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By KCarb42
  • The Apocalypse Begins

    The Apocalypse Begins
    A chemical experiment gone wrong, all of the world's adults become infected
  • Rivalry

    Later in the day, a fight between Arael and friends and David and his friends breaks out in an abandoned Walmart. Roger, Christopher's father faces off against Aaron
  • Period: to

    Arael's Regime

    Arael builds his own regime so he can rule all of the people left in this broken world. Meanwhile, the David, Karl, Chris, Valentina, Kayla, and Jocelyn (now the Rogues), hide out in David's house surviving off rations
  • The League

    The League
    After hiding out while Arael built his regime, David and his friends, better known as the Rogues, meet a group of skilled martial artists named The League of Youth and start training with them
  • Manipulation

    Christopher is kidnapped by the Regime and Arael tries to persuade him that the Regime is the only way this world will survive
  • Siege

    Arael's Regime attacks the League of Youth's dojo home in an attempt to take down the opposing power. He succeeds and massacres most of the league
  • The Wedding

    The Wedding
    Arael decides to marry Valentina forcefully so he throws a big wedding. The Rogues hear about this and infiltrate the wedding. A huge final fight breaks out and the Rogues blow up the building with Arael in it and barely escape.
  • Period: to


    The Rogues stay on a farm after defeating the Regime. Little do they know, Arael is alive, and he's building his new Regime
  • Christopher's Rescue

    Christopher's Rescue
    Once again Christopher is kidnapped, so Karl and Kayla go rescue him to find that Arael is alive. One of Arael's operatives, Jovi, tries to convince Kayla to join him.
  • Trip

    Kayla leaves the Rogues to join the Regime, and the Rogues flee to Vegas with the realization that Arael is alive and looking for revenge. David determines the only way to restore the world-wide network is to reactivate it at it's source, Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas
    The Rogues reach Vegas and are welcomed as heroes that stopped the Regime, they party in the Grand Casino, but it's cut short when a strange portal opens...
  • Multiverse

    A portal opens to alternate worlds in the universe. One Arael from another universe jumps into this world and fights David and Karl. Two girl, Carla and Luna, decide to join the Rogues. Eventually, he defeats them, and kills Valentina in front of David. David kills Arael and the Casino's foundation explodes and the building crumbles, with the Rogues barely escaping.
  • Wrongfully convicted

    Wrongfully convicted
    The Mayor of Vegas condemns the Rogues for the destruction of the Casino but gives them three days to mourn before she throws them in jail. David, Karl, and Chris instead finish what they started and reactivate the internet. They are then thrown immediately in Jail, along with the girls.
  • The Regime Strikes Back

    The Regime Strikes Back
    While the Rogues sit in jail, Arael and his regime attack Vegas and break through its borders. They start to take over Vegas. The Rogues escape jail and David dawns a blue alien suit. The Rogues try to stop Arael but can't because of the number of his forces. They help everyone evacuate and Karl defeats Jovi. The Rogues once again flee to a motel in California and the Regime takes Vegas.
  • An Unlikely Companion

    An Unlikely Companion
    Hiding out in a motel, the Rogues stay there for the night. In the middle of the night, Jeremy confronts David and tells him to leave California before Arael comes for them. David thanks him and Jeremy leaves.
  • The Death of The Corrupt

    The Death of The Corrupt
    In a series of events concerning his own soldiers turning on him, Arael is shot in the back. Kayla and Jovi confront him and a soldier kills Jovi and Kayla kills Jovi out of anger. Kayla kills Arael and takes over the Regime. Meanwhile the Rogues meet Roger again and he tells him that he's procured a cure.
  • The Cure is Successful

    The Cure is Successful
    The Rogues synthesize the cure and defeat Kayla's short-lived Regime. The cure is distributed to everyone and the world is saved!
  • Normal Life

    Normal Life
    After 6 months of rebuilding, the country reopens its schools and the Rogues go back to school. They quickly become the most popular kids in the school.
  • Loss

    While attending church, Christopher is ambushed by two assassins and a vigilante named Anarky tries to help him. One of the assassins kills Christopher's father in cold blood and Chris kills her in anger.
  • Guilt

    Karl and Carla face off against the League of Youth, who were supposed to be dead. Their new leader, Alex, pledges to make Karl suffer for leaving him to die at the wedding.
  • Hatred

    David has encounters with Lonnie throughout the day, where his hate for him grows more and more, until David eventually snaps when they're in the bathroom.
  • Blacklight Fight

    Blacklight Fight
    At their school's annuals Blacklight party, the Rogues become the center of attention. Alex confronts Karl, threatening to kill Kayla, and Lonnie faces off against David. Meanwhile, Chris deals with the person who presumably was involved with his father's death, Jeremy. David accidently shoots a kid, Karl is defeated by Alex, and Chris is almost killed by Jeremy but a friend saves him.
  • Abduction

    After dealing with pressure from the public, the Rogues flee their home and go to Aaron's old hideout. David cracks through Aaron's computer firewall but then the Rogues are suddenly sucked by a beam into the sky
  • Alien Tari Start to Attack the U.S.

