my personal timeline: Leslie Dennis

Timeline created by leslie dennis
  • when i started dancing

    i was in the third grade when i started dancing an since then ive loved it im in ballet tap jaz acrobatics pointe
  • 4.when i almost drowned

    when i didnt learn how to swim i thought it was a good idead to go on the deep end of the swimming pool with my friends and i went on a deep slide and i couldnt touch the bottom
  • 1. when i closed my finger in the car door

    when i was five years old i was really sick so my mom took me to the doctor and when i got out of the car to go in my hand was still on the door and i slammed the car door really hard on my hand and i screamed so loud it urt so much and 2 days after that my whole first fingernail fell off
  • 2. when i first learned how to ride my bike

    before i learned to ride my bike i was terrified to ride without training wheels and i was the only person in my grade that still rode with training wheels. my mom finally bought me a new bike i was so scared and i fell a few times but at the end when i got the hang of it it starteed to be fun and relaxing
  • 3. when my family started fostering kids

    at first i kinda didnt like nit being the baby anymore but then i realized that we were doing good and helping others and i felt better
  • 5.when we first adopted

    when we first adopted the 2 girls i didnt like that i wasnt getting all the attention but i got use to it