My timeline

By aha272
  • Day I was born

    Day I was born
    I was born on Wednesday in Chicago, IL USA. I lived in my godmother's house for three months
  • First time I have ever travelled

    I went to Dubai to live there for 5 years.
  • My first day of school

    The first day I started school I went with my mother and she told me that she will stay in the class. However, she couldn't say inside the classroom, and waited for me outside. I still remember how I was drawing a pony and a barnhouse, and how I was crying for my mom when I thought that she had left. I week later I started S.K. instead of J.K.--I skipped a year.
  • I am 4

    When I was 4, I was running and hit my head on the corner of a glass table. As a result my forehead started to bleed, and I had to go to the hospital and the doctors had to stich my head.
  • I am still 4 :D

    Also, a bug bit me on the thrird finger of my right hand, and at first it was ok, but then my mom was concerned about me and we went to the doctor. The doctor said it was dangerous, and my mom actually took me to the hospital, and I stayed there overnight. The best part about the hospital stay was that my mom had chips for me. Later that day, I went inside an ambulance and they took me to another hospital, and I slept there again.
  • Bug Bite is gone!

    The nex day I had to go a clinic, where they took a knife and cut the blister from the bug bite, and it really hurt.
  • New Country

    My parents went to Canada to see how it is, and they met my cousin who said it is great. Then my whole family went to Canada, and we decided to rent a house near Toys R Us in Mississauga.
  • My first glipmse of snow

    First time I saw snow was the best time ever! I have never seen anything like it. That winter learned how to pay hockey from my neighbours, but when I bought hockey sticks I didn't know what to do with them.
  • My First Vacation

    London, England was really fun, because I got to sleep in a hotel, I went on the double-decker buses and did a lot of shopping. I also got to see the Queen's Guards, and my dad tried to make one of them move, but he was not successful.
  • My First time to Turkey

    I reached Turkey by plane and our hotel reservations were not set up, so we had to go to a 7-star hotel and stayed there for one night. The next day I went to Istanbul and I cheked into Central Palace Hotel. The same day I discovered Taksim Square, where there are about 300 shops and some of them have 50% sale all the time.
  • I go to my first resort

    I went to Antalia and stayed in a resort. When I stayed in the resort, the booking was not right, so we went to the same hotel but in a different area. There I got unlimited cocktails, food and water slides. When I returned to my original resort, I got to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and eat ulimited amounts of food.
  • I am going to Turkey again

    I went to Istanbul this time, and my grandma and my cousin surprized my sisters at 4 in the morning by their arrival. I shopped all day and night, and I got to go to Porsa (old village in Turkey). In Porsa I got to see the grave of the King of Turkey and his family.