The family buchanans

The Family Buchanan

  • Athena Born

    Athena Born
    The birthdate of Athena Grant-Nash nee Carter, the daughter of Samuel and Beatrice Carter
  • Bobby Born

    Bobby Born
    The birthdate of Robert Wade Nash, Sr, father of Daniel and Everett Buchanan
  • Lou Born

    Lou Born
    The birthdate of Lou Ransone.
  • Daniel Born

    Daniel Born
    The birthdate of Daniel Matthew Buchanan, son of Margaret Buchanan and Robert Wade Nash
  • Maddie Born

    Maddie Born
    The birthdate of Magdalena Anne Buchanan, the daughter of Philip and Margaret Buchanan
  • Diagnosis

    Daniel Diagnosed with Juvenile Leukemia
  • Eddie Born

    Eddie Born
    The birthdate of Edmundo Gilberto Diaz, the son of Ramon and Helena Diaz
  • Jay Born

    Jay Born
    The birthdate of Patrick Jay Halstead, Jr, son of Patrick Sr and Michelle Halstead.
  • Savior Baby Planned

    Savior Baby Planned
    Margaret utilizes the same donor to create a savior baby to save Daniel, following multiple failed treatments
  • Ev born

    Ev born
    The birthdate of Everett Oliver Buchanan, son of Margaret Buchanan and Robert Nash
  • Bone Marrow Transplant

    Bone Marrow Transplant
    Daniel and Ev undergo surgery for a blood marrow transplant
  • Estella Born

    Estella Born
    The birthdate of Estella Maria Theresa Reyes, daughter of José Antonio and María Pilar Reyes.
  • Transplant Failed

    Transplant Failed
    Bone marrow cells don't graft from the transplant and the procedure is declared a failure.
  • Daniel's Death

    Daniel's Death
    Daniel is believed to have succumbed to his leukemia, but is actually whisked away to his biological father, Robert Nash, by his Grandmother in an effort to remove the Buchanan children from their parents due to neglect and abandonment; Bobby expects Maddie and Everett to be his as well.
  • Will Born

    Will Born
    The birthdate of William Ronan Halstead, son of Patrick Sr and Michelle Halstead
  • Gladys Buchanan's Death

    Gladys Buchanan's Death
    Ev and Maddie's grandmother, Gladys Buchanan, passes away before CPS can complete their investigation and remove the two remaining children from their parents' care
  • Buckleys Appear

    Buckleys Appear
    Philip Buchanan picks up his family and moves them out of Annapolis, Maryland, in the middle of the night. By the time they settle in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the family now answers to Buckley.
  • Missing Person's Report

    Missing Person's Report
    Robert Nash puts out a missing persons' report on his son, Everett Buchanan, and his step-daughter, Magdalena Buchanan, following their disappearance; Daniel begins going by the name "Daniel Nash"
  • TK Born

    TK Born
    The birthdate of Tyler Kennedy Strand, son of Owen and Gwyneth Strand
  • Carlos Born

    Carlos Born
    The birthdate of Carlos Rafael Guadalupe Reyes, son of Gabriel and Andrea Reyes
  • Estella's Accident

    Estella's Accident
    Estella's parents are taking Estella to the coast to see the ocean and are in an accident; Estella's parents die in the crash and Estella suffers a TBI which significantly damages her hearing.
  • Estella Enrolled at TSD

    Estella Enrolled at TSD
    Estella enrolled at boarding school, Texas School for the Deaf, to learn to regulate her volume, sign and function normally; stays in campus dorms during the week and goes home on the weekends.
  • Piano Again For the First Time

    Piano Again For the First Time
    Carlos coaxes Estella into playing the piano again for the first time since her accident;
  • RJ Born

    RJ Born
    The birthdate of Robert Wade Nash, Jr, the son of Robert Sr and Marcy Nash.
  • Brooke Born

    Brooke Born
    The birthdate of Brooke Elizabeth Nash, the daughter of Bobby and Marcy Nash
  • Eddie Graduates

