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  • Fisher Price record player

    Fisher Price record player
    This plastic beauty came with a variety of classic hits like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", and "All Around the Mulberry Bush" All you had to do was wind it up on the front, put down the yellow plastic arm, and listen to 30 seconds of your favorite tune.
  • Mom's 8 Track

    Mom's 8 Track
    My little sister and I would get pillows and lay on the floor right by a speaker and listen for hours to Bread, Carpenters, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond...
  • Portable Record Player

    Portable Record Player
    LyNese and I would ride our bikes down to Radio Shack or Thompson's music and buy 45's--- Blondie was a personal fav. You had to keep them in a "high place" so your your little sisters wouldn't scratch them.
  • The Sony Walkman

    The Sony Walkman
    I got it for Christmas when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I listened to Queen-- Another Brick in the Wall about 500 times. I also got a "classics" cassette and one of the songs was "Flight of the Bumble Bee"-- the souped up version. And... I could wear it when I walked to my friends. Good Times!
  • Portable Boom Box

    Portable Boom Box
    Be sure to take two packages of "c" batteries! Hurry and take out the tape if the noise goes funny, because you just might be able to save you cassette tape by winding it around a pencil
  • My first "Stereo System"

    My first "Stereo System"
    It has a two cassette players, a record player AND a radio. It was a monster and had two giant speakers with extremely short cords. Record and Cassette Story in the cabinet was a big plus! You could record your favorite songs straight from the radio. (the problem in Richfield, Utah-- you could only get like 3 stations.
  • The Mini Van

    The Mini Van
    My mom driving taking all my middle school friends dragging main blasting the "Beastie Boys"
  • The portable CD system

    The portable CD system
    Revolutionary! I could go straight to the song I wanted to play without using the rewind or fast forward button.
  • The "Nicer" CD player-- with a remote

    The "Nicer" CD player-- with a remote
    This is when we joined one of those "CD clubs"-- you had to buy like 10 a month... where do you store them all?
  • The iPhone

    The iPhone
    Fast forward a decade or so-- now all of my music is on my phone and can connect to my car, office, home...