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Life Story James (Jim) Carlson

  • Mom's Childhood Home

    Mom's Childhood Home
    The house in the picture was Jim’s grandparent's house. They lived there all their lives and it was Jim’s mom's childhood home. Jim has fond memories of many large gatherings of friends and family to celebrate holidays and birthdays here.
  • Harold's Birthday

    Harold's Birthday
    Harold is Jim’s older brother by about 11 years. Jim did not spend a lot of his childhood playing with his older brother because Harold was off in school or working. Jim did chuckle a little when trying to recall a childhood memory of his brother. The memory was of Harold getting bucked off his horse and landing in the river.
  • Yvonne's Birthday

    Yvonne's Birthday
    Yvonne is Jim’s older sister by about 9.5 years. Jim recalled his sister's initiation into high school. She had to dress up in a shirt and tie with overalls and boots and take a picture of her riding a cow.
  • Farm Life - Haying summer of 1939

    Farm Life - Haying summer of 1939
    When Jim was a child all the farm work and chores were done using horses including ploughing the field, tending the cows, and bringing in the hay. They did not get a tractor until Jim was a teenager.
    Jim recalled that one of his jobs was to bring the cows home each night from a neighbour's property. The deal was the neighbour was busy working all summer and could not keep up with the grass so the cows ate the grass keeping the property tidy and reducing the fire risk.
  • James' (Jim) Birthday

    James' (Jim)  Birthday
    Born in Edson Alberta, at St. John's Catholic Hospital.
    Youngest of 3 children. Parents
    Mom: Syster Emilia - Born in Edson on the homestead on September 20, 1914
    Dad: Nils Imgnar - born in Dorotea, Sweeden. May 12, 1903.
    Immigrated to Canada in 1927 Parents meet in Edson, as his Dad bought the farm next to Jim's grandparents. This would become Jim's childhood home. Jim still has the frame for this rocking horse. It's just in need of some repairs and paint, he says.
  • Home

    Jim lived in this log house from birth until moving of it after high school. The house had 3 bedrooms, a big kitchen, a living room and an outhouse.
    The property was a working homestead (160 acres) that included a vegetable garden, chickens, pigs, and horses. They also operated a cattle business and the cattle lived on and off the property on additional land they had grazing rights to.
  • Working the farm

    Working the farm
    Picture of Jim driving the team of horses.
    Horse left to right: Bess, Judy, and Phanny. These are the horses Jim and his family used to work their homestead until many years later when they started using a tractor.
  • Growing up

    Growing up
    Jim grew up playing with his 3 cousins and older sister. Picture: left to right, Jim's mom, Bernice, Jim, Hank, and Lynn. Jim enjoyed playing outside and caring for the animals.
  • Getting into trouble

    Getting into trouble
    Jim recalls getting into trouble for sneaking out of bed and joining family gatherings. He would spend a couple of extra hours enjoying stories and songs before getting caught and sent back to bed. He remembers hearing songs from Sweeden and enjoying them even though he did not understand as well as his granddad giving him small sips of coffee from his saucer.
  • Working

    Growing up Jim always wanted to stay working on the farm, never really thinking about other work. At one time wanted to be a bull rider. Until the neighbour's bull put the run on him and he decided that he wasn't fast enough.
  • First Truck

    First Truck
    The family's first vehicle was a 1956 3/4 ton International. Jim learned to drive the truck around the property a few years before getting a license. Jim learned to drive from lessons from his mom.
  • Teenage Interest

    Teenage Interest
    As a teenager, Jim continued to go to school and work on the family farm. Leisure Activities included:
    Local baseball games as a player or spectator, hunting, fishing, horses, outdoors, friends, and family.
  • Jim's First Horse

    Jim's First Horse
    Jim's first saddle horse Flirt. This was Jim's very first horse. She came with the name "Flirt" and he thinks it was because she was very friendly and always followed people around for treats and affection.
  • Ride with Dad