    Eddie Graduates
    Eddie Diaz graduates from his El Paso high school and decides to enlist in the Army following graduation.
  • Eddie Heads to Basic Training

    Eddie Heads to Basic Training
    Eddie Diaz reports to Basic training
  • Carlos' First Day of High School

    Carlos' First Day of High School
    Carlos and Estella attend William B Travis Early College High School together for the first time; Estella transfers in from TSD to finish school with her cousin
  • Estella and Carlos Talk

    Estella and Carlos Talk
    Gabriel lays into Carlos about his grades; later that night, Estella encourages Carlos to push for early graduation, so that he can get out of the Reyes house sooner and into the dorms, where he'll be safe
  • Estella's High School Graduation

    Estella's High School Graduation
    Estella graduates from school with a CTE in Law and Public safety; applies to become an admin and forensic secretary for APD
  • Deb Conceived

    Deb Conceived
    Maddie Kendall conceives her daughter, Deb
  • TK Runs Away

    TK Runs Away
    TK runs away from home; neither Gwyn or Owen notice; is missing for 3 weeks but spends the majority of that time, so TK is unaware of how long he's actually been gone by the time he's found by Evan and Maddie.
  • Ev's Crash

    Ev's Crash
    Evan told he was no longer enrolled at school, due to nonpayment; Crashes his motorcycle; dislocated shoulder and road rash
  • Leave Hershey

    Leave Hershey
    Released from 1st Presbyterian and goes to see Maddie, to ask if he can crash with her; Maddie keeps Ev at the ER to rest for the day before sending him home to pack; Maddie and Evan flee Hershey, PA, then empty bank accounts and debit cards, stay at hotel out of town
  • New York City

    Maddie and Evan arrive in New York City for some downtime, while they try to figure out next steps; dinner and early to bed for the night
  • Period: to

    Week In NYC

    The 6th is The Met; the 7th and 8th is Chelsea, and the Empire State Building; 9th is picnic at Central Park; 10th is hotel day and Broadway show; 11th is MOMA
  • Finding TK

    Maddie and Evan find TK in an alley in New York City and take them back to their hotel to recover; TK starts withdrawing from illicit opioid medications
  • Period: to


    TK endures withdrawal from illicit opioid medications
  • Christopher Conceived

    Eddie and Shannon conceive Christopher when Eddie returns on leave around his birthday.
  • 1 Month Pregnant

    Maddie is 1 month pregnant; Ev gives TK a bath when he wakes up for the first time, to help him feel better.
  • Talk With TK

    TK wakes up; Evan and Maddie offer to take him with them when they leave New York City behind them
  • Leave NYC

    TK wakes up lucid for the first time since the 16th; Maddie tells Ev about Daniel; Evan and Maddie offer to take TK with them out of NYC; Stop at Union Station for TK's things that he left in a locker for safekeeping after breakfast; Maddie, Ev and TK leave NYC behind them
  • Period: to

    Drive to Washington DC

    Evan, Maddie and TK take a meandering drive down the coast towards Washington DC; avoiding major cities and highways, so its harder for them to be tracked
  • Period: to

    Washington DC Trip

    Evan, Maddie and TK arrive in DC on the 26th and Maddie and TK have a late night talk while Ev is asleep; spend a week in Washington DC, sightseeing and enjoying time together.
  • Leave DC

    Ev, Maddie and TK leave Washington DC and drive directly to Virginia Beach, VA; the three arrive that same night
  • Talk About Doug

    Maddie and Ev talk to TK about Doug, and why they left Hershey; TK goes out for the day to think about what his next steps are; TK meets the old man on the beach and returns to the hotel, telling Ev and Maddie that he wants to stay with them.
  • Studying for Driving Test

    Ev helps TK study for the written driver's permit test, so he can take the test while Ev and Maddie get their IDs switched over
  • DMW & Driver's Test

