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Ryuco'ov: Flower Artisan through Rebuilding

  • Qetui Zaxafb Considers Disowning His Family

    It's a tempting option, really. They're incredibly racist.
  • Period: to


    Merhag bartender Qetui Zaxafb decides he wants to be an adventurer. Goes just as well as you would expect. Travels the continent. Meets a pretty girl. Fights for said girl. Does not really know how to fight, but it's the thought that counts, right?
  • Qetui Zaxafb fistfights Some Cupinian Noble

    takes his consort Hnewe as prize, who then decides to join him on his misadventures.
  • Qeflcet Zaxafb is born

  • Walmart Founded

    Rogers, AR
  • Aishin Resteravi dies

    Her son, Okkun, departs for Neutral with Stell the Hero.
    The Life of Okkun Resteravi
  • Qetui Zaxafb is murdered

  • Resteravi Library Founded

    Byetis, Xc'woiriu
  • Hnewe Zaxafb dies of disease; sends son to friend

    Son, Qeflcet, is intercepted
  • Meluca Dies

    Qeflcet starts kinda keeping track of Hoxna in his place, and while that happens, stops being quite so angerey.
  • Hajem/Duwe leaves tribe for Neutral idealism

  • Madam Ainz takes Duwe as apprentice

  • Sauni Dais takes Qeflcet Zaxafb as apprentice

  • Calamity Begins

    Hiyuie, Cupinae--
    Followers of Hbtaaw attempt to bring divine retribution
  • Flower-Artisan Era Ends

  • Period: to

    The Calamity

    After a rogue group of the Followers of Hbtaaw attack Hiyuie, Cupinae's capitol, the world falls into chaos, and most of Ryuco'ov is destroyed relentlessly.
  • Period: to

    Death of a Man Named Stell

  • Barrier Falls

    Reason unknown...
  • Okkun Resteravi dies

    H'qcess, Roa'ucall-- Resteravi and his fellow captives slowly die of starvation.
  • Adahe's Barrier Falls

    Immediately taken by fire. It's over in a flash, and a small group of survivors set out as wanderers.
  • Ainz dies; Duwe becomes Ambassador of the Sun

  • Sauni Dais dies; Qeflcet becomes Ambassador of the Celestial

  • Period: to

    Rebuilding Era

    Multiple settlements spring up. Neutral crashes to the ground, leaving very very few survivors. Surviving Neutral members begin a series of rescues to increase their numbers and begin a camp as the New/Ninth Dawn Militia.
  • First Rebuilding Camp Established

    Group of ex-Neutralians dub themself the Ninth Iteration of the Dawn Militia
  • Qcow "Relic" found

    Adahe, Xc'woiriu
  • Raiders Attack the first Rebuilding Camp

    Mallay, daughter of Reb'wyn, blinded; Qcow falls into coma(?)
  • Xofexanw Joysaf founds New Adahe

  • Jrechnoc cast out from New Adahe; begins new settlement

    Recha Forest, Xc'woiriu
  • Exep Uncovers Broken Teleporter

    Seems dangerous. Exep starts with some jerry-rigging and a quick control system. It kinda has power, but is by no means safe or understandable.
  • Qcow awakes; enters Exep's broke teleporter

    Finds self in Lark, TX
  • Period: to

    Texas Relic

    Qcow activates broken teleporter, breaking it further, and is brought to Lark, TX, where he meets Alice Wright and learns English.
  • Qeflcet shoots Alice Wright

    Lark, TX
  • Ambassador Bonding Session

    Duwe, Qeflcet, and a post-Texas Relic Qcow venture into a regrowing forest and across to Iysteria to recover pieces of the past.
  • Hoxna finds Rebuilding Camp; reunites with Qeflcet

  • Galun Islands Discovered; Renamed Glinn

    The United States of America takes on island grouping as a territory; starts benefit system to persuade people to move there. Earthquakes are somewhat common. Alan Carson opens up a clinic.
  • Jrechnoc contacts Exep; Gra powers down

  • Terren dubs friend group The Roundear Committee

  • Period: to


    Hoxna, while scavenging the wastes, meets Aefou Joysaf. She proceeds to catch the Big Gay, but they don't really do anything about that because they realize they're not in a good mindset to be in a relationship, so they just become really good friends.
  • First Priest of Iacoye Laban Dies

    Leaves intimidatingly thick memoir. Claims his former Orc friend/guard Caerwyn still lives.
  • Exep Fixes Teleporter

    Woah, when did Galun get populated by humans?
  • Exep meets Dr. Alan Carson

    Adopts name "Evan Carson" and sometimes pretends to be his son even though they look nothing alike. When he's not doing things for Reb'wyn, he does paperwork at the clinic. He does research for Reb'wyn there sometimes, too.
  • Qeflcet meets Xofexanw; Establishes Trade

  • Period: to


    Tariq falls asleep, finds self in red and black dreamland. Meets the Joysaf family; Xofexanw reveals that likely the magical role of Peacemaker now falls to him. Xofexanw temporarily becomes Father Despair.
  • Exep Writes Papers on Races

    His contact entices him to dark thoughts. Qcow lends him a journal from Madam Qhyufl's friend which has some helpful info.
  • Qcow "Olin Peters" meets Lebby Grace

  • Xofexanw puts Jrechnoc down like a sick dog

    RIP Fantasy Spiderman Hitler.
  • Qcow Moves in Part-Time with Lebby and Their Friends

    143 Beach Avenue, Glinn Island
  • Hoxna's Eggnog Dash

    "Holly," Terren, and "Jay" (and occasionally "Mary") terrorize various grocery stores and clerk Madge Talon after being given a shopping list from Qeflcet "Barclay Peters" Zaxafb.
  • Henry Matthews and Kabira Gingman start believing in ghosts

  • Temporary

    Qcow fucks himself up, and Qeflcet, as always, cleans up his mess of a life underneath everyone's noses. (The full story was never posted, but the epilogue was illustrated)
  • Exep and the Tempest Machine

    Exep needs a vacation desperately. He does not receive one. So, entering a time loop, his 'productive experiments' continue getting more violent, even without Jrechnoc's influence. His memory is erased in the end, and the damage is as if it never happened. He did all in his power to keep his memories, but failed. Shame. If he remembered, Exep Breaks the Fucking World would never have happened.
  • Ambassadors Meet the Ice and Fire Diner Network's Leaders

    Guardian heritage is mapped, people are logged and kept track of
  • 15yo Henry Matthews Fistfights a Cop for a Dare

  • Ana Qhyufl dies; Qcow becomes Ambassador of the Moon

  • Camus Oliver Discovers Glinn's True History

    Local waitress Madge Talon contemplates murder.
  • Camus Oliver Nearly Fucks Everything Up

    Madge Talon kidnaps him for a week instead as he has an existential crisis.
  • Qcow becomes Christian

    Literally everyone is confused, but hey, he's happy.
  • Qcow regens after Car Wreck; tries and fails to pretend nothing happened

    His datemate Lebby, after some bumps, comes to accept it and lives part time at the Rebuilding camp like Qcow lives part time at their group house with Henry and Kabira.
  • Exep Breaks The Fucking World

    I'LL EVEN SACRIFICE G O D !! -- very tentative date
  • Hoxna "Holly" starts thinking about becoming a US citizen

    Could she get enough contacts to travel the whole world?
  • Aefou and Hoxna track down Tariq in the Real World

    In the nick of time!