My Life - Will Weaver

  • Birth

    I was born at 1:11 PM in Wilkesboro, NC on March 22, 1999. I lived in West Jefferson, NC, which was a few miles North.
  • First Memory

    First memory was of my first friend Molly Shelton in West Jefferson, NC.
  • First dog died

    My first dog, Chelsea, died. Other dog began to develop a care for me and had a sense of maternity.
  • New dog

    Got the best Christmas present ever, which was a puppy. Also had maternal care for me. Still alive.
  • Mooresville, NC

    I moved out of West Jefferson with my mom to a town further south called Mooresville. That was probably the most scared I have ever been because all of my friends that I spent my early childhood with weren't with me.
  • Trey

    Same Day that I moved down here, I met who would become one of the closest friends I will ever have. His name is Trey Courier, who was my neighbor the first year I lived in Mooresville.
  • First day of Kindergarten

    This was the first day of school. I attended Mount Mourne Elementary (Currently Mount Mourne IB). Met good friend Jason Perryman.
  • Step-Mom

    My dad married my stepmom in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My stepmom is really chill and fun.
  • Disney

    I've been lost at Walt DIsney World more times than most. This was the first time I was lost and my friend and PLP Alumni Reid Ingram found me.
  • OBX

    Between my cousins and myself, we agree that the trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina was the best vacation ever. It was also the first time I saw what my Stepdad calls a "Hurricanado".
  • Madison

    My sister Madison was born on this day. Since on the Weaver Tree Farms business card it says "president" under my dad's name, I refer to Madison as "chief of staff". If you want to do anything, you have to run it by her.
  • Liza

    My second sister, Liza, is really like my twin that was just born a few years later. She is tall and limber just like me, and has my face and attitude towards society and life, and is just as funny as Gabriel Iglesias. she is the one who gave Madison the title of Chief of Staff.
  • Mexico

    I went to Mazatlan, Mexico in summer of 2008. We stayed at a very nice resort called the Sea Gardens. On our way over there we saw Militia with a bunch of Uzi's and it was also where El Chapo was found (either the first or second time, I don't know).
  • Hawaii

    When I went to Hawaii, we got to see the Maui Invitational Basketball tournament and I got to meet Tyler Hansborough and UNC Coach Roy Williams.
  • The Cruise from Hell

    My dad took us on a cruise to the bahamas around the same time Michael Jackson died. We had a very bad time and my dad and stepmom almost got divorced. We have come to call it "The cruise from Hell".
  • Zoey

    Adopted Black Lab Zoey because we sent Chancey to my grandparents' house up in West Jefferson. She barked constantly and drooled more than Beethoven.
  • Alaska/Canada

    The year I started Pine Lake, I got to go to Alaska and Canada, which is one of my favorite vacations. Everything was really tall and cool and beautiful. A whale breached right next to our boat when we went to Sawyer Glacier.
  • Chancey Died

    When Chancey died, I took a hard hit because she was the sweetest and most caring dog i've ever had. Her death changed my life forever.
  • Zoey Died

    The same year Chancey died, my other dog Zoey died from Liver Cancer. It is one thing to have a 16- year -old dog die of old age, but for a 5- year -old dog to die of cancer is almost worse than a relative. It is something that nobody can forget. Her death being within a month of Chancey's was too much and pushed me into a dormant phase of my life.
  • Sasha

    After a very dark few months of pain, I got a new dog. Her name was Sasha and was a very unique dog. She had more of a singing than a bark and could outrun a Cheetah.
  • Mom's wedding

    My mom married First Seargent Mark E. Little of the NCSHP at Pond Mountain, NC. I walked her up the aisle AND was the best man. It only took her eleven years to marry him.
  • First date

    Went out to the movies on my first date with a really nice and pretty girl who will remain unnamed. We had a lot of fun and raised my confidence around women.
  • License

    I got my driver license at the Statesville DMV which is connected to the NCSHP office that my stepdad worked up, so I got the Hookup by not having to wait.
  • Current day

    Today I met my mom's co-worker's Step-daughter, Sydney. My mom told me not to be awkward around her and then when we met my mom was the awkward one.