My Whole Life

By tyrat19
  • My Mom and Dad got married

    My Mom and Dad got married
    My mom and dad are not just husband and wife but also best friends.There happy together its what familys do.My mom showed me a picture when she got pregent with me and was fat.whenthey got married they got there picture taken with a date.I wish I was there seeing them with a happy face in there very happy day.
  • I was born

     I was born
    When I was born my mom and my dad was very happy.I had a round headed girl.In the Phillipines fillipinos don't like round headed kids.I'm not sure why I just know.My parents don't hate me they love even if I'm round.Thats one part I love them.I'll love them no matter what happens.
  • Tsunami in Phuket Thailand

    Tsunami in Phuket Thailand
    The big error everyone made in Phuket on December 26 was assuming that the earthquakes before the tsunamis were small and local. Best guess is that in southern Thailand felt the main shock (magnitude 9) and a large aftershock (magnitude 7.1 off the Nicobar islands).The best course of action when your are at the coast and you feel an earthquake, is to evacuate to high ground or climb to a higher level in a concrete building immediately.Tsunami waves might arrives in seconds .
  • My little brother's birth

    My little brother's birth
    When I first got a brother he was an adoradle sunshine that I was waiting to see.A little child that came from the belly and now in a new world.I didn't expect a brother but the brother I have is a part of my life.I call him sunshine because he loves yellow he's favorite color.
  • The scariest school I ever went to

    The scariest school I ever went to
    This school had two little schools.In this school I didn't have so much friends I had on friend.I hate this school because its in the passed and people not being nice to me I felt like crying still I feel pain inside of me.Maybe I got there attitude from them.I was just 5 years old and these people were just older then me.
  • Flood In the Philippines

    Flood In the Philippines
    Typhone Frank in Iloilo PhilippinesFlood In The Philippine Typhone FRANKThe worst flood in decades has just hit Iloilo. More than 80% of the Iloilo City was affected and a large portion of Iloilo Province was devastated, damaging homes, agriculture, livestock and infrastructure. The widespread flash floods was caused by the large volume of rainfall from Typhoon Frank and to an extent environmental changes in the uplands and lowlands: global warming, deforestation, urban development.
  • singapore trip april

    singapore trip april
    When I first went to singapore theres intersting stuff to go,do, buy and shop.You could go see universal studios watch the merlion even double buses.When I came back from Thailand I heard the radio said singapore is the green city.I'm happy for sinapore because its my favorite city in the world.
  • My first best friend

    My first best friend
    My first best friend is hannah. Shes younger then me.Isaid to her when we grow up we will be roomates.We do lots of things together likemakeour own SG group,Give things to each other,sit next to each other,talk a lot and play. buttheres more then that.We will be together always also never brake up BFF.It sance for best friends forever.
  • dad's cousin came to thailand

    dad's cousin came to thailand
    My dad's cousin is my auntie.Her name is Dianne she is Filipina the people call her TITA mean Aunty i call her tita Dianne,its her first time to be in Thailand,because she never traveled around the globe she just graduated and had job in the Philippines . She even has other nieces named Ayca and Yeye which is my second cousin.
  • Trip to Hat Yai

    Trip to Hat Yai
    When i went to Hat Yai me and my Family we ride at the Train for almost 18 hour to reach Hat Yai,when we sleep in the train the sits is unique because it transform to a double bed.And I bought a puppet the looks like an Ostritch and i call it a suvinier . The whole Family my two aunts my parents and my little brother come with me.My aunt Mimi she took this photo thats why shes not here.HA,ha,haand ha.
  • Uncle Rex takes my family to a vacation

    Uncle Rex takes my family to a vacation
    Uncle Rex is my FAVORITE.When I say that ,I mean favorite with a capital F.He's the coooooooooollllllleeeesssttt uncle I've ever had.Now he's with his girlfriend in australia I'm okay with it because he will come back.Sooner then you think.Since I'm a we a philipino I call him tito same as uncle rex.
  • Earthquake in japan

    Earthquake in japan
    This is a very sad ending for youngsters and families.The kind of earthquake in Japan could kill lots of people.A lot of people are giving money to Japan so the people that became poor will have money again and have a great life again.We pray to the people in Japan will raise once more.I pray for a million of familys I'm sorry for your relatives.
  • Tornado In North Califonia

    Tornado In North Califonia
    At least 22 people were killed after violent tornadoes roared through the city of Raleigh and across the heart of North Carolina Saturday afternoon and evening, state officials said Sunday. The storms also severely injured 130 other people and leveled or damaged hundreds of homes, demolished a big-box store and a trailer park, plucked trees out of the earth, and left more than 84,000 people without power.
  • Hua HIn Beach

    Hua HIn Beach
    Hua Hin Beach was the one of the best torist spot in thailand.Me,my dad,my mom and my aunt went to Hua Hin for photoshoot for our client from Bangladesh,its a best place for photoshoot,fresh air,nice ambiance and nice fresh sea foods. I realy had fun i meet new friends and i enjoy swiming at the beach and at the pool.
  • my sleep over

    my sleep over
    On the sleep over I went to my bff's house.I just sleep there once and after summer school we will sleep over again.She will go to Chiang Mai summer school in 7 days.I will be in our summer school in 5 days. I had fun sleeping at Hannah's house.I get to play her iPod with her games. Hannah have her own iPad and laptop also.
  • My brothers first bike

    My brothers first bike
    When my brother got his bike, he jumped on to it and rode it right away.My mom,dad and I chose it because it's red and cherry red like a ferrari.It also means love.Actually, Dadio chose the color.I chose the yellow one but this one was to small.So I agree in dad's.Also mom we chose it.I like it when my brothers face was full of joy.
  • my dad made mom a model

    my dad made mom a model
    My dad needed my mom to do it because the model did not come.For a reason.I'm not sure why but its a reason.As a matter of fact it turn out well cause my dad took gooooooooood pictures.My dad is a great photographer he made a studio.Sometimes I have to take care of my dad because he worked so hard to get the money we need.
  • Volcano Etna Erupted in Italy

    Volcano Etna Erupted in Italy
    Mount Etna erupted The eruption, which can be seen in the raw video below, was most intense between midnight and 4 a.m. GMT, according to the BBC. The lava flow luckily only reached uninhabited areas, though the nearby town of Catania was forced to close its airport after it became covered in ash.
  • Meet Charies in the airport june 2010

    Meet Charies in the airport june 2010
    When I first saw her,I knew it was her first time to be in thailand.I saw her in the airport.,I was not the biggest fan.I was never a biggest of any body.because of her voice she became a famous she wants to show her talent to everyone. David Foster the Hit Man discover Charise and became him as Charise manager she and the other popular singer in the holiwood was invited on Davids concert last year.May was the first magazine that we publish and Charise was the cover of EXL magazine.
  • walking with the dinosuars

    walking with the dinosuars
    When I see this I was so amazed from the peoples hard work.It looked so real because all the dinosaurs moved. But not just moving also walking and flying.When I first see it I got surprise when I saw the Tyranasuarusrex its like saying "This is what I'm talking about!"