    Ride with Dad
    One wet and muddy day Jim and his father went for a ride on the horses through the muddy fields. Jim recalls his dad trying to move his horse close and behind his. Then his dad nudged Flirt's flanks trying to give Jim a scare. Flirt jumped sideways and Jim held on. Instead of dumping Jim in the mud, Flirt’s hoof landed in some mud and it squirted back up soaking Jim’s dad. Jim laughed thinking about the karma.
  • Graduation

    Jim completed the highest grade of school and graduated from high school with his grade 12.
  • Lost Job Opportunity

    Lost Job Opportunity
    After graduation, Jim was offered the opportunity to work in Australia with an oil and gas company. He regrets not going now, but at the time it was just not what he wanted. He said, "I just graduated and did not want to sign a 5-year contract". The offer was one trip home per year and 3 days a month in town. It would have given him good savings (never crossed his mind at the time) and a lot of sightseeing. It just was not the right timing.
  • FIrst Job off the farm

    FIrst Job off the farm
    Jim’s first paid job off the farm was to look out for fires. He worked at the Yellowhead fire lookout, climbing to the top of the tower to watch for fires. The picture is of the Yellowhead fire lookout taken by Jim.
  • Left Edson, AB on a trip and never went back

    Left Edson, AB on a trip and never went back
    Jim left Edson, AB to go on a road trip with his brother-in-law to Prince Rupert, BC. His brother-in-law had a job interview at the pulp mill in Prince Rupert and Jim went along for the road trip. While waiting in the office for his brother-in-law to finish Jim was offered a job. He thought why not work for a year or two then go back to the farm. Famous last words, Jim never moved back to Edson.
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    When looking back the only major world event that came to mind for Jim was the space race. He recalled reading and watching about the first Monkey that went into space in a rocket, as well as the lunar landings. He recalls wondering what discoveries scientists would make and how they could improve our lives.
  • Meeting his Future Wife

    Meeting his Future Wife
    Jim and Sherri both worked at the same pulp mill in Prince Rupert. They were introduced to one another by mutual friends. They first met at the local swimming pool and hit it off.
  • Change Careers

    Change Careers
    Jim left the pulp mill and started a long career with Dairyland in Prince Rupert.
  • Married Sherri

    Married Sherri
    In the picture left to Right:
    Harold (Brother), Gord (best man), Jim, Sherry, Irene, Julie (Sherri's sister), Ian (Sherri's brother). Jim recalls their wedding day as pouring rain like only Prince Rupert would have. According to historical records Prince Rupert had 20.1mm rain in the morning, and another 11.9mm that afternoon with a high of 10 degrees. His memory was correct.
  • First Child

    First Child
    In 1979 Jim and Sherri welcomed their first child, son James. As a child, James enjoyed the outdoors, camping and scouts. As well as his mom's homemade cookies and treats.
  • Second Child

    Second Child
    Their first daughter Melanie (Mel). As a child, Mel also enjoyed the outdoors and finding caterpillars. She recalls one time when her dad told her to be careful with the pocket knife, then sliced her thumb open. She still participates in Girl Guides leading a group of Pathfinders.
  • Visiting with Family

    Visiting with Family
    Here is a picture of one of many family gatherings. Jim could not recall which one this particular gathering was but family was very important for both Jim and Sherri.
  • Chirstmas Time with Family

    Chirstmas Time with Family
    Christmas in Edson with Jim, Sherry, Syster Amilia, and Nils.
  • Camping

    Jim and Sherri loved to go camping in the areas around Prince Rupert. This is a picture of a weekend trip to Work Channel. In the picture is dog Taffy, Muarry (friend), James, and Sherri.
  • Visit to the farm

    Visit to the farm
    In this picture, Jim is with Melanie and James on the tractor back on the farm in Edson on a summer vacation trip.
  • Jim's mom passed

    Jim's mom passed
    Jim’s mom passed away as a result of lung cancer. About a week before she passed Jim was able to spend a week visiting her at the hospital.
  • Third Child

    Third Child
    Their third child was another daughter Judith (Judy). Judy was the biggest sports lover out of all their kids. She loved playing competitive soccer and trying many other sports. She still loves the outdoors and works in the bush as part of her job in Forestry.
  • Family Gathering

