Tech clip art

My Tech Timeline

By paisley
  • CD player

    CD player
    I loved my pink CD player. I remember when I put the CD in, I would have to hold the CD player up right for it to work. Otherwise the CD would move around. :)
  • VCR

    I was sooo little when we had these. I remember how I had to wait to put the VCR in and then the flap would close. I still have VCR disney movies. :)
  • Flip Phone

    Flip Phone
    The flip phone was very popular back in the day. I remember texting on the flip phone where you have to hit the button three times to get the letter s and you could only have a 120 word count to send a message.
  • Slide Phone

    Slide Phone
    The next phone I remember having was the slide phone. This was my favorite because I felt so cool that you could slide the phone up and there would be a whole keyboard like a computer that you could use. I also loved that you didn't have to touch the same button three times to type a certain letter.
  • I pod

    I pod
    I remember the first time my brother got an Ipod and it was the most amazing thing. They had different sizes and he had the big one. I begged my mom to get me the ipod nano. As time went on The ipod got smaller and smaller. I found it so interesting that I could have music on the go wherever I want.
  • TV

    After the VCR I remember when the DVD player came out. I was still very little. But I remember using this for most of my childhood.
  • Iphone

    The first iphone I had was a tremendous upgrade. I remember thinking how cool it was that there was only one button to push and that there was a huge screen. I also downloaded so many games because you could have actual games to play.
  • Netflix

    After VCR and DVD player, I feel like the movies were online and you could just stream them. We can just watch movies now through our smart tv with apps inlcuding netflix, hulu, and disney plus.
  • Spotify

    Going along with how music has changed over the years. I had a portable cd player and then an Ipod. Now we have music on our phones that we can listen anywhere. I have spotify now that you have millions of songs available to you with just a search.
  • Iphone 11

    Iphone 11
    The phone that I have now. WOW times have changed. My phone doesn't have any buttons and can hold 128 GB. It literally is a computer on the go. I rely on this too much to even say.