My life time line(:

  • The day I became apart of this strange world.

    The day I became apart of this strange world.
    I was born into the hands of Sandra L. Garza and Salvador H. Salazar in Chicago IL. I am the ONLY girl and the last of the liter of 3. I have 2 brother, Adrian M. Brown (19 yrs.) and Fabian A. Salazar (16yrs.)
  • Period: to

    My life

  • My Golden Birthday

    My Golden Birthday
    When i turned 3 years old, it was honestly the best time of my life. Although i don't remember my birthday party, i do remember that everything was perfectly alined with perfection-ist. My parents were still together, my grandma was staying with us at the time, i had friends, i had clothes, we actually owned a house, and we weren't struggling ATALL, because my Pom-Pom (Thats what i use to call my mom) had a job, and so did my dad.
  • My first day of Preschool.(:

    My first day of Preschool.(:
  • I moved to Lasalle.

    I moved to Lasalle.
    My mom decided to move down here only because of my grandma. She said it was pretty sad that she is the only daughter out of her mothers kids to help when all the other ones are only 5-10 mins. away. Somedays we had to jump in the car on a snowy day and take an hours and 30 minute drive down to Lasalle IL. just to get a gallon of milk for her.
  • I met a new best friend.(:

    I met a new best friend.(:
    How we met? Haha, weeeeeeell... when i moved to Lasalle this girl named Jennifer introduced me to the lovley gal in the picture Morgan Renee Jacklovich, at the bottom of the big blue slide ( Well to us it was big at the time). Ever since then, I couldn't seem to get away from this chick. I mean i coulnd't if i tried, i spent too much time pouring everything there is to know about me into her head. And trust me, thats alot of time. We both agreed that we wouldn't be the same if we had never met.
  • I took a trip to Walt Disney.(:

    I took a trip to Walt Disney.(:
    Even though i barley remember, I know i had fun.(:
  • When i realized 2006 was almost over

    When i realized 2006 was almost over
    That day i was in Walmart with my grandma and mom. I remeber asking my grandma "Why was there a whole bunch of 2007 stuff when its 2006?" "Well, hunny. That's because the yea'rrr is almost oh'r." She said. I cried and asked my grandma if she could buy me and item that has 2006 on it. It was a puppy toy, But my dog chewed it up... I claimed 2006 as the best year of my life.
  • Wedding bells!!....Kind of.-_-

    Wedding bells!!....Kind of.-_-
    While i was getting ready for school, i noticed everyone was up and my moms friend was there. "Mom, why are you getting ready?" "I have to go to court against the jugde." She replied. While we were getting in the car, she asked me " How do i look?" "You look like your going to a wedding..." I replied. Her friend Vanessa jumped in, and said "That meens we're going to win this thing!" I didnt know what was REALLY going on, until i found the wedding cake. She hid it from us. -_-
  • Thriller! Michael Jackson's dead?!

    Thriller! Michael Jackson's dead?!
    Michael Jacksonwas found dead due too over dosage on drugs.
  • My very 1st nephew was born.

    My very 1st nephew was born.
    At the time, he had no idea he was born. My brother Adrian ended the relationship with the mother so, that explains. Everything else doesn't really matter. The kids the spawn of the devil. -_-
  • Rehab?!

    Demi lovato comes out to public about her Eating disorder. She was soon parked into the parking lot of a treatment facility.
  • The assasination of Bin Laden.

    The assasination of Bin Laden.
    Bin laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by the navy seals.(:
  • Amy Winehouse is dead?

    Amy Winehouse is dead?
    Amy winehouse had passed away due to alchol abuse.
  • My grandmothers passing...

    My grandmothers passing...
    We called the ambulance to see what wrong with her, i don't remember what it was though. We had to get her ready cause they were coming. I zipped her blue jacket up, and helped her put her shoes on. i guess when she got to Peru Hospital they had take her out to Peoria. We were in Walmart when we got the call that her heart stopped. They gotted started up again though. when she got to Peoria, thats when my mom had to make the decision... It's still unreal to me.
  • The most depressing year of my life.

    The most depressing year of my life.
    I actually don't feel comfortable discussing this...
  • Snooki had a baby?

    Snooki had a baby?
    Star from MTV's "Jersey Shore" Nicole or "Snooki" had her first child.
  • Hurricane named Sandy?

    Hurricane named Sandy?
    Hurricane sandy hit New york city taking the lives of many and ruining homesforcing people to leave.
  • Blackops2?!

    The game everyone was talking about came out with A Second one?! I think so.(;
  • Brenda's 15th Birthday!

    Brenda's 15th Birthday!
    We celebrated My friend Brenda's quinceanera,the becoming of her woman hood.(:
  • Plain crash?!

    Plain crash?!
    A plaincrashes in Mexico killing the life of Jenny Rivera, an all Mexican-Amercian singer.
  • School shooting?!

    School shooting?!
    Sandy hook elementary school had a shooting, killing 20 children and 6 adults.
  • A little prayer is all we need.

    A little prayer is all we need.
    On this day, my mother had went to the peru hospital for pain. They found nothing. Her sister came to her the next day and said " If it hurts that badand there not doing anything about, you need to come with me so we can take you to Chicago hospital." When she got back,she was in tears. They had told her she had a form of cancer growing inside her lung. That if it spread to her organs,it could hit heart in no time and that would be the end. Her being diabetic, doesn't help either.
  • Welcome baby Ray-Ray.(:

    Welcome baby Ray-Ray.(:
    Name: Lorenzo Ray Guagardo, 7lbs 3 ounces. My cousing Kenray had his very first baby boy.(: It was my first incounter with being at the hospital where a birth of my family member had taken place. Wierd, but i will definitlley remember this for the rest of my life.
  • Second pope to resign.

    Second pope to resign.
    Pope Bennidict resigned due to health issues.
  • My 13th birthday.(;

    My 13th birthday.(;
    I remeber when i was little,looking in the mirror I would think to myself " I can't wait till i'm 13! Maybe I'll be pretty then..." Well, when i turned 13, I wasn't to happy, but i was 13. That's all i wanted.