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By zoeeee

    I was born in the Ipswich hospital. I was born a happy and healthy baby, weighing 8pounds :)
    Ipswich Hospital was established in 1860, it was founded by Dr Gerry Fitzgerald for the Ipswich Emergency Department in the 1980s. In 2006, the Queensland Government announced a further expansion of Ipswich Hospital with an additional 84 beds at a cost of $122 million. The Ipswich Hospital's 150 year anniversary was celebrated with a series of events including a Gala Ball held on 26 February 2010.
  • Sister was born

    When I was three years old, my sister Ebony was born :) she was the third girl born in my family! At this time I had already 2 other sister Amy and Chelsea. Ebony was born healthy. :)
  • Started dancing!!

    Started dancing!!
    Growing up I loved to dance, at the age of three I started to dance at a place call The Ritz I danced there for about 7 years I enjoyed performing in numerous different shows. Then I changed to a studio called Performance Plus Dance Centre and dance there for a few years. I also enjoy dancing at Claver :)
  • Started Primary School- 2001

    I started primary school when i was 5 year old. I went to Dinmore primary school all the way til year 7. This school is now closed down, due to not enough students attened and the school was extremely old. This school closed down in 2009, just as i was leaving grade 7. (i wasnt sure when I started primary school so this is not the correct date but the right year)
  • Adelaide 2002

  • Veronicas concert

    Veronicas concert
    When I was 10 I was inlove with a band called the Veronicas. I was so exicted to go to there concerte as it was also my very first live concert,
  • High school

    High school
    I started at St Peter Claver in 2010. This was a big event for me as it was going from being at the top of school in year 7 to going back to being at the lowest in year 8. I have found high to be challenging and eventful but overall enjoyable most the time. I have made lots of new life time friends here. I enjoy doing Claver dance as it is a ver successful team.
  • School Captain in year 7

    In year 7 I was voted to be School Captain. This was such a privilege as I was going to be the last school captain ever at Dinmore state school. Back in primary school I was very confident and out spoken, I believe I was a good school captain as I took on the role :)
  • Luke

    On year 9 camp me and Luke started datting, and were still together this day haha :)
  • Sydney - holiday

    Sydney - holiday
    For the septemer hoildays I went to Sydney with family. We did a lot of sight seeing and stayed in different hotels. We went and saw the Sydney Oprea house which was quite amazing! went on a boat aross the river and saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge, whilst on that boat we went to Luna Park that was fun :) We also went and had dinner at the Sydeny tower which is the second tallets buliding in Australila it stands 309 m (1,014 ft) I did the sky walk ontop of the tower where you walk around outside :)
  • Passed my learners test, and got my Ls!

    I practiced hard for this test and passed it with ease! now i can drive around and get my hours up :)