    Maddie and Ev go to the DMV to get their new licenses; TK goes with them and takes the written test, passes, and is awarded his driver's permit; Maddie and Ev sign the lease for their new apartment; Maddie helps TK go school shopping for the year
  • ADHD Evaluation

    Maddie drags Ev to the psychologist to request for an evaluation for Ev; Ev and Maddie leave with a diagnosis for ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome
  • 2 month pregnant

    Maddie is 2 months pregnant
  • Pregnancy Confirmation

    Ev puts his foot down and takes Maddie to the free clinic after finding her vomiting again; the clinic confirms Maddie's pregnancy; Ev and Maddie tell TK about the pregnancy
  • Books

    Maddie finds Ev and TK studying for TK's GED, notices that Ev is having a hard time reading the small print in the books; TK takes Ev to the eye doctor to get his eyes checked
  • Ultrasound

    Maddie, Ev and TK go to appt with midwife for preliminary ultrasound; TK breaks down at hearing the baby's heartbeat
  • 3 Months Pregnant

    Maddie is 3 months pregnant
  • Neptune Festival

    Ev and Maddie take TK to the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival, to walk around, eat food and see sand scultpures; TK meets Cooper, and goes off with Cooper and his friends to roam; Ev and Maddie take a break on a bench until TK comes back.
  • First Football Game

    First Football Game
    Ev takes TK to Cooper's football game; TK and Cooper go out for dinner afterwards with Ev as a chaperone
  • Halloween

    Ev and Maddie take TK to Midnight Manor Haunted Attraction and the Haunted Hunt Club Farm and Halloween Fest
  • Veteran's Day (Observed)

    School holiday
  • Bonfire

    Maddie is 4 months pregnant; Maddie quits working at the bar and Ev gets hired in her place; Maddie and TK talk safe sex and Cooper; Cooper is rough with TK their first time sleeping together, following his football game; TK and Cooper fight, after TK finds out about Cooper's obsession with Ev
  • Bonfire Aftermath

    Ev and Maddie go out looking for TK when he doesn't come home; find him in the woods; Maddie takes TK home and Ev and Cooper fight about TK, and Ev orders Cooper to stay away from his brother or else; Ev goes home and passes out; Maddie wakes Ev up very early to tell him that TK has run away again; Ev goes out looking for TK and finds him at the beach; convinces him to come home again
  • Period: to

    Thanksgiving Break

    Because of Cooper, Maddie and Ev take TK out of town for the week to Williamsburg, VA; they spend Thanksgiving Day in Williamsburg, VA
  • Christmas Shopping

    Christmas Shopping
    TK and Ev go shopping for a Christmas tree; Maddie, Ev and TK decorate the Christmas tree together after Maddie gets off work at the pharmacy
  • Letter to Santa

    Letter to Santa
    Maddie and Ev talk about making sure that TK has the best Christmas and reminisce about an old letter to Santa; Ev teaches TK how to ice skate
  • Ornaments

    Maddie finds a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament while at work, and purchases it for TK, to commemorate their first Christmas together as a family
  • Holiday Baking

    Holiday Baking
    Maddie teaches TK about her Grandma Gladys' recipes, as well as a few Chanukkah recipes to have for the Chanukkah season
  • Chanukkah Begins

    Chanukkah Begins
    First day of Chanukkah; Ev and Maddie give TK a menorah for the holiday; TK lights the menorah with his family to start the holiday
  • Fireplace

    Ev sent home sick from the surf shop; buys a heater that looks like a fireplace for Maddie
  • Christmas Crackers

    Christmas Crackers
    TK and Maddie find Ev the next morning, and realize that he's too sick to get out of bed; TK and Maddie resolve to take care of him for the day
  • Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate
    Maddie makes everyone hot chocolate and they stay on the couch all day watching movies, and being lazy as Ev continues to get better from being sick
  • Ugly Sweaters

    Ugly Sweaters
    Maddie gives Ev and TK ugly Christmas sweaters in keeping with a tradition that she and Ev started back when they were children
  • Christmas Party

