My life's major events

  • Period: to

    14 years time

  • My 1st sister was born.

    I wasnt a only child any more and I have always cheraished my little sister since the day she was born. My great grandpa died a few days after my sister was born. I have two sisters but this is the oldest. Her name is Breanna, she is the most annoying out of my siblings. No matter what I will always love her. She is now in sixth grade and loves doing everything i do. I remember when we were younger when i used to do anything with her but now i hate having to do everything with her.
  • My brother was born

    My only brother was born in 32 minutes. My mom hardly got to the hospital. I love my little brother to death. His name is Austin, he is in forth grade and is going to be turning nine soon. I can still remenber holding him one day after school while feeding him on the couch. He can get really annoying sometimes but then hes human but who doesnt get annoying at some point in their life.
  • My youngest sibling was born.

    My baby sister was born. Her name is Hannah and is one of the cutest little kids I know. She has these baby blue eyes and the sparkle when ever she is outside. Hannah is very special because she was born on my grandpa's sixtyth birthday. I probly pay more attention to Hannah more than i do my other siblings because i get along with her and she loves me reading to her every night. One thing Hannah and I have in common is reading. She loves to be read to and im the only person that will help her.
  • I started coming to busco to school

    I moved to Busco with my mom and my younger siblings. I moved here because my mom and dad were going to get a divorice and my mom wanted the kids to be with her and she wanted us to get a better education. I am orangially from the Central Noble district.
  • I have my first MRI

    I was so nervous and didnt want to go, but I had to so i went and got it over with. It went better than I thought it would of gone. I had to stay still for 45 miinutes. I had to have the MRI on my left knee. They took a set of pictures again. The MRI was in a room that had a blue tint to it. The machene was really loud, but it was kinda covered up by the music they let me listen to. I almost fell asleep during the whole thing, but I didnt.