    Alien Tari Start to Attack the U.S.
    Just like that, Aliens, named the Reach, start to drop their forces on Florida soil.
  • The UN Abandons the U.S.

    The UN Abandons the U.S.
    The UN decides to not assist the U.S. and instead prepare for an invasion to the rest of the world
  • The Human Safety Act of 2022

    The Human Safety Act of 2022
    President Trump releases an act, stating a number of new policies regarding civilian safety, such as evacuating to safe houses provided by the government.
  • New-Nazi Germany

    New-Nazi Germany
    A new leader is elected in Germany and he reforms the country back to Nazi ideals and tries to invade France. The UK declares war and tries to stop Nazi Germany from taking France, and a month long war in French streets takes place
  • The Tari Inception

    The Tari Inception
    On Independence day, it is revealed that for the past month the Tari laid a clone of a government agent into the Pentagon, and have been gathering information on the U.S. ever since.
  • The SADEAF

    The SADEAF
    After the clone in the Pentagon was dealt with, the SADEAF was created. Special Agents Designed to Eradicate Alien Foreigners. Lonnie was appointed as commander of the organization.
  • Period: to

    The Syndicate

    David, Karl, and Kayla bide their time in the Syndicate's main base in Florida. David makes a few acquaintances and they spar with him, even teaching him a bit about wielding dual swords. Karl seriously questions his accomplishments as a Rogue, but Kayla tries to convince him otherwise, telling him to be better than her and to not give in to the darkness. After a week of contemplating, and a falling out with Kayla, Karl decides in the middle of the night to commit himself to the Syndicate.
  • The Rogues Return

    The Rogues Return
    Finally, after a year of being missing, the Rogues return. They were being held in the Alien mother-ship and were put under a sort of hyper-sleep.
  • A Friend

    A Friend
    After landing back on earth to find it completely ruined, the Rogues meet a man named Beck, who gives them shelter and explains to them what happened the year they were gone
  • Separated

    Beck and the Rogues meet SADEAF, Lonnie's alien strike team. As Lonnie is taking them to their base of operations, The Youth Syndicate striked. They took Karl, Kayla, and David. It is revealed that this is the former League of Youth.
  • Old Friends

    Old Friends
    Alex, the Syndicate's leader, tries to convince Karl to join. Karl ponders the decisions based on his doubts of his own life. Alex uses his past friendship with Karl to rekindle his trust in him.
  • Legacy

    Christopher, Luna, and Carla go to a safe house where their old friends are. Christopher looks for Amelia and discovers something shocking. He has a son. Half-excited and half-scared, Chris names his son Roger after his father.
  • Karl's Catalyst to Ruin

    Karl's Catalyst to Ruin
    The next morning after becoming a member of the Syndicate, Karl goes to Kayla's room to find her dead on the bed. David walks in to see Karl sobbing on her body. He notices the Nazi Syndicate iron branding on his back and accuses Karl of being weak. David gives his condolences and leaves. Karl pledges to find Kayla's killer.
  • Attack on DC

    Attack on DC
    Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Tari attack Washington DC and kill the president. They use all of their firepower and available troops. Lonnie sends David and Chris to stop the Tari from massacring hundreds of thousands of people. After a whole day of fighting, David and Chris succeed and return home.
  • Safe House Broadcast

    Safe House Broadcast
    While the Tari attack Washington, the Syndicate infiltrates the pentagon. Karl finds Dominic, an old friend of his from before the world changed. Meeting Dominic makes Karl question his position as part of the Nazis. The rest of the syndicate succeeds in their plan and a fake emergency broadcast is sent to all safe houses in the country. In panic, all the civilians in the safe houses evacuate them. The Tari notice one safe house in particular...
  • Christopher's Sorrow

