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  • ABBA 8-Track

    ABBA 8-Track
    My parent's music was the music of my childhood. We were awakened most morning of the week with my dad's 8-tracks or records. ABBA and the BEE GEES were are the soundtrack of my mornings growing up.
  • Carpenters Vinyl Records

    Carpenters Vinyl Records
    The same timeframe as 8-tracks, but much more of a collection was to be found at my house. I knew how to run the record player by the time I was five.And don't you DARE scratch those records! Dad woul find out!
  • Radio revolution

    Radio revolution
    AM carried the "stupid" stations, FM was my gig. I had to adjust the antenna exactly right and sometimes it needed a piece of aluminum foil around it to get better reception. I learned to tune out the flipping of the clock numbers, especially at night.
  • Cassette Tape

    Cassette Tape
    I had a collection of these by music genre--Some were store-bought, most were my own mix tapes created by staying tuned to my three radio stations and having the tape ready to push "record" when that awesome tune finally came on! Fixing these fragile friends was a weekly task. Some pencils weren't wide enogh
  • Walkman was the New Age

    Walkman was the New Age
    I bought my own in July because I couldn't wait for Christmas. I jogged with mine but if I jogged too fast, then my tape would skip. It was annoying. So really I just used my walkman in the car on family trips when I didn't want to listen to my parent's music. Then I had to bring all of my mixed tapes along as well.
  • CD Shift

    CD Shift
    It took a lot for me to leave cassette's and switch to CD's. And you couldn't record from the radio on these. And CD's scratched easier than vinyl records. I didn't like CD's very much.
  • Portable Radio/CD/Cassette player

    Portable Radio/CD/Cassette player
    This was a must to play all of my media! I used my first state teacher money to purchase one of these for my classroom so that I could play ALL my favorite tunes in my classroom.
  • IPod Nano-Generation 1 and 3

    IPod Nano-Generation 1 and 3
    Definitely the BEST way to house all my tunes--the oldies my parents raised me on, up to the Top tunes of the day. I hated paying for music I already had on cassettes, but I bit the bullet because I had to have the all. Nebo CTE bought me my Generation 3 which I'm still using.
  • IPhone

    ITunes and apps. Playlists and skips. Definitely more than just a phone.
  • Ear buds VS. Air Pods

    Ear buds VS. Air Pods
    Ear Buds were fine until Apple changed the way they connected to your IPhone. Then one would quit working. Air Pods are definitely better with the ear-tap function. I'm just always afraid I'm going to lose them.