Nathan's Timeline

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    This was the day I was born at the North York General hospital, around 7:00pm
  • Period: to


  • Start Preschool

    Start Preschool
    This preschool was called Doncrest, There was a teacher there that I still remember. I forget her name, but I still remember how she looked. I was usually one of the last ones to be picked up, she would watch me as I waited for my mother. That was the only thing I remembered from preschool.
  • Trip to Hong Kong

    Trip to Hong Kong
    This was I think my first time going out of Canada. This trip was for visiting relatives. i didn't even remember going on this trip, but traveling is one of my hobbies
  • New School: Peoples Christian Academy

    New School: Peoples Christian Academy
    This was my junior kindergarten year. I remebered two things from that year. On the first day, I cried a lot, and the teacher had to forcefully pull me away from my mother when she dropped me off. The second thing that I remembered was that I never slept during nap time. I did enjoy my time at this school. My favourite teacher taught me grade one here.
  • Move from Thornhill to North York

    Move from Thornhill to North York
    This move happened because we got a little sister, and my parents decided that we needed a bigger place. We moved from a condominium to a detached house
  • Sister is Born

    Sister is Born
    I remember that many relatives came to visit. My aunt gave me a pair of Winnie the Pooh shoes when she came to visit. My sister was too, born at the North York General Hospital. her name is Tiffany.
  • First Violin Class

    First Violin Class
    I remember my mom asking me if I wanted to learn piano, violin, or another instrument (I dont remember which one). In the end, I chose the violin.
  • First Piano Class

    First Piano Class
    I started piano class because my sister had started to learn piano. Then, I realized that I wanted to play too.
  • My Most Remembered Vacation

    My Most Remembered Vacation
    This vacation was one of the most memorable ones I've had. It was a cruise on Carnival Valor, traveling to the Eastern Caribbean. When we went to Nassau, we went on a dolphin encounter excersion, and a dolphin kissed me there.
  • New School: Zion Heights JHS

    New School: Zion Heights JHS
    I went from a private school to a public school in TDSB. It was also my first year enrolling in the gifted program. I did enjoy my time at that school.
  • Violin Competition

    Violin Competition
    This was my first music competition. It took place at yip's music festival. I won first with the mark 87.
  • Grade 8 Piano Exam

    Grade 8 Piano Exam
    This exam along with the rudiments exam got me a music credit.:) My mark was 86.
  • Violin Competition

    Violin Competition
    This was my second competition. It too took place at Yip's Music Festival. This time, I won first again, and was nominated to go to a provincial competition in Waterloo.
  • Violin Competition (provincials)

    Violin Competition (provincials)
    At this competition, the winner would represent Ontario, and go to Halifax for the national competition. I did not get any award this time. The competitors played better than me. That taught me my lesson that I wasnt practicing enough.
  • Volunteer at Richmond Hill BBQ

    Volunteer at Richmond Hill BBQ
    This BBQ was at Richmond Green, organized by the city of Richmond Hill. I went with a friend, and we had fun welcoming people, serving and eating burgers. We only volunteered for three hours, but the coordinator gave all the volunteers five hours. lol
  • Volunteer at Church Carnival

    Volunteer at Church Carnival
    There was a giant carnival at Grace Chinese Gospel Church of North York. Along with many friends, we had fun tending games and serving food
  • Viola Competition

    Viola Competition
    This was my first viola competition. My violin teacher started to teach me the viola. This time, the competition was at Kiwanis. I won first place.
  • Move from North York to Markham

    Move from North York to Markham
    We moved because our home school wasnt great, and the price of the home had doubled after eleven years, so we thought that it would be a good time to move. Also, many of our family friends lived in Markham too.
  • Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen Renovation
    This was an experience that influenced what I wanted as my occupation. During this renovation, my mother's friend who was an interior designer helped us design our new kitchen. I enjoyed that experience greatly, and now I want to become an interior designer or architect.
  • New School: Markville SS

    New School: Markville SS
    I had changed from the TDSB to YRDSB. I am still adapting to the new environment and trying to meet new people.
  • Start Learning to Drive

    Start Learning to Drive
    On this day, I will be sixteen years old, and I will be able to take my written test for driving. I would also want to learn to drive. I love cars, and have been waiting for this moment all my life.:)
  • Graduate from High School

    Graduate from High School
    On this day, I would like to graduate from high school, and continue to go on to university
  • Start University

    Start University
    I would like to be at this time of my life, commencing university. Either in an interior design or architecture program.