    Family Gathering
    One of many family gatherings at Gloria's (Sherri's mom) house in Prince Rupert.
  • Queen Charlotte Island Family Vacation

    Queen Charlotte Island Family Vacation
    The family went on a vacation to the Queen Charlotte Island and hiked out to the famous shipwreck. Jim remembers giving Judy a shoulder ride back as her little legs were to tired to hike back.
  • Fourth Child

    Fourth Child
    Their fourth child was another daughter, Karin. Karin is the artist, in the family, although trying many of the activities her older sisters did. She currently lives in Prince Rupert a few streets away from Gloria’s (her Great Grandma's) old house.
  • Chirstmas

    Picture of Melanie, Judy, James, and Karin.
    Christmas group photo's have become the family portraits for the Carlson’s, seeing as it is often the one time of the year almost everyone gathers together.
  • Jim's Dad passes

    Jim's Dad passes
    Jim can not recall what the conclusion was that caused his dad's death. But he had suffered a series of mini-strokes that impacted his short-term memory before his death. Jim and his family had spent time on the farm with his dad the summer before he passed.
  • Family Photo

    Family Photo
    On the way to take this photo, Karin (toddler) wiped out on the front porch and cut open her chin and scraped her nose. They still talk about this incident to this day.
  • Trip to England for the Scout's Jamboree

    Trip to England for the Scout's Jamboree
    Jim and the Scouts fundraised for 18 months to go to England for a Jamboree for 3 weeks. The Jamboree lasted 1 week with two weeks of tourist activities. Highlights of the trip for Jim:
    Portabella Road - where Disney filmed the movie "Bed knobs and brooms sticks"
    Masked bands performance - a band composed of guards from different troops of the Queen's court. Also displayed aircraft carriers and equipment from the gulf war on the stage with the band.
    A Once in a lifetime trip with his son.
  • Volunteer Work

    Volunteer Work
    Volunteering has always been a family event for the Carlson’s and still is today. While living in Prince Rupert Jim volunteered with Scouts Canada and James was a Scout. Sherri volunteered with Girl Guides of Canada and all the girls were in Girl Guides at some point in their life.
    Jim still volunteers for events for his grandchildren.
  • Jim's sister passes

    Jim's sister passes
    Jim’s sister also passed away due to lung cancer. He had not seen her in a few years before her passing but had kept in contact through regular phones calls.
  • Period: to

    Dairyland closures

    Dairyland began closing their local plants all over BC and Jim moved around following the closures. 9 months in Smithers, BC
    1 year in Terrace, BC
    1 year in Prince George, BC
    5 years in Armstrong, BC Jim regrets working away from his family because of all the events and growing up with the kids he missed. His family stayed in Prince Rupert until he moved to Prince George. Jim commuting between his job and family during all 7 years.
  • Granny Bilton

    Granny Bilton
    Granny Frances Bilton lived across the river from Jim's grandparent's homestead. The two families treated each other as one family and the kids and parents all grew up together. Granny Bilton lived to be 104 years old. Jim remembers her and the extended family fondly growing up. They often had picnics down by the river at the old bridge.
  • Period: to

    Back with the Family

    When Dairyland did their final closures and the plant in Armstrong shut down, Jim moved back to Prince George full-time. Here he worked for Ron, loading and picking orders in the warehouse at night until he retired. In the early mornings after a short nap, Jim could be found delivering packages for Canada Post for 5 years (2009 – 2014).
  • The Big Bike

    The Big Bike
    Jim helped fundraise "for some event, I don't remember now quite what it was for” and he and his team raised the most funds. Later that day he and Judy got to pedal around town on the big bike.
  • First Grandson

    First Grandson
    Jim and Sherri became grandparents in 2011 with the birth of their first grandson Cameron (parents James and Lindsay). This is a job that they both took very seriously.
  • James Married

    James Married
    That same year James married Lindsay in Prince Rupert, BC. With the whole family joining them on a boat tour of the harbour and waterfront surrounding Prince Rupert.
  • Family Camping renewed

