My Life Timeline

  • My Birth

    I was born in Thailand,Bankok. When I was born, I was to young to remeber anything. My Mom like read book when I was a kid that the only things I can remeber, My mom told me that I like to cry because I still can't talk andd when I hungry nobody no. Whn I was a kid I was very interest in computer. I think that why I still like computer.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Start walking

    I walk very when I was a baby. I hard to start with two little small leg. When I can walk. I try to run next. That even more hard. When I can run I like to race with other. When I learned walking it come automatic.
  • Start Speaking

    Start Speaking
    My Mom said that I learn to speak when i was 3. When I first speak. It feel very hard to make sound. Now it was very easy for me to speak. I speak very slow. when I first speak I think why do I have to speak if it hard . Soon I know why.
  • Start Kindergraden

    I learn in school that have only thai. Soon I move to a new school that have thai with english. Then after that thai-english school, my mom design for me to learn at ris.
  • Australia Trip For 3 Days

    Australia Trip For 3 Days
    It was a fun trip. Bad luck there no snow there.I get to ride some kind of boat. When I ride that boat it pretty hard because it alway get out of control. When I first ride I kind of scare when I ride that boat. When i come back to Thailand I can't sleep. When I went to australia the time is differnt from THailand.
  • My First computer

    My First computer
    I was happy when I get my first computer. I use this computer for many year until my Mom buy me a new computer. I think soon I ask my Mom for mac book pro or air.
  • My First Phone

    I was so exicited when I get my first phone. I play with it so much. Badluck when I get my first phone nearly nobody have a phone in my class. Soon my friends have and I can call to chat with them. I think who have I-Phone is cool but soon I know having those phone is useless.
  • Start Grade 1 at RIS

    Start Grade 1 at RIS
    In grade 1 I learn with Mr. Joe.Then Ms.Meg. Then Mr. Patrick And at last Ms. Stacey. I like this school because it have make many friend in this school. When I was first in this school I did not feel bad because no said bad thing to me and try to make friend with me.
  • My favorite game

    In 2007 I brought a game call: call of duty world at war. I get this game from my friends. This game is a fun game to play but sometime it was not good because it bad. Iplay this game on pc.
  • Fall down in a hole

    When I fall down in the hole, It felt very hurt The waste water come up to me about my arm. After I can come up. The first things I do is take a shower. I want shout as loud as I can because it the worst things that can happen to me.
  • My First Facebook Acount

    When I first have my facebook acount. My acount have nearly no friends. About 1 year later. My friend start play facebook. Soon I stop play game on facebook. I use only for chating.
  • Move to a New House

    My new house is a 3 floor house. My house is near abac. In my house there no dog or cat. There only fish. My house nearly have swimming pool but my dad said it very useless because if I swim I can just swim a litttle bit. Now I sleep My own in 3 floor. Sometime I scare because I watch scare movie.
  • Hui Hin Trip

    Hui Hin Trip
    It was very fun but a crab pinch on my leg. I don't like to swim in the sea but i like swimming in the hotel. I also get to meet the king house. The king house have no air. There many people there. Also there are song but it not the same as we listen now.
  • First Crayfish

    First Crayfish
    I brought this crayfish for 250 baht. Now it have a very big pincer but one of it leg lost. The crayfish already about 2 mouth. I tries to touch it but it pinch me. My crayfish like to be angry. It like to fight. First I think I going to buy another one but if I buy the new one it would die because it not big like my crayfish.
  • Libya War

    Libya War
    I listen to radio that the libya start to have war like red and yellow. This make me scare to go other country because maybe this happen. But really this is not going to happen alot. If these happen alot there will world war 3 and the world will end again. It a things that not should happen in libya.
  • Trip to korean

    It a very fun trip because i get to touch the clo snow. First i don't know that it very cold like this. I get to ski from the high place but my Dad don't me ski from the far away place because it dangerous. When I eat korean food. It ok but the smell is bad.
  • Japan Earthquake

    Japan Earthquake
    I was scare if this happen to Thailand because it will be more worst. Even japan have the most high technology it can't even protect. But I think Thailand will not happen because i donn really feel any earthquake in thailand I think soon japan will come back to normal.
  • Tsunami come after Japan Earthquake

    Tsunami come after Japan Earthquake
    The tsunami come after the Earthquake. It was the a very big tsunami. I was so lucky that my family planing to go there but there news so I don't go. I dream of it will come to Thailand. It just a dream so I don care.
  • Japan Power Plant EXPLODE

    Japan Power Plant EXPLODE
    I was lucky there no power plant in Thailand. I sent some money to help safe japan power plant explosion. Also the wind did not take the smoke to Thailand. The power plant was near the sea so the tsunami make it explode and they give out smoke that make us die. I think japan should have a better protection.
  • Flood in Thailand

    I was so lucky that the flood don't hit my house. I donate money to some of the flood that happen. It was a bad natural disastar in Thailand.