    Christmas Party
    The owners of the bar where Ev works throws a party for their employees; TK and Maddie are invited to attend
  • Mistletoe

    Ev and TK hang mistletoe all over the apartment so that they can catch Maddie under the mistletoe and kiss the belly
  • Presents

    Maddie is 5 months pregnant; Ev and TK go shopping for a gift for Maddie and wrap presents together; See kids telling Santa their wishes, and Ev reminds TK that they're going to have a kid to do that with the next year
  • Birthday Day

    Birthday Day
    TK's 18th birthday; TK thinks about all of the love he's known in his life
  • Carlos Graduates Early

    Carlos Graduates Early
    Carlos graduates from high school a semester early and moves into the dorms over holiday break to start at UT Austin for Spring 2013.
  • Small Town Christmas

    Small Town Christmas
    The start of Christmas Break at Bayside High; head off for the Weekend to see the Christmas lights in Williamsburg
  • New Year's Eve Plans

    New Year's Eve Plans
    Ev, Maddie and TK make plans to spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Charleston, SC, for fun.
  • Christmas Cookies

    Christmas Cookies
    Maddie ropes TK and Ev into helping her decorate sugar cookies for Christmas morning
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas

    Twas the Night Before Christmas
    Maddie reads the Night before Christmas to her brothers before bedtime on Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
    Ev and TK make dinner for Christmas, as Maddie doesn't feel well; Opening presents around the Christmas tree and spend the day together as a family
  • Period: to

    New Year's Trip

    The Buchanans leave for Charleston, SC, to spend NYE and NYD at the beach for the holiday
  • Period: to

    Freshman Year

    Estella encourages Carlos to go to Texas A&M early and move into the dorms quickly; Carlos attends classes in Spring, Summer and Fall 2013; has 45 credit hours of required 120 by end of Fall Term
  • Name Change

    TK files to have his name changed from "Tyler Kennedy Strand" to "Theo Karter Buchanan" in New York City
  • 6 Months Pregnant

    Maddie is 6 months Pregnant
  • Name Change Approved

    The name change is approved in Virginia
  • Name Change Celebration

    Ev and Maddie throw a party to celebrate TK's name getting changed legally; they're all Buchanans now.
  • Valentine's Day

    Ev and TK plan a sweet day for their sister, to give her a chance to relax and remind her how much they love her; TK and Ev make Maddie a nice breakfast in bed and TK gives Maddie an adorable teddy bear stuffie for the baby.
  • 7 Months Pregnant

    Maddie is 7 month pregnant
  • 21st Birthday Party

    Everett Oliver Buchanan turns 21 years old; the owners of the bar where Ev works closes the bar for a party for his birthday, and TK & Maddie are invited
  • 8 Months Pregnant

    Maddie is 8 months pregnant
  • Period: to

    Spring Break

    TK and Ev take care of Maddie and Deb after Deb's birth; Ev starts to notice that something is wrong with Maddie
  • Deb Born

    Deb Born
    The birthdate of Daniella Evelyn Buchanan, the daughter of Magdalena Buchanan and Doug Kendall
  • Christopher Born

    Christopher Born
    The birthdate of Christopher Ryan Diaz, the son of Edmundo and Shannon Diaz
  • Maddie's 28th Birthday

    28th Birthday of Magdalena Anne Buchanan
  • Missed Curfew

    Ev takes care of Deb while he's studying so that Maddie can get some sleep; TK gets grounded for staying out too late after curfew at the high school graduation party thrown by a friend at school
  • Leaving Virginia Beach

    Ev, TK, Maddie and Deb leave Virginia Beach for St Paul, Minnesota, to meet Bobby Nash and get some answers about the paternal side of Ev's genetics
  • Period: to

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    The Buchanans arrive in St Paul, looking for Bobby Nash; Maddie is able to find out he's a Captain of the St Paul Fire Department; Maddie seeks him out to tell him about Daniel and Ev; Bobby tells his wife, Marcy, and the couple fights.
  • Period: to

