolours, her sister Marian and a few others drove vehicle bombs to London and left them outside four significant British foundations: the Old Bailey courts, military workplaces close Whitehall, the Ministry of Agriculture and New Scotland Yard. Two go off and 250 people are injured from the explosion.
  • Adams and Hughes Imprisonment

    Gerry Adams and Brendan Hughes were captured by the British in a set-up and sent to Long Kesh, being beaten brutally in the process
  • Period: to

    Bomb Squad Hunger Strike

    Dolours and Marian Price, Hugh Feeney, and Gerry Kelly went on a hunger strike to be sent back to Northern Ireland as political prisoners, which lasted for 206 days before the British relented
  • Price Sisters Released from England

    After going on an appetite strike, the Price sisters win an arrival to Northern Ireland, where they are sent to finish out their sentences for the bombing.
  • Adams' Release

    Gerry Adams was released from Long Kesh and set about reinventing the IRA into a proper paramilitary force that would enact change
  • La Mon House Bombing

    The IRA bombed La Mon House hotel while it was crowded with civilians, killing 12 and severely burning countless more
  • Airey Neave Assassination

    Airey Neave, Margaret Thatcher's closest advisor on Northern Ireland, was bombed by the Irish National Liberation Army. This would promote Thatcher to refuse any compromise with Irish republicanism
  • Marian Price Released

    Marian Price was sent to the hospital the day before due to her anorexia, but she checked out of the hospital the next day and was able to walk free, which caused outcry from the British as to whether it was a ruse to get out
  • Dolours Price Released

    Dolours Price was soon released from jail due to her declining health. She never recovered from her food strike during the early 70's, and she would have died in prison, but Thatcher released her on medical grounds.
  • Bobby Sands Elected

    Bobby Sands was elected to Parliament, being on huger strike for 41 days
  • Bobby Sands' Death

    Bobby Sands dies on the 66th day of his strike, with his death making the news all around the world. The 9 other strikers would go on to starve to death soon after.
  • Gerry Adams Enters Politics

    Gerry Adams entered into politics, representing West Belfast, in order to gain more backing for the Provos objectives, winning.
  • Hughes Released

    Brendan Hughes was finally released from Long Kesh after almost 13 years, returning to witness an entire different IRA approach to gain their objectives.
  • IRA Cease-fire

    The IRA declared a cease-fire, with negotiations being secretly organized by Father Alec Reid. This caused much controversy, especially for those who sacrificed so much and lost their entire lives for their cause.
  • IRA Cease-Fire Ends

    The IRA ended the cease-fire by detonating a bomb in London's Docklands, injuring over 100. However, another cease-fire was declared about a year after in 1997.
  • Good Friday Agreement

    After a week of negotiations, a peace agreement between all sides was reached. Northern Ireland would remain part of the UK, but with its own assembly and connections to the Republic of Ireland. Many devoted IRA members, such as Dolours Price, were demoralized that their entire life's work was almost for nothing as Ireland was still not united.
  • IRA Report Missing Persons

    The IRA did acknowledge that several people went "missing" during the Troubles, including informants Seamus Wright and Kevin McKee, as well as Jean McConville. Jean was reported of admitting to being a British army informer, which was why the IRA kidnapped and murdered her.
  • Belfast Project

    Boston College started the Belfast Project to gain information on high-profile figures during the Troubles. These paramilitary figures were promised to have their interviews unveiled to the public after their deaths, giving detailed accounts of the atrocities they were involved in and the crimes they committed, all in the name of a united Ireland.
  • Jean McConville's Body is Discovered

    Following 31 years, her kids were at last ready to put their mom to rest after Jean's body was found on Shelling Hill Beach, Carlingford County Louth.
  • Massereene Shooting

    The Real IRA admitted to organizing people to kill British soldiers housed in Massereene Barracks, the first time British soldiers were killed in Northern Ireland in 12 years. Marian Price was a part of this group and was imprisoned
  • "Voices from the Grave" Published

    Ed Moloney published a book called Voices from the Grave, where the secret of the Belfast Project was officially exposed. Hughes had died in 2008, but had recorded tapes that detailed Gerry Adams and how he organized the provisional IRA.
  • Adams' Arrest

    Gerry Adams was arrested on account of his previous life as an IRA member, but more importantly his connection to the murder of Jean McConville. Many previous friends of Adams wanted him imprisoned for his lies and betrayal of the Provos
  • Adams' Resigns from Sinn Fein

    Gerry Adams officially retired from his political party, Sinn Fein, and stepping down from politics.