My timeLine

  • I was born

    I was born on October 28,1998. It was a bright sunny afternoon. My mom said she was so nervous she thought she was going to throw me up instead of pushing me out. Everyone was excited they couldn't believe my parents were going to have a third baby. They didn't know what gender I was going to be. My parents were going to name me Kyle if I was a boy and Justine if I was a girl. Well I obviously came out being a girl. My parents decided to call me Shelby because the doctor said the wrong name.
  • The Day I was born part 2

    My Parents decided to call me Shelby when the doctor held me and said I was a girl instead of Justine he said Shelby. So my parents named me Shelby. They said it had a ring to it the name just fit me. My grandma said I was an ugly boy. But not apparently to a nurse that helped deliver me. She said i was so beautiful and she started crying so did my doctor. Sadly my father wasn't there till an hour later.
  • My first rock concert part 3

    was up next. Soon later everything got dark and quiet. Then thesse red flashing lights came on and sounded off a siren. I couldn't breath but I just started screaming with the rest of the crowd. Then there they were Three Days Grace walking across the stage playing their song break. I was singing the songs all night. Everyone had such a blast I hope one day I'll see them again all three bands.
  • My first rock concert

    I was so excited I was going to my very first rock concert. Ive been to a few other concerts but they were country like I went and saw shaniah twain and I saw some pop group my sister liked. But see Im a rocker and this to me was like winning a million bucks. It was my favorite band at the time and two other ones that i really loved. The bands were Three Days Grace my favorite then Breaking Benjamin and Flyleaf. I knew everyone of three days grace's songs and flyleafs. I knew the lyrics by heart
  • My first rock concert part 2

    . I was so excited but nervous i took two other people my mom and sister. I remember standing in the line it was a 4 hour wait but it was so worth it. We got great seats I wasn't aloud on the floor I was way to young. The first band Flyleaf came on everyone went crazy. They were amazing the lead singers voice; Lacey Mosley was so sharp like a blade and soft like cotton. Then Breaking Benjamin got on stage once again the crowd went crazy. But I got so nervous but excited I knew my favorite band
  • Shine down skillet puddle of mud like a storm concert

    I was kinda upset I knew my favorite bands were playing there tonight. My mom parked the car I didn't ask questions I was to busy trying to look and see if i could see a member of a band or something. Me and my mom walked in. I love the smell of The Colisiuem to me it smells like excitement, hardwork, and nervousness. My mom took me up to the ticket counter. I need 6 tickets to the Shinedown concert. My mouth dropped the women could tell it was a surprise for me. She laughed and gave us the ti
  • Shinedown concert

    show starts in two hours. We finally get to fort wayne. A.j Pratt, David Lyons, Damon Hays, my brother , my sister, my cousin, and my mom were all in the car. " This isn't the right way to the mall" pointed out my sister. " Yeah were taking a different direction" said my mom. We drove into the collisiuem. My cousin put her hand over her mouth " oh my god were going to go see shinedown" she said " And skillet and Puddle of mudd and Like a storm" I said. We waited in line for two hours. Then we
  • Shinedown, Skillet, Puddle Of Mud, Like A Storm

    My mom was standing at the dorr while I was putting in my contacts. "Hey wanna go to fortwayne"? she asked. "sure I replied I thought maybe she need to go to sears or something or th Relay For Life HQ. She just kept smiling in the car. I didn't ask why to be honest I didn't care why. I was tired it was a cloudy rainy sky everything was gray and scary like a tim burton movie except no clay animations running around. We pulled in to the colisiuem parking lot I was confused why were we here i was a
  • Shinedown concert

    tickets. I was almost in tears. " Surprise" my mom smiled. " Does everyone else know"? I asked. She shook her head " were going to surprise them too when we get home say were going to the mall ok" I nodded. Shinedown and Skillet are like one of my favorite bands ever. We got home I yelled " let's go let's go were going to the mall hurry up were leaving now"! running through the house. Everyone got ready and I caking on deoderant I got so excited I started to sweat finally everyone was ready the
  • Shinedown concert

    finally got in the colisiueum and got our seats they were good ones right up to the stage. The first band came on they sucked they did the worst cover of man in the box by Alice in chains. That band was Like A Storm. Then it was Puddle Of Mud they were great. Then Skillet who their drummer is one of my Idols. They were one of the best bands I ever seen live. I headbanged, yelled, screamed, sang. After they got done I MET THEM! Skillet was so nice. The members signed my ticket. I talked to them a
  • Shinedown concert

    and hung out with them. Shinedown came on next and They started playing which honestly Im a hardcore christian and They talked about god and jesus I just started crying it was like one of the best concerts ever.
  • Avalanche tour

    Skillet, Theory of a deadman, halestorm, stone sour, and art of dying were all in ft wayne. I was upfront supporting halestorm and skillet. Skillet was amazing so were all the other bands but skillet always puts on a great show. Skillet talks about god which is a plus. I had so much fun I remember the smell of the concert it smelt like cigarettes and sweat. I just let loose and rocked out
  • Winter Jam

    All of my favorite christian bands were going. 10 dollars was the price of a ticket. Skillet was going to be there so of course I went. The show was great I meant We As Human, Jonathan Chu from skillet again, and a bunch of other bands. I had a blast . I love winterjam they always have such a strong message to send the world.
  • My uncle henry

    My uncle Henry was one of my greatest friends. He was wise and strong he had cancer everywhere. One night we got a call he was on hospice and they didn't think he was going to make it. We rushed over there in tears. We stood by his side and didn't leave. That night he passed away and we all prayed. I know he is in a good place but it's so hard to believe he's gone.
  • Avenged Sevenfold concert

    My favorite band in the world Avenged Sevenfold was coming to ftwayne. I love Avenged Sevenfold they are my most loved band ever. Hollywood undead black veil brides and asking alexandria came with them I love those bands except asking alexandria. All of them were good but Avenged Sevenfold came on I almost died. I was in the front very front on the floor ( mosh pit) leaned up on the gate 5 feet away from the stage. Everyone was shoving but I held on tight to the gate. I sang, jumped, screamed, h
  • Avenged Sevenfold

    Headbanged, and threw my rock n roll fist in the air. The room smelt like cigarettes, sweat. cologne and the pyro fuel. When the fire flew up in the air I could feel it burn my skin. It was so amazing. I yelled i love you to the lead singer and he looked at me and said " I love you too" and pointed at me. My mouth droped but it was the best night of my life and still is to this very day.