us history

By bob456
  • Period: 1700 BCE to


  • Period: to


  • date #1 Jamestown founded

    Jamestown was Amiricas first permanent sttlement
  • date #2 The first legislateive goverment was established

    The first slaves arrived in America
    The first familys arrived in jamestown
  • date #3 pilgrims land at plymith rock

    america's first colony to be based on religus princeables
  • date #4 puritans came to masachustts

    First a large wave of immagrints came to america, brinnging a uniuqe perspective on life
  • date #5

    anne hutchinson banished from massitchuses for her religous veiws
    She then founded rhode Iland
  • date #6 king willem's war

    This was the beginning of hostiles between the native americans, the colinists,the british,and the french
  • date #7 salem witch trilals

    show that america is susiceptible to hystiria
  • date #1 The french and indian war

    War between french and british with native tribes on both sides. Fought over land and trade that would result in France loseing land and english in sereus debt
  • date #2 the stamp act

    Amiricans were taxed with stamps without being able to vote
  • date #3 The bostin masscare

    tension between the colines and british bacame violint
  • date #4 the bostin tea party

    Americans were so upset by the tea act of 1773 that they destroyed a ship-load of tea
  • date#5 " The shot heard round the world"

    battle of lexington and concord
  • date #6 the decleration of independence is signed

    The 13 colonies officaly said "were not british anymore
  • date#7 The Us constitotion signed

    the United States create thir own form of goverment
  • Period: to


  • date #1 The louisiana purchase

    Presadent thomas jefferson autherizes purchase of the louisiana territory from france and almost doubles the size of the united states
  • date #2 war of 1812 with britan

    war between britan and america lasting for two and half years over trade and naval restricttions
  • date #3 the underground railroad

    a network of secret routes and sefe houses to help slaves escape to fredom in the north
  • date #5 Abraham lincoln elected president

    shortly after his election the confedereate states secede frome the union, starting the cival war
  • date #6 the battle of gettysburg

    largest cival war battles and turning point of the war leading to a union victory
  • date #7-lincoln assasinated

    lincoln was assasinated 5 days after the surrender of roberet E lee after the cival war ended
  • Period: to


  • Period: to