My Ten Years of Life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in Bangkok,Thailand. I'm the first person to be born. I love to be born with good parents. I am so lucky to live with them. They are my great models. I was born on 4:00 pm at Bumrungrad International Hospital. I was strong enough and big enough now to take care of myself..... In the picture I looked big but in the past I don't.
  • My First New Year

    My First New Year
    It's my first Chritmas! Happy Birthday to Jesus! I am so excited!!!!!! I 'm still a Budist but it does not matter because almost everybody celebrates Christmas!!! I was about 1 month old... I can't even talk or walk or neither open the presents!!! Well at least I can eat it's better than nothing at all!!!
  • Moving to New House

    Moving to New House
    At the most beautiful village ever! Wish I don't have to move! There are so many things to do there. I like riding bikes, playing on my small playground, riding my dad's boat.
  • My Sister's Birth

    My Sister's Birth
    I went to see her she has no hair!!!!! Well... she has hair now but not much. Hoped now that she's small again but that is impossible!!!! No one can turn back to a baby again. Thinking again i don't want my sister to be a baby because I can't go anywhere such as my favorite place, America!! Also very lonely to play alone.
  • Started Pre-k

    Started Pre-k
    I was so shy to meet my new friends. The schoool's name is Baan Ploy Pluen. It is a small school but I don't mind. I can't remember much about this school but I know that the food was scrumptious!!!
  • Moved to New School

    Moved to New School
    Again so shy to meet new friends but enjoyed playing with them. When I was an old student, a new friend came and I HATE her!!! She says that my drawing was aweful andI think she was USELESS!!! I already had forgotten about her name but I didn't care because I don't want to see her ever again!!! She was taller than me but she always get in trouble, hahaha!!!
  • A very First School Trip

     A very First School Trip
    A trip to butterfly museum. I rode a bike there. I also bought many things there. There are so many things to buy there. I enjoyed buying things more than looking at those boring butterflies!
  • Moved to Second House

    Moved to Second House
    At Nantawan Village. I like my old house more kind of hated this house. No Lake, no swings to play with, no slide to slide with, no snacks to buy, no bridge to ride bikes up and down, no third floor to keep toys, no balconies to clean, no playhouse to go in, no boat to ride, no mango trees to pick mangoes, no lake creatures to see, and no more things to do.
  • Moved to Third School

    Moved to Third School
    I cried alot but I met new friends. There's a boy named Pun Pun who really liked me. I really miss him now. He's very clever, but I think he's llke a nerd because he wore glasses and he's very short.
  • Moved to Big Campus (Third school)

    Moved to Big Campus  (Third school)
    This campus was so boring untill they build the playground. My best friend is called Farsai. This school was far from my house so I went there almost late everyday.
  • My First Overnight School Trip at Khao Yai

    My First Overnight School Trip at Khao Yai
    It was so cold there but very fun because we went to a rainforest for an adventure. We to have to walk through the mountains about 2-3 hours. We have to sleep on 9:00pm and wake up on 6:00am. The girls woke up before the boys did!!!!
  • Alan's Birth The Baby Cousin

    Alan's Birth The Baby Cousin
    So excited to see him but he's at America, New York!!!! I first saw him in MSN.... I wanna sea the real one but couldn't, its better than not seeing him at all! The best of all is seeing him burp!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! The worst is to see him poo.... and pee....he's only a baby.....
  • Moved to Fourth School

    Moved to Fourth School
    Now this school is the school I'm now learning, The expensive one. Met new friends. I just know that my friend, Sydney came from Bromsgrove she came before me 2-3 years. She is my old best friend's friend. I had so many friends here including a boy and a girl.
  • Fell into TROUBLE

    Fell into TROUBLE
    I HATED it!!! I didn't do anything wrong... here's the story.... My friends were playing hide-and-seek where they were not supposed to and I was walking where they were, I was walking up the stairs to get something. Just then a shadow appeared, it was a teacher, Mr. Ellis . Mr. Ellis told us to stand near the wall of the music room, the music room was in the biggest hallway in the school. Then I told Mr. Elis that I did nothing wrong but he did not believe me because I have nothing to proof it.
  • Best Time at America

    Best Time at America
    I went to visit Britney and Briana, my cousins. Britney was born on the same day with me but not the same time, who liked to play with Sonar than me. Briana was born before Sonar 3 days, who likes to play with me than Sonar.
  • First Time of Joining Christmas Show at Fourth School

    First Time of Joining Christmas Show at Fourth School
    It is very fun to join the fun of the Christmas show!!!! A very special thanks to Ms Nimfa who trained the RIS students!!! She had to work very hard to make the show this perfect.
  • Tsunami in Phuket

     Tsunami in Phuket
    I don't know this but my family told me about it... It happened in Thailand but i don't know which part it was. This made me sad because I don't want people to lose their home and their family.
  • Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
    Very scary!!!!! I don't want it to happen in Thailand!!! If it need, I will be so sad just like all the people in Japan were... Who will know that its gonna happen??!!
  • The Royal Wedding

    The Royal Wedding
    This is my first time seeing the royal wedding on telly!!! It is kind of boring but my aunt really enjoyed it.
  • My Best Teacher EVER!!!

    My Best Teacher EVER!!!
    She is very kind, sometimes she is mean but only mean to the students who don't pay attention and unrespectful. Her friends are called Ms, Erin, Meg Emily and more.