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By tedboi
  • 1921 flashlight comicstrip

    1921 flashlight comicstrip
    the first meme in a comic strip about how you think you look vs how you look in a flash light though not called a meme when it was made it still is considered a meme nowadays.
  • godwins law

    godwins law
    a meme about how conversations go and the probability of Nazis coming up in commiserations and how long they last and it was coined by mike Godwin
  • deez nuts

    deez nuts
    a rapper dr.dre said this in 1992 and sense then its been one off the most well known memes its a funny way to answer someone question when it is a question about what something is.
  • dancing baby

    dancing baby
    a GIF of a dancing baby created by a man named john woodell i was a viral 3D video and played with the song "hooked on a feeling".
  • all your bases are belong to us

    all your bases are belong to us
    a meme from a Japanese arcade game witch has a bit of a weird translation witch makes it a funny way to say that i own your property.
  • its a trap

    its a trap
    a quote from admiral ackbar in star wars episode IV: the return of the Jedi its been a meme for a bait and switch situation always
  • Period: to

    white Microsoft paint faces

    these are probably the most well known memes they are classic and they show almost any situation in funny ways.
  • shrek

    theres not just one meme of him but there are several such as get out of my swamp shrek wasousikie and the shrek scream but if look up shrek meme you will find a whole lot of different memes.
  • peanut butter jelly time

    peanut butter jelly time
    a dancing banana with a song peanut butter jelly time playing in the background that all it is but its still pretty famous.
  • surprised patrick

    surprised patrick
    a scene from the spongbob movie when the car is eaten and became famous scene then because if you look at the photo i put in this event he looks hilarious and it makes really good images and GIFS.
  • o rly owl

    o rly owl
    its a a snowy owl that has a funny face while leaning back which is a funny way to tell people that they dont believe them.
  • roblox oof

    roblox oof
    a funny noise from the game roblox that you say when someone gets hurt of falls over it mean but a lot of people think it is funny.
  • noice

    a funny sound clip of micheal rosen saying noice in a funny voice it really popular despite it only being a click and then noice.
  • illumanati

    a triangle with a big eye that is on the dollar bill is famous because the Illuminati secretly controls the earth jokes but it just a green triangle with an eye at the end of the day.
  • pingas

    in the big site called you tube were there is a thing you tube poop witch is were pingas was first born but even though it sound lick he says it its just a combination of other words dr eggman said in the cartoon.
  • oh yeah mr krabs

    oh yeah mr krabs
    a video of someone saying "oh yeah mr krabs" and then screaming it random but really funny we all should know it by know
  • Period: to


    a bunch of small memes put in a rainbow background such memes as 360 no scope, oh baby its triple, wow many more its always in a completion but its still funny.
  • doge

    a funny picture of a smug dog named doge who has sentences such as "very doge" in comic sans he has many other memes of himself but this one is the most well known.
  • sanic

    a bad drawing of sonic in ms paint witch is commonly used with the phrase gotta go fast and the sonic x theme song he is also used in mlg and instead of chaos emerald it takes chaos Doritos to make super sanic.
  • nyan cat

    nyan cat
    a GIF of a cat with a pop tart body with a trail of rainbows behind him he meow repeatedly minuets to hours on you tube were he came from.
  • dat boi

    dat boi
    a GIF of a frog on a unicycle who say 0 @#!$ waddup its not know why hes so funny but we seem to think is really is.
  • yah yeet

    yah yeet
    a funny noise clip you yous when you throw something or hit it and it falls over or goes flying but that is really all we know about yeet.
  • it is Wednesday my dudes

    it is Wednesday my dudes
    a funny vine off a man in swim goggles and a spider man shirt saying "it is Wednesday my dudes" and then screaming this meme is commonly used with a really fat frog that screams,
  • beeg yoshi

    beeg yoshi
    a really fat yoshi from the game "super Mario RPG" were he is a character you can encounter in the yoshi segment of the game theirs real no other reason he so famous but he still was he is a dead meme now.
  • ugandan knukles

    ugandan knukles
    a derpy version of the character knuckles from the "sonic the hedgehog" series he like to use the phrases do u no de wae wich is purposely spelled like that and we must protect da queen and i spit on dem and there is many different versions of him. he originated from the you-tuber gregzilla whom used him to start his review on the game "sonic lost world".
  • big chungas

    big chungas
    a really fat bugs bunny from a loony tunes skit in 1941 but he did not become a meme until 2017 were he first used as a meme he also is commonly used on a play-station game box for some reason but he was funny for a will but he i currently a dead meme.
  • beanos

    a bean version of thanos from marvel witch is just a purple one from the show "number Jaks" he is usually accompanied buy a remix of spongebobs free stile music
  • original movie sonic

    original movie sonic
    the original movie sonic was thought and was a very bad interpretation of him witch made him a meme but after all of the jokes of him having a bad design he did change design before the movie released this February and some of the original memes were uh meow and design change witch was when some one mad a edit with a funnier design.
  • aria 51 raid

    aria 51 raid
    a thing on facebook were people said they were gonna all storm aria 51 because the cant get all of them but they did not actually do that obviously but they still camped an partied outside of area 51.
  • baby yoda

    baby yoda
    his name is not actually yoda but he does not have a name other than child in "mandalorion" witch is the show he came from but he actually doesn't have a meme hes got several like him sadly reaching, him looking up,and him mad which is a photo shopped image and hes well known because hes so cute and hasten died yet well his meme he probably gonna stay alive in the show.