My Summer!

  • Adventureland

    Adventureland was really fun. The whole family went on alot of rides. My favorite rides were the water one those were really fun because you get wet sometimes. In addition the big rides were scary for me but also fun.
  • Swimming

    This year I learned how to do a back dive off of the diving board at the Hawarden Pool. futhermore I met alot of new friends and played lots of basketball with the boys. In addtion I also did alot of races too with Emma Pies.
  • My family Wedding

    I went to my aunts wedding a few months ago,we had cake,fruit and BQQ's. We had lots of fun and danced all night we even had a photo booth to take funny pictures.In addtion before the wedding was over the bride and groom had there dance,the weddings was beatiful.
  • When I moved

    I moved from Lennox SD to Hawarden IA. Which is probley 40min away. We moved because my mom was engaged to Terry Johns. Just to piont out it was exciting and sad at the same time, and ever since we moved i've had alot of fun.
  • My Trip To The Omah

    In August Me and my family made a trip to the Omah Zoo. Inculding a couple of my friends, Emma Pies and Tori Kuper. It was really cool seeing the dessert except the snake part. The one thing that we all really liked was the Aquriam.
  • My Birthday Party

    A couple days ago I had my 12th birthday and got alot of stuff First I got Miss Me jeans from my mom then I got Air Jordyn shorts from my stepdad and $20 from my grandma and more. In addtion on Saturday I had a birthday party with a couple of my friends from Lennox and my mom surprised me with a Justin Bieber cake.