    Growth Spurt

    TK starts having growing pains, and Maddie and Ev pull over in a small town and rent a hotel room so TK can ride it out; they're in the town for two weeks while TK shoots up and tops off at 5'10".
  • Period: to

    Separation from Marcy

    Bobby gets a long-term hotel, due to the fight with Marcy; RJ and Brooke go to stay with Bobby's parents and brother, Brian, until the situation is resolved between their parents; Bobby makes plans to get to know Ev and Ev's siblings.
  • Burning Virginia Beach

    Doug arrives in Virginia Beach, after a picture came across Maddie's Facebook asking if she wanted to tag herself in the picture; Omar contacts Maddie about Doug going AWOL, and Maddie, Ev and TK know they can't go back to Virginia Beach; call their bosses and their bosses promise to dissuade Doug from sticking around; Doug arrives in Virginia Beach and asks for Maddie Buckley or Maddie Kendall, but no one will confess to knowing who that is
  • Period: to

    Apartment Complex

    Nash apartment complex goes up in flames while Bobby and Marcy are separated; Marcy Nash perishes in the fire, but RJ and Brooke survive due to still being at their grandparent's home still
  • Period: to

    Considering Options

    The Buchanans help Bobby get things settled in the aftermath of the fire; Bobby goes to retrieve his children from their grandparents and arranges for Marcy's funeral; After that, the Buchanans and Bobby consider their options of what they would like to do next; Ev is partial to Austin, but TK is curious about Los Angeles; Bobby puts in a transfer to either Austin or Los Angeles
  • Period: to

    Sophomore Year at UTA

    Carlos takes classes in Spring, Summer and Fall terms, obtaining 90 credit hours of required 120 by end of Fall Term; TK and Carlos meet in August of this year
  • Offer Extended

    Bobby receives an offer to take over the Captaincy of the 256 with the Austin Fire Department; Bobby talks it over with the Buchanans and then accepts the offer; everyone starts making plans to leave St Paul and go to Austin.
  • Arrive in Austin

    The family arrives in Austin, house hunting and apartment hunting and getting ready to start their lives in the city for at least a little while
  • First Birthday Party

    Deb's first birthday, with the family
  • Jay Halstead in Austin

    Jay Halstead in Austin
    Jay Halstead blows out for the last time with Voight and applies to Austin PD; receives employment offer with the APD; Jay arrives in Austin on May 1st, to start work
  • Ev Gets A Job

    Ev gets a job at a burlesque club as a bartender/bouncer, so that TK could go to college in the fall and Maddie didn't need to worry about working until after the first of the next year
  • Estella meets Jay

    Estella is the Admin at HQ when Jay arrives to deliver his transfer paperwork to the Chief, as well as have his incoming interview with the police chief; the two make small talk as Estella leads him to the Chief's office.
  • Austin Fire Department

    Ev applies to the Austin Fire Academy and is accepted; scheduled to start in 2 weeks
  • EvStella Meet

    EvStella Meet
    Estella's coworkers take Estella out for Memorial Day to the burlesque club where Ev works; Ev is bartending that night and sees she's overwhelmed and takes her into the back of the club to settle; calls Carlos to come and get her, then stays with her out front until Carlos arrives to pick her up.
  • Fire Academy

    Ev starts training at the AFD Fire Academy; Ev and Estella keep running into each other around town
  • EvStella First Date

    Ev calls Estella and asks her to go out on a date with him; the two go to dinner at Estella's favorite restaurant and then her favorite place in the city to hang out or relax; Estella takes him to the the 6th Street Historic District and they people watch; Estella's 3 year anniversary with APD.
  • Ev meets Jay

    There is a homicide outside the bar where Ev works a night he's on shift, and he questions Ev about the victim while waiting for the manager of the club to get a copy of the surveillance tapes from the alley where the murder took place; both of them are chatting easily and Ev is a little surprised by the fluttery feeling deep in his gut.
  • Helicopter Crash

