My Timeline -Selena Cruz

  • The day I was born.

    I was born in the summer of June 26, 1996. I was and still am the youngest of all my sisters.
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    My Timeline

  • Walking (age 12 months)

    This was the day that I COMPLETELY knew how to walk without falling over.
  • Little brother (age 2)

    My little brother Alejandro was born! and this was also the day the Broncos won the supper bowl!
  • Columbine High School massacre (age 3)

    i do not remember this but ive heard about it.
  • My little niece was born (age 4)

    My little niece is basically a teenager now she started Middle School this year.
  • started Pre-School (5)

    First day I was without my mom! i was excited about school so I really didnt mind seeing her. and a week after this i finally got a tricicle.
  • Started Elementray School (age 6)

    I attended Elemntray school at Newlon Elementray School
  • lost My first tooth (age 7)

    i was in the second grade and i remember playing in the monkey bars and my tooth fell out!
  • i was in the 3rd grade (age 8)

    the fisrt year my cousin was in the same class as i was.
  • a got a puppy (age 9)

    hes name was thumper and he was a boxer!
  • Alaskas Volcano (age 10)

    The augine Volcano in Alaska erupts twice, marking its first major eruption since 1986 on this day in history.
  • started middle school (age 11)

    I attended Rhishel Middle School all three years and well now its closed down and made it into an elementray school and a highschool.
  • Biggest Mistake Ever! (age 12)

    I always had long beautiful hair untill the 7th grade when i cut it short, it was officially the biggest mistake of my life.
  • Soccer (age 13)

    i used to love soccer in middle school. we usually won games when our team collaborated.
  • High School (age 14)

    Started high School
  • Sad day (age 15)

    My grandma died this summer. this was the first time i got to experience this kind of sittuation. and what can i say i miss her already :'( mom tells me she will always be with me.