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Napoleon Bonaparte -- Time in Power

By hammbr
  • Beginning Of Timeline

  • Promotion

    Napoleon was given command of artillery at the siege of Toulon. The success of the siege led to his promotion to General.
  • Further Advancement

    Napoleon is given command of the division of the French army devoted to fighting Italy.
  • First Successes

    Napoleon leads the "Armee d'Italie" into the first successful French Invasion of Italy.
  • Changing Frontiers

    Napoleon shifts the French war front to Egypt.
  • Victory at Alexandria

    Napoleon captures Alexandria.
  • Victory at Giza

    Victory at Giza
    Napoleon defeats the Mamalukes, who outnumbered him, at Giza.
  • Crushed Hopes

    Napoleon's dreams for the Middle-East are dashed when British general Horatio Nelson repels him from Egypt.
  • From the Jaws of Defeat

    Napoleon is nearly routed at the Battle of Marengo, but one of his generals saves him with reinforcements. The general dies for his troubles.
  • Pinnacle

    Napoleon is proclaimed Emperor of France,
  • Nepotism

    Napoleon gives his brother, Joseph, kingship of Naples and Sicily.
  • More Nepotism

    Napoleon names his other brother, Louis, king of Holland,
  • Deception of the Spanish

    Deception of the Spanish
    Napoleon tricks the Spanish into letting his troops into the country under the guise of peace. He then turns on them from the inside and conquers much of Spain in an extremely short time.
  • Victory in Spain

    Madrid surrenders to Napoleon.
  • Excommunication

    The Pope of the time (Pius VII) excommunicates Napoleon for conquering land that belonged to the Catholic Church,
  • Beginning of the End

    Napoleon initiates his ill-fated invasion of Russia.
  • Pyrrhic Victory

    Napoleon wins a battle at Borodino, taking extremely heavy losses. This defeat causes the Russians to retreat past Moscow.
  • Forward

    Napoleon enters the already-burning Moscow.
  • Forward

    Napoleon enters the already-burning Moscow.
  • Final Defeat

    Final Defeat
    Napoleon's enemies (including Prussia, Russia, Austria, Sweden, and the UK) band together and defeat him at Waterloo.
  • Abdication

    Napoleon, his spirit crushed, abdicates his throne in favor of his son.
  • Exile at Elba

    Napoleon is stripped of everything but his official title and is exiled to the Island of Elba, where he spent the rest of his days.
  • End of Timeline