    Eddie Diaz in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, while deployed overseas; before the Fourth of July, Eddie informed that his wife has abandoned their son and is being sent home to recuperate from the injuries sustained during the helicopter crash
  • Dates and Adorableness

    Ev and Estella start tentatively dating and going out through the course of the summer; Jay could have done something that sent gossip around the APD; Estella can mention it on one of their dates
  • Fourth of July Picnic

    Fourth of July Picnic
    Estella takes Ev to the APD Fourth of July Picnic as her date, and the two run into Detective Jay Halstead; close in age, the three spend the day chatting and getting to know each other, as they all have already met
  • Carlos and TK Meet

    Carlos and TK Meet
    TK and Carlos meet, moving into their shared dorm at UT Austin.
  • Classes Begin at UT Austin

    First day of classes for Carlos and TK
  • Tarlos First Date

    Carlos and TK go out on their first date
  • The 126

    Ev is assigned to the 126 as a Probie; assigned to Judd Ryder as his trainer. Still works the nights he can for the strip club, raking in tips hands over fist.
  • Period: to

    Senior Year at UTA

    Carlos attends classes in Spring and Summer, and graduates with the request 120 credit hours at the end of Summer term; applies to Police Academy prior to graduation
  • EvStella Argue

    Ev tells Estella about Doug and the two argue about it; Estella storms out and their relationship is up in the air as a result, neither of them sure where their relationship is going from there
  • Enlistment Office

    Eddie Diaz starts work at the Enlistment Office for UTA
  • TK Talks to Estella

    TK goes to see Estella about Ev, explaining the situation with Doug more fully and begging her to forgive Ev, because TK can see that they're both clearly miserable apart; Estella goes to see Ev; Ev and Estella make up
  • Tarlos Reunites

    Carlos and TK get back together, at the encouragement of Grace and Judd Ryder, following the revelation of what happened to Estella
  • Tarlos Meets Eddie

    Tarlos Meets Eddie
    TK meets Eddie and Chris at a university diner, while picking up for a Valentine's Day breakfast for him and Carlos; later that day, Carlos meets Eddie at the university gym, while Eddie is on break from the recruitment office and Carlos is between classes.
  • Triad of Hotness Gets Together

    Eddie joins Carlos and TK's relationship officially, after a night of marathon sex.
  • UTA Graduation

    Carlos graduates early from UT Austin with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Government, with a minor in Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government.
  • Graduation Party

    Estella throws Carlos a party to celebrate his graduation; Charles and Tommy Vega close their restaurant and Ev helps Estella decorate the morning before the party.
    Guest List: Carlos, Estella, Eddie, Chris, the Buchanans, the Ryders, the Vegas, Lucy and Brian Nash, Bobby Nash, Brooke and RJ, Daniel Buchanan
  • Police Academy

    Carlos begins training at APD Police Academy
  • Ev Graduation

    Ev completes his probie year and graduates to full firefighter; remains with the 118 as a full fledged firefighter
  • TK's 21st Birthday

    The Buchanans have a huge party to celebrate TK's 21st birthday, and Carlos, Estella, Eddie and Chris are invited
  • Oli Born

    Oli Born
    The birthdate of Oliver Evan Buchanan, the adopted son of Everett Buchanan and Estella Reyes
  • Period: to

    Iceland Vacation

    The Buchanans, Nash and Reyes-Diaz families go to Iceland for a vacation for 3 weeks.
  • Volcano

    Ev, TK, Carlos and Bobby go for a hike on the caldera of the Askja volcano; TK falls below the ice into the frozen lake below; Ev goes in after him and TK is rushed to Blondous Hospital for medical care
  • Tinley Born

    Tinley Born
    The birthdate of Tinley Kaydence "TK" Strand, the daughter of Owen Strand and Gwyneth Morgan.
  • TK Shot