    Family Camping renewed
    Each year the family tries to do a family camping trip.
    This trip was to Smithers, BC.
  • Melaine Married

    Melaine Married
    Melaine married Erik in Smithers, BC. again the whole family came together to celebrate. The ceremony took place at Eriks's dad's property.
  • Christmas

    Due to Jim’s jobs, he often struggled to get time off. This year he was able to get a few days off at Christmas and he and Sherri drove to Prince Rupert to spend the holidays with everyone.
  • 2nd Grandson

    2nd Grandson
    Grandson number two arrived. This time the newest member travelled to see his Grandparents. Here is grandpa Jim showing Lucas around Mel's backyard in Prince George. The parents are James and Lindsay.
  • Jim's Horse

    Jim's Horse
    Jim teaches his grandson how to ride his horse Blaze.
    He still rides this horse (2021).
  • Backyard family gathering

    Backyard family gathering
    Big family dinner in the summertime at Jim's house. Everyone enjoying BBQ in the backyard.
  • Retirement

    Jim decided to retire from working. It was time to enjoy family and horses without work getting in the way of his volunteer work with the animals at the rescue.
  • Birthday's x 3

    Birthday's x 3
    The month of June has almost back-to-back birthdays with Cameron, Jim and Erik all within 2 weeks. This year it was decided to have a group party at West Lake. Activities included a BBQ lunch, sandcastles, and kayaking. Everyone got to enjoy a Ninja Turtle birthday cake made by Sherri.
  • Jim's brother passed

    Jim's brother passed
    Jim and his kids travelled back to Edson for Harold's service and visited some old sights. This is the new house that has been built on Jim's parents' property.
  • Diagnosis

    Jim was diagnosed with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis after battling what doctors thought was pneumonia on and off for over a year.
  • Birthdays

    Celebrating more birthdays together, here is a picture of everyone celebrating together. Most birthdays are celebrated as a family dinner with homemade birthday cake, flavour of the cake chosen by the birthday person.
  • Passing of Sherri

    Passing of Sherri
    The passing of Sherri was tough on everyone. Fortunately, Sherri's mom, sister, and brother were able to travel to Prince George to be with her before she passed, along with her children, grandchildren, and husband. In the picture starting at the left:
    Erik (son in law), Julie (sister), Judy (daughter), Mel (daughter), Gloria (mother), James (son), Karin (daughter), Lindsay (daughter in law), Cameron (grandson), Lucas (grandson), Sammi (in-law), and Diane (in-law).
  • Karin Engaged

    Karin Engaged
    Karin is engaged to Jon, wedding is on hold due to Covid restrictions. One day maybe in 2022 everyone will get to celebrate these two!
  • New farm life

    New farm life
    Jim is an active volunteer at the local rescue where he boards his horse. Here he is moving some hay with a tractor with his grandson Cameron. He may not have his own farm but he still gets to enjoy many aspects of farm life at his leisure.
  • Current Hobbies

    Current Hobbies
    Jim still enjoys many activities including: Leatherworking, leather repairs, crib, card games with grandchildren, volunteering at the Rescue, working with his horse, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, visiting with family and
    working on the garden.
  • Family Camping is back

    Family Camping is back
    This year one of the highlights of family camping was hiking in the mountains. There was no family camping in 2020 due to COVID. So this year we made a trip to Smithers, BC. Smithers is often selected as the destination, one because it is beautiful, and two it's halfway between Prince Rupert and Prince George. This makes it easier for everyone to meet.
  • Important

    Jim wants to be remembered as a family man, as his family is the most important legacy. He described the chapters of his life as a football game
    The first quarter - was good
    The second quarter - was pretty good
    The third quarter- has had a few bumps
    The fourth quarter - yet to be seen
  • Winter Plans

    Winter Plans
    Jim with assistance from his children and grandchildren he has been restoring a winter horse-drawn sleigh. If the weather cooperates this winter Jim hopes to have everyone out for sleigh rides. Yes, his horse Blaze will be pulling the sleigh. This picture is of Jim working with a horse at the rescue center helping to evaluate the horse's training before being adopted.