My trip to Canada

By sihaama
  • When i was born

    When i was born
  • When i met my BFF

    When i met my BFF
    When i was 5 i met Tati she is still my bff .we have been bff's for 5 years .
    we first met in amarica then in dubai!!!.
  • when i enterd the school! (when i first came to tis school)

    when i enterd the school! (when i first came to tis school)
    Before i enterd this cschool i was in winchester school. it was a nice school but idid not like my teachers so i told my dad and he took me out of the school.Then when i enterd DIA i always liked my teachers and i liked all the new friends i made.
  • My trip to Thailand!

    My trip to Thailand!
    When i went to thailand i had so much fun we went on toktoks witch is a time of car, we went on elephants and the beach and we evern braded our hair.We also stayed in a 7 star hotel
  • When i got my bunny

    When i got my bunny
    I bought my bunny for my sisters 15th birthday, i got it because she is my older sister and i thought it would be nice if i bought her something to love.
  • Period: to

    How i got there

    i had to go throgh alot to get to Canada, i can tell you how i first had to stay in london for 3 days then when i got back on the plane i felt weird.It does not feel nice when you went on 3 planes to get to a sertain place
  • when i was coming back

    When i was coming back to Dubai i saw Callum walking with his mum and his sisters.it was very wierd because it was really random.
  • My fav song

    My fav song
    my favorite song is we are young by fun
    my favorite part is give me a second eye i need to get my story stright my friends are in the bathroom geting hier then the empire state my lover she is waiting for me just accross the bar my set is taking by some sunglasses asking but a scar i know i gave to you mounths ago i know your trying tvo forgent but between the drinks lets settle thing the holes in my appogies.