    TK is shot in Medellin, Colombia; TK and Estella are evacuated from Colombia and sent to Los Angeles, CA, so TK can get the care he needs to be able to assist his recovery; Carlos and Eddie informed of his injury by Ev
  • Arrival in US

    TK and Estella arrive in US; TK rushed into surgery and Estella tells Carlos and Eddie what happened
  • Released from Hospital

    TK is released from the hospital after two weeks, with his arm in a sling with orders to stay in it for 3 to 6 months; Carlos and Eddie show him the house they bought for the four of them; Estella stays with Bobby while they're in town
  • Reinforcements

    Estella calls Ev to ask for reinforcements to assist her with keeping TK homebound for a little bit longer, before they return back to base; Ev arrives in Los Angeles just before midnight that night and is picked up from the airport by Bobby and Estella.
  • Cute Scene With Ev and Deb

    Deb screams the house down the next morning, when she finds Ev in bed with Estella the morning after he gets in from overseas
  • EvStella Meets Jay

    TK, Estella, Ev and Deb leave Los Angeles for next DWB base; Ev and Estella meet Jay, when they take TK to say goodbye to Carlos at the Precinct
  • Buchanans Return Stateside

    The Buchanans and Estella return Stateside following time with Doctors Without Borders and settle with family in Los Angeles, California; TK applies to LAFD Fire Academy to dual certify for firefighting; Ev starts work at LAFD Firehouse 118 as Captain I Everett Buchanan, under Captain II Bobby Nash
  • EvStella and Jay Meet Officially

    EvStella and Jay Meet Officially
    Estella meets Jay when she comes to pester Carlos at the precinct; Ev meets Jay when bringing paperwork to Carlos that he left at the house
  • San Angelo Fires

    The 118 goes to San Angelo, Texas, as part of a volunteer force to help fight the wildfires ravaging the area.
  • Arrive in San Angelo

    The 118 arrives in San Angelo; Ev and Judd are reunited; TK and Ev are surprised to find Owen Strand as Captain of the 126; Owen punches Ev in the face and there's a fight to break up the situation, as TK goes terrier on Owen; Ev assigned to Hot Shots and goes missing during fires, finds missing teenager who wandered away from group; Ev and Teen are rescued after the fire breaks
  • Tinley Kaydence

    Once the fires are under control, Judd pulls TK aside to let him know about Owen's daughter - TK's sister - Tinley; the two talk and Judd lets him know that Owen and Gwyn call Tinley "TK" and they don't pay as much attention to her as a newly-turned three year old little girl requires to be social and happy; TK thanks Judd for the information and goes to think about what he plans to do about Tinley going forward
  • Leave San Angelo

    The 118 leaves San Angelo, heading for home in Los Angeles; TK tells Ev about Tinley and asks what Ev thinks he should do about the situation; Ev recommends asking Bobby's brother, their Uncle Brian, what he thinks his options are
  • Return Home

    The 118 arrives back in Los Angeles; Ev is met at the firehouse by Jay and Estella, who has been on shift while they've been gone; TK calls Brian and asks what his options are; TK and Brian discuss what he would need to do to be able to sue Owen and Gwyn for custody for Tinley
  • Conception

    Ev and Estella conceive their first child together
  • Triad First Time

    Triad First Time
    Ev and Estella seduce Jay and the Triad has their first time together
  • Explosion at the 118

    Doug plants bomb in Ev's locker at the 118; Chimney opens the locker at Ev's request, to retrieve a watch & sets off the bomb while Ev is in the locker room; Ev crushed by the loft & remains buried for 2 hours while they stabilize the firehouse; Ev rushed to the ER with severe crush injury to the left leg & other internal injuries; Carlos & Jay leave the Precinct to be at the 118 with Estella and Eddie; Eddie impaled by flying glass, putting himself between the glass & Estella to protect her.
  • Rhea Born

    Rhea Born
    The birthdate of Rhea Jay Buchanan, daughter of Everett Oliver Buchanan and Estella Maria Theresa Reyes.