My life timeline

  • Born

    I was born on 21 Jun 1995 also there have two children in my family also I am the oldest one I have got a younger brother.
  • Nursery school

    Nursery school
    When I was 3 years old I went to nursery school in beijing for s years.
  • Primary school

    Primary school
    when I was six years old I went primary school in beijing as same as other students that really excitied to go to school at the beginning.
  • Secondary school

    Secondary school
    in 1st sep 2008 I as a new student to go to my secondary school I was so happy in that time also during the 3 yesrs in the school, I think just it is change my life and my future slowly.
  • My brother was born

    My brother was born
    In 2009 , there have a new life as a mumber in our family. He is cute when I first saw him in the bedroom. So far he is 3years old nearly.
  • Graduation

    It is really special and unforgettable day for me becasuse i was graduation from my seconedary school which means I m going to have a new life.
  • New life in melbourne

    New life in melbourne
    I' ve been Leave from China and going to Aus.Start my new life, The reason that why I want to here it is because Aus ie a really better envirement for me to study and no more pullotion is much better than china also train my ability to live and study by myself without my family.Help me to grow up.