Napoleon Timeline

  • Egyptian Campaign 🔴

    Egyptian Campaign 🔴
    Napoleon lost this battle but returned to France and claim he won. After his soldiers returned people found out he had actually lost. 1798-1801
  • Consulate 🟡

    Consulate 🟡
    1799 to 1801. The Consulate was a new and powerful French government that replaced the old one. This helped Napoleon gain power and become a great leader.
  • Banque De France 🟡

    Banque De France 🟡
    Napoleon created the Banque De France as a way to solve the economic recession that France has been going through.
  • Concordat of 1801 🟢

    Concordat of 1801 🟢
    Napoleon invited Pope Pius VII to Paris to crown Napoleon. The Concordat of 1801 was used to make an agreement between the French government and the Catholic Church. Napoleon argued that there was no national religion of France. Napoleon made peace with the church.
  • Italian Campaign 🟢

    Italian Campaign 🟢
    Napoleon’s troops defeated defeated the Austrians by forcing them to retreat. 1792-1801
  • Consul for Life 🟡

    Consul for Life 🟡
    Napoleon named himself the Consul for Life as a way to secure his position as leader for as long as he lived.
  • Napoleonic Code 🟡

    Napoleonic Code 🟡
    Made the law grant male citizens equal rights, while disregarding women and illegitimate children. Was meant to make make authority stronger in families.
  • Declared Self Emperor 🟢

    Declared Self Emperor 🟢
    With all of Napoleon’s power, he was able to name himself Emperor. He chose this because he believed that emperors were the people who left marks in history. Napoleon believed that he would be seen as more powerful and important if he was called an emperor.
  • Battle of Trafalgar 🔴

    Battle of Trafalgar 🔴
    The Battle of Trafalgar was a naval battle between Napoleon’s French Navy and Britain’s Navy. Napoleon lost to the British fleet.
  • Abolished Holy Roman Empire 🟢

    Abolished Holy Roman Empire 🟢
    Napoleon was able to end the Holy Roman Empire, which had been around for hundreds of years. He grounped together independent states and forced the emperor out of his position.
  • Continental System 🟡

    Continental System 🟡
    This was an attempt to stop British trade. This was an attempt for Napoleon to weaken Britain’s economy.
  • Restistance in Spain 🔴

    Restistance in Spain 🔴
    These were battles between France and Spain. This was Napoleon’s first defeat on the battlefield.
  • Invasion of Russia 🔴

    Invasion of Russia 🔴
    This was a military attempt to force Russia to stop trade with Britain. The Russian army defeated the French troops. The freezing winter temperatures of Russia were devastating for the French army.
  • Battle of Nations in Leipzig 🔴

    Battle of Nations in Leipzig 🔴
    October 16 to 19. Napoleon was defeated by Prussian, Russian, Swedish, and Austrian armies. This was a reason for Napoleon’s exile.
  • Hundred days 🟢

    Hundred days 🟢
    Mar 20, 1815 to Jul 8, 1815. Also known as the War of the Seventh Coalition, it is the time period where Napoleon came back to France after his exile.
  • Waterloo 🔴

    Waterloo 🔴
    The battle of Waterloo ended a war, and ended Napoleon’s power forever. Napoleon was then forced into exile.
  • Abdication 🔴

    Abdication 🔴
    Napoleon was forced out of his position of power after his failed invasion of Russia and all of his other losses.