    Christopher's Sorrow
    Scared because of the emergency broadcast, Amelia, Raphael, Luna, and Carla exit the safe house. The Tari recognize Amelia and send remaining troops to kill her and they succeed. Hours later, Chris and David return...only to find Amelia's body dead among others. He sits by her body and weeps. David leaves him to be alone.
  • Tribulation

    After completing the assignment the fuhrer had given them, Karl and Alex return with the syndicate to Germany. Karl questions what the regime's goal is and the fuhrer reveals to him the true plan. Beirof even tells Karl who killed Kayla. It was James, a member of the syndicate. Karl and James are locked in a cage and an arrow is slid into the room. Karl hesitates but ultimately kills James.
  • Ruin

    Killing James destroyed Karl's moral grounds. Beirof starts his process in drilling the Nazi doctrine into Karl and finds that it's relatively easy because Karl's already given up. At the end of the day, Karl has been molded into the ultimate weapon for the fuhrer to utilize for his regime.
  • Storming the Syndicate

    Storming the Syndicate
    David gets Luna, Carla, Beck, and Lonnie, along with SADEAF, to go rescue Karl from the syndicate. Lonnie agrees to accompany them along with Beck. Upon arriving in Germany, they head to the syndicate where Carla finds Karl and they talk, with Karl revealing to Carla that he is fully committed to the Reich. David confronts Karl and is disappointed to see the coldness in his eyes. SADEAF makes a daring attempt at taking down the syndicate but they fail. Losing a lot of numbers, they return home
  • Prison Break

    Prison Break
    Upon returning home, Lonnie is arrested for disobeying orders. Luna convinces David to go and rescue him with Chris and Carla
  • Assassination

    Karl, Alex, and the Syndicate break into Buckingham Palace and murder the queen
  • Reemergence

    The Rogues take Karl to one of Lonnie's old friends who treats their injuries. They wonder what to do with Karl when a kid with a British accent, accompanied by a girl proposes he could save Karl. His name was Oscar, and he claimed to know magic. They agreed and they ventured into Karl's soul. Karl was baptized in fire so it took everything he got to fight the evil in him. Finally, Karl broke through and he was no longer who he once was. He was humbled, matured and ready to right his wrongs
  • Confrontation

    In an effort to keep the location of the Fuhrer's home safe, the Rogues and Karl and Hannah race to get Dominic first. Karl and Hannah arrive first and before they can kill him, the Rogues get there and a fight starts. Karl faces off against Lonnie, David, and Chris, while Hannah fights Carla and Luna. Karl seriously injures David and shoots Chris but Lonnie knocks him out. Hannah beats Luna and has a talk with Carla. Dominic hits Hannah with a pan, knocking her out.
  • Rogues in Paris

    Rogues in Paris
    After saving Karl, the Rogues, Lonnie, Dominic, Oscar, and his girlfriend Sarah go and kill the Fuhrer. Then, they travel to Paris to help win the war against the Nazis. A day-long battle roars throughout the once beautiful city. At the end of the day, Karl and Alex face off on the Eiffel Tower. They both fall and Karl saves Alex, only to have Alex kill himself in a bittersweet goodbye. The Rogues and the British start to gain the upper hand, when something horrifying happens in the night.
  • Alien Massacre

    Alien Massacre
    All of a sudden, all of the street and building lights shut off as nothing was providing light except the moon. Then ten mother ships hover into the sky and start dropping members of the Reach into the Paris battlefield. For as long till the morning, the Rogues and the remaining Nazi and British forces try to fight off the Tari. A lot of them die. David decides to finish it all by flying up and negotiating with the Reach to stop the attack.
  • Trying to Negotiate with a Monster

    Trying to Negotiate with a Monster
    David flies to the main mother ship with his beetle suit in hopes that he could ensure Earth's survival. When he finds the Reach's leader, Talibor, he tries to convince him to leave Earth in exchange for the beetle. He falsely agrees and tricks David into handing him the beetle. David realizes what was happening and grabs his beetle back. Talibor self-destructs the ship and tries to escape but David destroys his escape pod. David barely escapes the exploding ship and plummets down to Earth
  • Abandonment

    After falling back down to Earth, David reunites with friends, reveling in the fact that he just took down an alien mother ship. All of a sudden Hannah grabs Luna and holds a sword up to her neck. Karl aims his bow at Hannah and shoots his bow but Hannah moves Luna in the path of the arrow and it hits Luna in the Heart. David screams and Lonnie kills Hannah. Chris, Carla, and David push Karl away telling him to leave. They blame him for Luna's death and everything else. Karl solemnly walks away