My Life Timeline

  • MY BIRTH!!!

  • Period: to

    My Life Timeline

  • Had Shots

  • Had shots again.

  • Had Stiches

  • Moved To a new House in Minneapolis

    This was when I was still young and we were living at my cousin's house and now we move to a new house. I miss my memories. It was were I grew up and have my stiches. I think this was when my brother had a cut or somewhat like that. Also thats where I learn how to white in hmong.
  • Started Preschool

  • Move to Brooklyn Park

    It was the most amazing place ever. Its peaceful and I made alot of new friends. My best friend was Goaly Vang which I don't quite remember her in a way. This was the year where I went to Kindergarten. I think I came like half of the school year. I love Edinbrook!!! I miss my old teachers and old friends.
  • Cousin came from California

  • Started 2nd Grade

  • Brother goes to Japan

    This is when my brother went to Japan. He went to go study in Japan and visit some of the places. There was a place where reindeers would stay on the sidewalk and wait to be fed. He went and looked at a lot of things. He bought each of us a present but the ones that went with him to the airport gets a better present. He gave me a fan, candies and a toy which I forgot.
  • First time going to ValleyFair

  • Started 5th Grade

  • Move to Minneapolis

  • Learning Works Summer

  • Started 8th Grade

  • Baby cousin born in 11/11/11

  • I tear my knee tissue

    Well I was playing soccer I tear my knee tissue. It hurts alot when I fell. Also I couldn't go to Hmong New Year because my knee. I wanted to go buy a animal hat or something like that. I was trying to walk and it was kind of hard to walk though. But then it got better.
  • Tear my knee tissue again.

  • Learning Works Graduation

    This was my most amazing day. I graduated from learning works which I never actually want to graduate. I'm going to miss all my teacher and other people. They made me express who I really am. But then I'm becoming LEADERSHIP ACADEMY!!! Its actually really hard but then it supports you alot.
  • Baby cousin born